Friday, December 26, 2014

DNA Says......

A few weeks ago when I went to the doctor to get bloodwork done I was given the option to do an DNA test.  The DNA test is a personal genetic report that tells you exactly how your body was designed. This test in broken down into several very detailed sections like...
1) Matching your diet according to you DNA
2) Identifying your eating behavior traits
3) Identifying your nutritional needs based on your DNA
4) What types of exercise do you benefit best from
5) Identifying your metabolic health factors
6) What health conditions you are prone to
7) Identifying your response to certain types of medication
8)***And what diet plan to best follow (foods to eat and foods to avoid)

So what did I learn.......WOWZERS?!?!

My Diet: 55-50% carb/20-25%protein/20-25% fat.  To my surprise, I need way more carbs and way less fat.  I need starchy carbs but nonprocessed carbs because I am sensitive to them.  I am to add back whole grains, potatoes and sweet potatoes and my oats. I am to take out my red meats and bacon :-(  I am to eat more beans (this made me happy). Limit my egg intake to 4 PER WEEK (Yikes)!!!!  I need to eat TONS of veggies---all kinds!!! But limit my fruit. And this is the good wine was the #2 top suggested aid for helping me lose weight-CRAZY.  Green tea and even hops (beer) made the list! LOL!  Organic Soy is another top nutrient or food to add in regularly for aid of weight lose.  And many other nutrients found in GREENS.

My Eating Behaviors:  Genes say what Lays Baked Potatoes say; "I can't just have one".  I am to avoid eating things I shouldn't because I can't just TASTE it and be satisfied.  Instead, I will eat more! **NO SURPRISE THERE!!!  Can I just say that I realized that this was a FACT yesterday when I was having Christmas dinner at my parent's.  My mom made queso.....and I thought I would have a little.  I ended up have 4 small plates of queso and chips!!! OMYGOODNESS!!!  This is all my mom and dad's fault though---stupid genes.  HAHA! It also said I will go out of my way to get what I want.  I am not sure about this as far as food is concerned, but I am that way in life, in general.

Nutrient Needs:  I need more than the normal person when it comes to Vit B6 or Vit B12 or Vitamin D and Vitamin A.  Alot of these nutrients are in the foods I just mentioned in my diet above.

Exercise: Endurance training is most beneficial for me!!!  ***That running y'all!!! Therefore, I am going to put this back into my exercise program (alot more than I have been doing lately). And for maintenance, HIIT training is suggested!

My Metabolic Health Factors: These factors suggest that my genes say that I am proned to having high cholesterol.  However, if I continue to exercise and eat properly....then this will not be an issue.

Health Conditions: I don't have any high risk of having diabetes, osteoarthritis, or venous thrombosis.  I have an average risk.  ***Thanks mom and dad:-).

Medication Response:  Many people have sensitivities to certain medications.  The only medications that had shown some sensitivities were to codeine and warfarin.  Luckly I don't use these medications, so we are good.  But I should avoid them.

All in all, I have over 70 pages worth of information that tells me how my body was designed to work and function.  I now know what to avoid and how to avoid it.  I also know what I am to put more into practice (carbs and running). 

What will this mean to me in the near future.... Well I have the Annual Sugar Detox at my CrossFit Box coming up.  I plan to use this model to help me clean up my diet.  However, I plan to limit my carbs more than this diet suggest just to balance out my hormones....then I will slowly add in my potatoes and fresh fruits afterwards.  I hope to eliminate all processed carbs for good.  I know from experience and now from science that they are TERRIBLE for me!

Speaking of Sugar Detox..... If you're interested, the file is attached to my mom n progress facebook page....and I WELCOME AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THIS WITH ME ---Starting January 7th.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

December Determination

Thanksgiving Break!!! Which means more starchy foods than I am used to or even capable of eating. But I ate it anyways!!! We didn't have a typical Thanksgiving meal because this year we did something out of the ordinary.  We traveled to Santa Fe, NM to meet our California family half way.  Since we were both traveling, we decided to opt against a traditional meal and just bought simple groceries and shared...and then ate out on Friday and Saturday (once each day).  The foods we bought that I indulged in were..... popcorn, chips, cheese nips, pull pork, some green beans, some salad, eggs and bacon.  AND we ate out TWICE..... MEXICAN FOOD!!!  **Chips and a margarita might have been included..... :-(
Family Hike at the Tent Rocks just outside Santa Fe, NM

I can feel and see the starch all over my body and face.  Which is a good reminder of why eating like this is not ideal.  But I am going to be 100% honest with you.... I knew coming in this past week I was going to indulge, get it out of my system and get back AT IT as soon as I got back.

I also just recently found out that my hormones and thyroid are out of whack once again.  They aren't super out of whack like before but my doctor has put me back on hormone-pellet therapy and I will start my thyroid medicine again tomorrow.  I am okay with that cos I know I felt best a year ago when on all three.  AND I LOOKED GREAT AND LEAN THEN TOO!!! I would love to be therapy and med free, but I also realize I tried and sometimes the body just needs a little extra aid.

*** I am excited to also consult with my doctor on a new type of DNA test that will tell me EXACTLY what my body was designed to work well with and to stay away from.  I have this appointment this Wednesday!!! Can't Wait!!!
Last "late" January after 6 weeks of clean eating.

Me now! Bulky! Muscles but too much fat too! Time to lean out!
So onto DECEMBER--- This time last year, I hit a major turning point in my diet.  I began to eat clean, no processed foods...and even cut out all sugar eventually. I felt amazing!! Therefore, I am going to do the same thing this December and will do it even better than last year.

Tomorrow I will begin to mimic the exact plan I followed last year.  It was extremely doable... I am hoping to lose about 8-10# but of fat and not muscle mass.  ** I have grown to love my muscle and love being STRONG!!!

1) No processed foods except the occasional nut thin crackers.
2) To crossfit 4-5x a week and lift on those days.
3) To do at least 30mins of cardio 3 days a week.
4) No adult drinks (just water or tea)
5) No fast foods
6) Only salads or fish if eating out.
7) 7 hours of sleep
8) 1600-1700 calories per day
9) 130g of protein per day
10) veggies at EVERY MEAL.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time Out

This past month in the children's ministry program I lead....our theme has been "TIME OUT".  It is simply learning to take time out to say thank you to the Lord for all that He has and will do, and this is in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

I have been on a BIG TIME OUT!  A very much needed "time out". (That's why I quite blogging or FaceBooking too).  It really wasn't intentional.  It really wasn't planned.  It just kind of happened.  I needed to get my head right!  I needed to get my heart right!  I needed to "be still" and listen to what God was telling me to do.  It was almost like I was feeling some kind of nagging or pressure from someone or somewhere.  I couldn't pinpoint exactly why.  But in the last couple of months....I have finally begun to "hear" and "understand" what God was trying to say.

On this blog, I usually just talk diet, exercise, and health.  But this is soo much bigger than that.  And I may be rambling trying to explain this to y'all.  But I will tell you that my heart was harden there for a short while.  I felt a little lost.  Often frustrated.  And at times alone (by my own doing).  But I think this is simply because I wasn't listening.  **I tend to be stubborn like this at times!

WHERE TO START?---- Two Mondays ago, I put in my resignation notice to my church as the Children's Ministry Director.  I have been doing this job for 6.5years.  It's been the ideal job for me...especially when my kids were elementary students.  I could work from home, I could have holidays and breaks when they did (for the most part), and they were always WITH me.  But, my kids are older kids now.  They attend youth rather than children's ministry programs now.  I work on Sundays while they attend church on Sundays (unless they are volunteering with me). I have spent much of my time at home prepping for Sundays and Wednesdays instead of being available to them the way I should. *** And let's just get real here.... I am flipping out a bit cos I am realizing I have adult children in my house.  Time is slipping away quickly with them.  I don't want to miss out on it.  I know I am gonna blink and they will be gone..... SIGH

There are other reasons for resigning, too..... None in which are in the least bit negative.  Reasons in which I believe God was trying to show me that IT WAS TIME....
---I will have more time to get my household in order.
---I feel that it is time to provide a younger, fresher leader in this ministry for the next generation of parents and children coming up.  (I am "dated" a bit...haha)
---I desire some personal-spiritual time for myself, too.

*** I know some of you are asking about my future with training and/or Crossfit??? I can honestly say I have NO IDEA what will happen next with that.  Right now, I am coaching four classes a week and private training on the side.  We are looking into spaces for a facility here but nothing 100% confirmed yet.  I don't know what will happen but I know I am open to the endless possibilities.  As for now, I just trust God will show me what to do next.  I am pursuing the idea of more personal/private coaching and I am even working on getting a new website up and running. Something way more formal that this terribly written blog that I journal in :-)

Am I nervous about this decision?  Financially, yes.  But not to the point that I am afraid we can't provide for our family.  Todd's job will be enough.  But we won't have much extra, YIKES!  But the weird thing about all that since I have made this decision, I feel a huge burden lifted.  I think now looking back, I was supposed to be making this decision and it was causing me stress----WITHOUT ME KNOWING.  I feel like a burden has been lifted (that I didn't know I had). I mean, I absolutely love my job. I love this kids! I love the leaders! I am good at what I do! And it gives me great joy to serve this way.  And most importantly, I know it glorifies God in every way.  So why would that be a burden!?!? Well, it wasn't.  But by me not obeying and listening to God, it was weighing me down.  He knew I had this decision to make.

Now...want to hear something else a little wild.  Since my announcement ten days ago, I have lost 5.2#!?!?!  Is that stress weight!?! Heck, I don't know, but I am celebrating it! LOL

I hope to start blogging again about my new journey.  So hopefully this is a good way to say STAY TUNED.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting into the ZONE!

I went to the doctor this past Friday.  Now let me tell y'all, I am blessed to have a doctor that is a friend of mine.  I have been working out with her for the last 18months (about that same time I switched doctors).  She is an avid crossfitter and understands the demands that the body needs for performing when crossfitting. She has had a huge influence on my diet/exercise regimen.

Anyhow, I went to get my hormone injections this past week. I was prepared to talk to her about my recent weight gain.....but to my surprise I weighed exactly the same as I did the last visit! !?!?!  Her answer to me was "pshh, Mandy...the improvements you have made are huge. Let's just stick with the injections and see what happens.  You're all muscle."

Those simple words were enough to make me stop thinking about the dang scale again.  It was almost like I had permission not to worry about my weight again!!! FREEDOM---- I know I have never been  this physically fit like before in my adult life.... maybe noot even in my college or high school years, too.  So why get upset at the scale!?!?

If you read my last blog, you would have seen that I have been having a change of heart when it comes to my GOALS.  WHAT DO I WANT MY END RESULT TO BE?  Is it abs? Is it a weight? Is it my performance?  -----Just recently, I am thinking I am more geared for a goal of always do better than I did before! To get stronger! To go faster! To be the best I can be each benchmark or each competition!?!?  But I still want some abs and lower fat percentage....I mean, come on, who doesn't want these things especially if you are working you butt off??

SOOOOO---This week I will begin a very strict PALEO ZONE Diet.  This just simply means I will be eating a certain amount of protein, carb and fat at EVERY BITE (even my snacks). Every meal and bite will be perfectly balanced.   I will have to do alot of weighing of food the first few weeks (just to get an idea of how much each serving is).  I will be eating every 3-4hours, as well. ** I will still have my shakeology but will be adding ingredients to balance the shake out perfectly.  I will be eating ALOT....but no nachos, burger, or sausage on a stick (sigh). LOL

You can see more about the Paleo ZONE diet here:

I plan to follow this diet strictly for two weeks....and then allow myself one or two cheats per week after that (depending on how these first two weeks go).

This is my first time to ZONE.  I know alot about zoning because it was part of the crossfit diet curriculum.,...but I have never followed it 100%.  I have only eaten Paleo (without the perfect zoning).

So this is a first!  I am ready for this!  I am needing something a little different and this should benefit my performance and my weight and/or my abs.

So here is to getting in the ZONE!  I plan to do pics every three weeks and measurements! READY! SET! GO!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Many Things..... So Many Directions

Gosh, it is going to be so hard to play catch up right now on what has been happening the last few weeks. Bare with me, cos this may be like an ADD blog know, a little of everything and going in all different directions.

First of all....Yes, the rumors and Facebook posts are true.  I found a facility (warehouse) here in Gunter a few weeks ago.  It's a promising place.  It's big. It needs work.  It is in town.  It's priced close to right.  It's like a piece of a dream come true in my world. LOL!  We have been talking to the owner and doing more research and planning in hopes to open the facility this winter.  But, it is still very preliminary! VERY!!!  *I don't have a lot of details to share just yet because we are all still talking, planning, and discussing! :-). I promise to keep ya informed.

Secondly....I found myself in a very weird spot lately.  I am questioning my goals and asking myself why am I working so hard?  This doesn't mean I don't want to continue working hard. Working hard is not my problem..... I am just wondering what I am really working towards.  And to be honest, I can't really decide 100%.  I really thought I wanted to just improve my health and my physical appearance.  I initially said I wanted to have the a body that resembles someone who works out a lot (because I DO!!) and I wanted some abs. You know, the ones we see all over FB, Instagram and magazines.

But honestly, things seem to be changing a bit with this....  Since surgery this past April I have put on about 5-6# that won't go away.  This has been bothersome to me somewhat.  I can also see back fat (that I didn't have) appear and of course my stomach is always an issue.  However, I have also seen an amazing improvements in my legs, arms, upper abs, and shoulders.  And what is really catching me off guard in my performance improvements.  I am really making some huge improvements in my lifts and WODS.  AND I LIKE THIS--- A LOT!!!

So apparently what I am eating now is fueling me perfectly for my workouts....but it still isn't trimming my mid-section down the way I want to.  So now I am asking I want to keep performing better? Or do I want to look better?  The answer is both, but I can only focus on ONE at a time.  With that being said, I do know that either one will benefit the other....but will not get me both goals at 100%.  I must choose ONE goal and go for it!  That's my dilemma. Right now, I am thinking performance.  But I question that cos I am OLD!!! LOL  Who cares if a 40year old can squat clean 150# 3x from the power position.  ------------WAIT!!!! I DO! LOL!

And lastly,  I am a bit upset that I am having some hormone issues again.  Thyroid is good....but my testosterone and estrogen have made a big decline.  I am back to losing my hair, feeling tired mid-day, gaining a few pounds, and hot flashes and night time sweats.  So this Friday I am opting to do pellets again.

Well---that's the main stuff happening right now!  I have even more stuff to share but will spare ya the time and blog later.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Blur!

Has it really been almost a month since I have posted on this blog? Goodness.  Time is getting away from me.  With that being said, I guess I need to give an update.  Or at least review the past month of September and journal about what the coming in October (or maybe a tease).

If you have been following me or know me personally, you would know that I had a great year last year.  I had lost a good amount of weight, got off my thyroid and hormone meds and found a new means of living and eating right.  However, in April I decided to reward my hard work with a breast augmentation.  Since then, I have felt like I have been in a YOYO type of state.  Good one month, bad another, good one week, bad another, and just not 100% on (at least when it comes to eating right).  I DO NOT struggle with working out. I am one of those weird gals that enjoys working out.  I could workout all day, every day, if I could get away with it! (I am dead serious about that).  But I could also eat all day long, every day, too! LOL. (NOT REALLY--but I am a hungry girl by the time the week ends).

This past month has been a better month of mine since my surgery.  I am eating cleaner and I am sticking to my macros for the most part.  I did slip up the week of my birthday but that is excusable, right?  And since then, I give myself one cheat evening a week.  This seems to be working.  I have lost almost 2inches in my area of concern (tummy) this past month.  I have lost more on the waist, but that seems to go quickly...its just below the belly button that is stubborn. It's not a lot but I am ok with that.  A little over time = alot!   I do see muscular definition appearing....but if I had one wish, I would wish that fat to be gone above that muscle.  But I remain patient and keep doing what I have been taught to do.

Another thing that is frustrating, is I have seemed to have gained a little weight since my surgery and some of it won't go away.  Some may be boobs (dr says 5#) and some of this is muscle.  But let's be real.... I know that some of it is fat, too!  I have also noticed my hot flashes coming back.  They are random and not too bad YET, but that's enough to let me know that my hormones are off again.  My doctor thinks I may need another round of testosterone.  But good news, the thyroid is still perfect!!! :-).  I am thinking my next crossfit paycheck will pay for this:-(

Good news about all this is I have been performing at the best ever in a long time.  PRs and improving big time on my olympic lifting.  It's exciting!  No matter what my body looks like, I can count on it to do the HARD THINGS --- So I celebrate that!!!  KUDOS TO ME:-).  And many days, I am more satisfied with doing HARD THINGS than I am with what my body looks like.  THAT'S THE GOD HONEST TRUTH!
KettleBells Swings with a 55#KBell!

As far as my new coaching or training is going..... that is a whole different blog all together.  I LOVE coaching crossfit.  It's so fun to coach.  I know that God made me to teach and coach.  But to do that (coach) and to couple that with my new passion for crossfit, makes it that much more fun!!!

I have been praying hard for months about what to do with this passion and my new certification....and God seems to be showing me opportunities.  In matter of fact, maybe a crossfit box here locally!!!!  Who's in on crossfitting with me, here locally???

Sunday, September 7, 2014

No Weekend Whammies!

I did it! I made it through a full weekend without demolishing my previous week's hard work.

This past week I was a workout maniac!!!!
Monday: I did a lot of heavy olympic lifting (snatch complex: power snatch, hang squat snatch, OH squat).  I also ran through one WOD that would be in the upcoming competition...which included lots of thrusters, sprints, and pull ups.
Tuesday: I didn't go to the box, but I did run 4.5miles early in the morn, then ran another 2.5miles at the track (400s/600s intervals) while doing pushups, dips, and pistols in between each round.
Wednesday: I did a ton of gymnastics work (handstand pushups, handstand walks, and ring dips). Followed with a WOD of 10-8-6-4-2reps of Heavy Hang Snatch and 200m sprints.
Thursday: **I could tell I needed to rest as soon as the WOD started--super tired** WOD included Prowler Pushes, Reverse Burpees, KB Swings, GHD Situps (I am still feeling those today), and wall balls.
Friday: (Had every intention of taking it easy--but didn't).  I actually did two workouts; Crossfit's and OTB and back to back! LOL.  CF WOD included handstand pushups, pistols, pull-ups, deadlifts, hang cleans, and push jerks.  The OTB WOD was a partner WOD (which is why I ended up partnering with one of my clients).  We did 4x200s each, then 12 rounds of dumbbell squat cleans, push press, and renegade rows.

***Needless to say I took Saturday completely off.  And tonight I plan to jog a little at the track with my hubby and lift some light weights at the house.

As for the weekend---I fought off the whammies and WON!  I drank only water all weekend.  And I ate at my macro count all weekend too.  I did have 1/2 cup of ice cream today and 8 chips for salsa purposes yesterday but these all fit into my macro count.  I am still celebrating the fact that I stuck to the plan of water only and tracking my macros. So I call it a win, still!!

Some obstacles I overcame this weekend:
1) The hubby bought my favorite beer (Blue Moon) cos it was on sale.  I declined having even a sip. :-).
2) Friday Night Lights----and the smell of sausage on a stick, grilled burgers, or the sight of nachos and a Dr. Pepper were tempting!  But I declined and stuck with WATER!!!
3) Saturday--- Out to eat for lunch and I had fajitas with no tortillas or rice. I did allow myself 8 chips but that was my carb for the meal!
4) Saturday Night---The hubby had a glass of wine....while I had my water and pistachios!

It's not a perfect-clean weekend but considering what I usually do to sabotage my own work each weekend, I am super proud of myself.

This week I will be eating very clean and loading on some starchy carbs on Friday due to a competition on Saturday. But I will keep the macro counts the same (just a bit more starchy than I would allow normally).

It's amazing how getting through one weekend already makes you feel smaller! LOL

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Self Sabotaging

I don't think there are too many middle age women that work harder than I do when it comes to working out.  I do it all! I run, I sprint, I lift, I lift heavy and alot, I go hard, I go super hard, and I have come along ways.

But what I haven't overcome YET, is the self sabotaging!  I do AMAZING when it comes to diet and exercise all week long....but then something crazy happens over the weekend.  I allow myself to cheat....and cheat way too much!

This past weekend was a long weekend.  And now that it is over, I am just mad at myself for not staying on track with the clean eating! It's a crazy cycle.  For 5-6days I do 100% great...then for 1-2days out of the week, I completely ruin it! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!!   I know exactly what to do to achieve the goals I have....but WHY do I allow myself to mess all the hard work up on the weekends.  I don't know, but it is stopping now!!!

I think it dawned on me when my husband asked me this weekend to help him get back on track.  Of course, I gave him a smart-alic (how do you spell that?) answer and said "Honey, I can't be the one responsible for your actions..... If you want it bad enough, you'll do what it takes"-------GULP! I think I said that out loud and I HEARD MYSELF!  WHAM!~!!!   That should have been directed straight to myself.  I have done the dirty work (training) for hours upon hours a week.  But I have not done the true training of will power in my diet in a long time--at least not on the weekends!  I keep thinking, "If I would have stuck to the plan two months ago....then I would have had better results now!"  UGH!

So---Todd and I are gonna try this thing together, again.  I am gonna support him as he gets back into his healthy habits (yap, he is gonna be doing my workouts too).  We are both gonna be eating right.....this will include weekends, too.  I know my progress will be noticeable if I just go hard at the diet part.  Time to get in the zone and stay in the zone!!! NO CHEATING!!!!

The plan is super simple: Meats (mainly lean meats), lots of veggies, some fruit, some nuts, little dairy, little starches, no sweets, no fried food, and no sugary drinks or alcohol.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Balancing Act

Where have I been???? EVERYWHERE!  Church Camps, CrossFit Conference/Course, Norway, Galveston, etc.  Its been busy, crazy, and a little haywire.  But I haven't lost focus!  

On the outside, you wouldn't notice too much of a change with me.  But in the last six weeks I feel like I have made more progress than I have on this whole journey.  It's simply learning to BALANCE my new healthy lifestyle with LIFE!  I have not stayed 100% true to my healthy eating....but I can honestly say I have stayed at least 80% true to the healthy lifestyle.  I have treated myself with vacation/summer eating (meaning I have had what I wanted but without going overboard)and I have not felt guilty or upset about this at all.  I have continued my exercising no matter where I was at in the world.  I have had a blast, too.  All my hard work has paid off where I can now find freedom in treats (on vacations and such), still workout as I always do (like running in new places or hand standing at random sites) and come home and pick up where I have left off without it being a complete hassle or struggle.  THIS IS MY BALANCING ACT!!! And it's so free!!

Now, I haven't "lost" any weight.... in matter of fact, I have probably gained a few pounds (3# as of this morning).  But I have gotten a lot stronger, a lot quicker, a lot more powerful, and feeling good about this kind of progress.  Nope, I don't have my six pack abs---YET!  But they are coming.  Slowly and surely someday I will have them! LOL!  No, I don't have a bikini body, but I do wear my two piece proudly without hestitation.  I am realizing more and more that I am not going to have this amazing body that we all see on Instagram.  But I have an amazing body that can do amazing things.  It's thicker than I want to be...but I also know that it's very little fat and more muscle.  I prefer that trade off rather than being "skinny fat".  
SSSLLLLOOOWW Ab progress is better than no progress!

FLEX!!! WOW! Manly Mandy here! HAHA!

I am excited about the upcoming new school season.....transitioning into a new routine and a new additional (very part-time) job of training.  I have NO IDEA where this will lead.  Yes, I do have all kinds of ideas and hopes....but again, I am in transition and waiting to see where this will take me next.  I am also excited about my own training and personal focuses!! :-).

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Updates on the Revised Nutrition Plan and the Recent Competition

This post is gonna be all over the place....more so than my other post! LOL!

I am about 10 days in on my new macro plan.  Less protein and more carbs....not too far off of my calorie intake I had before but definitely different that what I have been doing.  It seems to be working so far.  I am down about 3.5lbs and I can see my body starting to change again! So nice to make progress once again.  However, I have had a very TIRED week of working out.  Not sure if I am just in recovery mode after two back to back competitions...or if it's the new diet or BOTH!?!?

The nutrition coach wants me to add some grains back into my diet (oats, whole grain tortillas, brown rice, and potatoes).  I am not really liking that part.  I just don't feel that good eating these I am still keeping them to a minimal but I am adding them back in SOME.  We will continue to tweak the program until we find where my body best performs and best reacts to positive changes.

Speaking of performing.....this would be a good time to tell y'all about my most recent competition.  A lot of you are aware that I filled in for an injured girl from another box in a team competition last weekend.  I was nervous about it, as I didn't want to let some complete strangers down (which I did).

Now, before I tell y'all how bad this went....let me also start by saying that when they called, they had originally thought I would be doing all the "barbell lifting" while the other girl did all the "gymnastics" stuff.  The team members didn't realize that we ALL had to do the movements of the WOD.  So this threw our game plan from the beginning.

The competition was one of the slowest ran competitions ever! And it was full of lots of young people.  I felt very OLD here! LOL!!! My new team members were super supportive and super nice.  And the rest of the crossfit Sanctum family was great!! They were a great group and I hope to meet up with them again soon.. I may even do some Saturday workouts with them sometime since my gym doesn't offer Saturday WODing.

SO----WOD #1-  EVERY TEAM MEMBER was to do 10-8-6-4-2 pull-ups and power snatches.  These are probably the two hardest skills in crossfit (except muscle ups).  The snatch is the most complex olympic lift, too!

We originally thought I would do all the girl snatches while the other girl did all the pull ups.  But, like I said before, that was not the case.  We ALL had to do these movements.  And you couldn't move on to the next sequence until everyone completed a sequence as a team.  I knew I would need to break the pull-ups up most likely.  I have been doing about 5 at a time since post surgery.

We started and we came out super strong! Like totally strong!  We were flying thru the pull-ups and snatches like maniacs.  We were the team to beat those first sets.....until I hit a big fat wall!!!!  My first set of 10 pull-ups were totally chest over the bar pull-ups (all 10 in a row-unbroken)...same thing with my 8.  At that point I knew we were golden cos if I could do 10 and 8 unbroken- with chest OVER the bar, we were all good.!!!

****That was far from the case here.  I did 6 (broke them up cos I could tell I was wearing down a little---so three at a time).  Then when we got to four, I did ONE and then I couldn't do anymore!  I did about 15 no rep pull-ups and I couldn't get my chin over the bar...I could only get my chin AT the bar...which wasn't enough.  It was the strangest thing that I have ever encountered.  I have never done to FAILURE on an exercise before, but I believe that is what happened here.  I think I went out too fast, too hard, and too strong there at the beginning and then my body just crapped out.  I did manage to get the 4 and 2 pull-ups done, but it slowed us down BIG TIME!!!  I am pretty sure we would have been a top team in the competition if we would have been able to keep our pace up. DANG IT ME!!!
WOD #1 in action!  That second pull up rig is where I went to failure!! :-(

The second WOD (10-20-30-40-50 of double unders and KBell Swings)we were allowed to break up into partners. The other girl would do all the double unders because she said she was super good at those.  I can do them too, but knowing she was not as "strong" as me and more of the "gymnast" type, this would be a better strategy for us. (And honestly, I had been the reason we messed up on the first WOD--so I was going to do whatever they wanted to make up for it). And let me tell you, I was determined to do ALL I could to swing those KBells as fast as I could and to not STOP at all!!!

We got started on WOD 2...and guess what??  She couldn't even string more than one or two double unders at a time!!! Bless her heart! (I now know what it feels like to suddenly not be able to do something you KNOW you can do!! ) Not knowing her well enough, I didn't know if I should step in and save her.  So I waited thinking she would eventually get into her routine.  She struggled with the 10rep, 20 rep, and 30rep.  I, however, was back in beastmode (THANK GOD).  I swung that KBell awesomely and unbroken until we got to the 40 set.  She stepped in and did 10rep in the middle to give me a quick break (which we planned).  In the seven minutes we got through all 10-20-30-40-and almost through 50.  But this WOD actually put us even further behind :-(.

I will admit...there was a small part of me that was a little bit happy that I wasn't the only one that messed up!!!  UGH!  It's a terrible feeling! I really wanted to cry when it happened to me! Just terrible!!

At the time, I was so disappointed in myself for letting this team down.  But then again, I am so proud of how well I did at the beginning of the WOD.  I don't know why I crapped out when I did...maybe not enough pre-fuel, maybe two competitions back to back isn't wise, maybe I went out too hard and too strong!?!?!  I don't know if I will ever know. But I am proud that I never did give up on my pull-ups even when it took me about 20-25 no reps to get those last 3 and 2 reps.

Do I have some regrets looking back:  YES!!!  I wish I would have just reversed my grip and done strict pull-ups those last few sets.  I had a mental block and didn't remember that that would have counted, as well!!  And I wish I would have eaten more carbs the day/night before.

Was it fun? Yes!! I enjoyed being a part of a whole new gym family that day! Everyone was super nice and cool!! :-).  And I did learn from the experience!!

Will I compete again! ABSOLUTELY!!! Even more of a reason to compete now!!! But gonna rest a few weeks first! LOL!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blind Competition Date (and feeling a little nervous)

Second Thoughts Now!!  Yes. Perhaps. Maybe?  Nervous---YES!!!

This past week I got a call from another local crossfit gym to see if I would be interested in subbing in for an injured girl for this weekend's North Texas ThrowDown Team CrossFit Competition.  The owner of this gym was actually looking for an RX competitor and a strong scaled girl competitor.  I agreed to "consider" doing the scaled....but that was because I wanted to get the facts about who I was competing with and what the competition required movements were.

After spending an evening "investigating" the individuals whom I may be teaming with (wanted to make sure I wasn't working with creepers) I was feeling a bit more comfortable with agreeing to compete.  It ends up that these teammates are friends with lots of my friends (aka mutual friends).   Four of us (two girls, two guys) will compete against other team this Saturday. **This will be my first "team competition".

WHY am I nervous!?!  Two good reasons:
1) Apparently this team is pretty good.  The males on the team seem very alpha type males (and made the finals in the Europa competition) and the other girl is supposed to be pretty good on the gymnastics type exercises (pull-ups, toes to bars and such). This is her first competition though..... I am apparently the strong girl?!?!  I just pray I am strong enough. * I pray I am not the weak link on this team! * I pray I am actually a good addition to the team.
2) It's a BLIND DATE (sort of).  I have never met these people....nor worked out with them.  They are trusting that I am good enough.  What if I am NOT!?!?


The first WOD is gonna be a booger. 10-8-6-4-2 or EVERY TEAM MEMBER doing 10 Power Snatches and then 10 pull-ups, then move on to 8 Power Snatches, 8 pull-ups...and so on!!!  The Power Snatches are done with 75# for the girls.  I am really wanting to go unbroken, but just not sure I can with 75#.  I can with 65# all day we will see?

The second WOD isn't that bad.  Double Unders and KBell Swings. 10-20-30, etc until 7mins is up.  I think I will be the KB Swinger while she does double unders.  Either way, I will be fine on those.

ONLY IF YOU ADVANCE will you get to do the third WOD---which is 21-15-9 of 24in box jumps, toes to bar and deadliest at 155#.  I only worry about the toes to bar here. I can do them but my kipping or my cycling in between each rep is slower than I would like it to be.

So I am a bit nervous!! I may be in over my head!  I find it an honor to be called to compete for another box but I also hope I don't disappoint them.  Of course, I will fill y'all in next week on how it went!!

Say a little prayer for me!!! :-).

Monday, June 23, 2014

CrossFit Solus Competition

This past weekend was one of the funnest weekends I have had as an adult athlete!  I didn't break any crossfit records.  I didn't win any awards.  And I sure didn't look pretty doing 4 WODs:-). However, this past weekend I felt like part of the Solus Family....meeting other members, getting to know other coaches that I don't usually intern with, and just being ourselves with one another!!! GOOD STUFF!!

This past weekend my crossfit box, CrossFit Solus, put on their very first competition.  It was a partner competition and we had a very good turnout (especially considering it was our first one).  We had over 300 competitors!! The atmosphere was great! And Solus did an amazing job prepping and running the schedule.

For me, I simply enjoyed getting to know all the members and coaches much better.  Not only did we compete together (which is always fun) but we spent much time prepping and setting up together, judging other awesome athletes together, and cleaning up together.  **There is something about that "togetherness" that brings people closer!!! :-).

It was an amazing event! And a huge success all the way around!

As for my competition I said, my partner and I didn't win any top awards or break any earth shattering records, but we had fun competing and we complimented each other very well. The only thing I can complain about is our first WOD's judge.  Our judge was not counting our double unders correctly AT ALL.  And this truly started us out behind.  What was frustrating was I was on a double under row!!! I never once got tangled in my jumprope.  I was able to do 30-40 at a time before needing a quick rest....but I think my judge's counter/clicker wasn't keeping up with me.  Cos when I would count in my head...he would always come up with a completely different number (and several off).  So that was extremely frustrating to say the least. At first I thought it was just my adrenaline making MY count off but then my partner and her husband started counting too and said the judge was WAY OFF.  UGH!

The hardest part of competition was getting in 4 WODS in less than 2.5hours.  In matter of fact....our last 3 WODs were done within ONE HOUR!  Talk about having some very tired arms! WOWZERS.  Push Pressing, Pullups, and Clean and Jerks!!!
Donna and I (pull-ups, KB run, clean&jerks)
My favorite part was the clean and jerk ladder.  The ladder started at 55#s and worked up to 125# by increments of 10# (ex: 55#, 65#, 75# etc..).  You had 50 seconds at each barbell station and you had to do as many reps as possible **with only 10sec transition between each station. You could not advance to the next heavier weight IF you or your partner couldn't complete the lift within the 50sec. 

Because I can lift more than Donna, our strategy was to have her start at 55# and to crank as many reps as possible at the lower weights---to help save my energy for the heavier weights.  This seemed to workout great.  She cranked out 14reps in 50secs at 55#, I cranked out 14 reps at 65#, then as we climbed the ladder she would do as many as should could and I would jump in a finish the round when she got tired.  At 95#, she was only able to do one or two reps, so this is where I picked up the slack. **And this is where it got to be so fun for me!  You see, as you progress up the ladder, the weight gets heavier but you'r ealso getting more tired from the previous reps.  And seldom do many actually complete the ladder.  So as your advance towards the end, the crowd gets louder and each rep gets harder and more tasking.  I am happy to report I was able to crank out several reps at 95, 105, and 115.  And yes, I complete the last ladder at 125#--three times!!! BOOM!!!  This made my day!!! 
**My max clean and jerk is 135.  My max jerk (from the rack) is 155.  But to still do 125 a few times after several previous reps at lower weights is still an accomplishment!!
Ignore the strong woman face! YIKES! LOL
There is nothing like having a crowd of people (strangers, fellow competitors, or friends) cheering you on.  This is what makes crossfit so fun!  Everyone is so supportive of each other!  :-).  It's a different competitive experience than any other!!

Now for a some BLOOPERS!!!  Of course, I had to be the one involved in it and my husband just happen to snap this picture to capture the moment! LOL.

This pic below is the WOD in which partner one (me) ran a 300 with a 26#KB while partner 2 (Donna) did 30pushups.  Once we got done, we had to crank out as many pull-ups as we could.  This pic is of an accident with me and another girl.  As we took off from our marked boxes inside, she decided to cut right in front of me---and right when we were both exiting the building.  As you can see, I have no where to go because I am right by the doorway.  Her foot gets tangled with mine and she went down HARD!!!  It was scary at first, cos I was so afraid that I was either 1)gonna step on her  OR 2)fall with my KB on her.  Luckily, she jumped up quickly and finished the WOD.  Funny thing is.....even though we started out in the back of the pack due to the collision, we finished first and second in the run!!! LOL!  
Zoom in on my facial expression!! HA
My facial expression in the pic is priceless...and now looking back, we can't help but to laugh about it!!!  FYI---the girl was bruised up but she was fine!!!  THANK GOODNESS!!

It was a great day!!! Great weekend! And my body is super sore even two days later!!!  But I am happy to be back at it and look forward to many more competitions ahead!!! ***Next competition I am going RX!!! YIKES!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Hungry Girl In Me

Two weeks of successfulling (is that a word?) waking at 4:15am.  Co-coaching at 5, 6, and 7am and WODing and lifting afterwards.  I have also been counting my macros again to get back on track.  I have been doing GREAT!!!  But I am HUNGRY! 

With the new schedule I am waking at 4:15am and having a shakeology with added protein and spinach.
Before my own workout class I have a half of an energy bar.
After workout class, I drink my protein drink on the way home (around 9am).
Then I come home and have my real meal (breakfast or brunch).

Just this part of my day I am eating a great deal of my calories---leaving me little for the rest of my day.   And I need these calories though....  Usually by 5pm, I am topped off calorie wise!

So now I have a dilemma!?!?  Do I up my calories on coaching days!?!?  Or do I just suffer well through it!?!?  

I don't have an answer just yet. Still trying to figure it out.

I just know I am HUNGRY! LOL

On the days that I do not coach and just WOD at my normal 7 or 8am time, I do fine.  It's just those extra early hours on the days I coach that seem to get to me!!!

Obviously, I have some tweaking to do with my diet on these longer days.  *Just part of the process:-)

***Now totally off topic!  This weekend I am excited to be back in competition mode!  I didn't know 9 weeks ago if I would be able to compete this soon after surgery, but I am happy to report, I am good to go!!!! This past week I have been back to my normal self...lifting heavy, maxing out, and going at 100% intensity.   I feel great.  I even had the doctor give me one more look over to ok me for competition.

This weekend I will be competing again.  I did register for the "scaled" version since I was unsure of how quickly I would rebound....(kind of wished I would have RXed it) but scaled or not, I am excited to be back at it!!! 

I will be reporting later this weekend or early next week on how the competition went!!!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Early to Rise! Early to Bed!

My first week of co-coaching crossfit with 5am, 6am, and 7am was a success!!! I did it!  I got my lazy self out of bed at 4:15am.  Now the question is, can I do it all summer!?!? LOL
***Confusion: it's nice to be home early and have the classes and my own workout knocked out before the kids are even awake yet!!! ---SCORE!!!   And yes, I am in bed by 9pm after a 4:15am alarm clock! 

I am really beginning to have fun now that I am forming relationships with some of these athletes.  But what has been my favorite of all, so teaching the newbies!  In the last 2 weeks were have had several new athletes come try out crossfit.  I have, for the most part, been the one to help them while the other coach leads the veterans.

It's very rewarding to see someone new---with that intimidating look on their face come in--and to help settle in with the class.  And after a full crossfit workout (even though they are totally worn out) you can see the look of achievement and satisfaction on their face.  You can see that they are proud of themselves!! This has been awesome!  I also find it rewarding to see them return the next day...or next week.....and they look to you to give them that "encouragement" they need each workout!  It's absolutely the best feeling to coach and be these athletes' cheerleaders!!! :->

Next week, I begin to lead teach...rather co-teach!  I admit, I am a little intimidated to do this with EYES on me! I am sure I will do fine since I have plenty of experience with lead teaching or coaching in my former roles (as a teacher, coach, or church leader).  But it's always intimidating when you first get started.

As for my own personal goals this past week, I have been doing great (despite the 5lb freakish weight gain on the scale earlier this week)!  I have been focusing hard on eating the right amount of macros and keeping up with every thing I eat and drink.   I am right on target though.  I have been having some killer workouts and seem to be bouncing back way faster than I expected! YAE!

My workouts this week:
Sunday: Running
Monday: CrossFit and Track Running (Lifts were split jerk/squat snatch)
Tuesday: CrossFit and Funky Fit (Lifts were front squat and counting the 60pullups I did as a lift-ha)
Wednesday: CrossFit (lifts were dead lifts/overhead squats/clean&jerks)
Thursday: CrossFit (lift was squat snatch)

My Diet has been spot on for what I am trying to do (lean out but fuel for performance).
My weight has moved back down to the 150 area (thank goodness)....and I feel like I am finally at a place to start seeing and making progress once again.

My goal for the upcoming week is to get more fruits and VEGGIES in like I was before surgery!
And to use my new toy for weighing my foods---especially my protein.
Things are getting serious! HA!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Burn the Scale

I don't even know what to think??!!!  Two Fridays ago I weighed on Trent's scale for measurements and weighed at 151.  I usually weigh about 1.5lbs heavier on his scale in comparison of mine, so NO BIG DEAL!?!?!  Since then, I have eaten pretty darn clean and have been full force at CrossFit and running and such!  I only had one rest day last week and only cheated once on food (both of those were yesterday).  But today I weighed and I am 5lbs up!  HOLY MOLY!!!  Now, I did weigh after working out and lifting, which I know had a little extra weight to it, but NOT 5lbs of weight!?!?!

Are you flip'n kidding me???

Okay, okay, I know that I may be carrying water weight and all since I just started back going hard core, but seriously five pounds shouldn't really be a number I am up after 9days of handwork with eating and exercising right 98% of the time. WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!

I am trying hard to no flip out too much yet as my clothes are all still fitting.  Yes, I am aware my abs are a bit more flabby due to the time off----but I also know that I am as sore as all get out from doing the extra ab work last week.  It will take a few weeks to see this area improve again. PATIENCE!!!

So what am I going to do differently to change this??? Well, I am logging EVERYTHING I eat and drink! And I am not going to cheat at all for a full month! No treats! No cheats! No drinks! NONE!!!

I may start logging it on my FB again, as that seems to keep me very accountable cos I know it can be seen!

I am gonna drink more water! LOTS MORE WATER!

And I am not going to panic.  It's just time to go 100% in all 7days a week and for every 24hours in a day.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Reality Check

This past Friday I got my cousin to do my measurements!  I DID NOT WANT to do them AT ALL!  I did not want to see first hand all the progress I had made just fall apart right before my eyes.  But the reality is.....I needed to see the damage so I can see the results that will follow in the weeks and months to come.

Good news and bad news--- Let's just say that!  It wasn't near as bad as I had thought it would be.  But still.....very, very humbling when you do see numbers that you worked so hard become a goal once again!!!! But I did it once before and I can do it again and surpass all these numbers this summer!!!!


Weight                   147.4                   149.1 (could this all be boobie??? LOL--Dr says maybe 1.8-2lbs)

Neck                        13.5                    13.75
Chest High               37                        36.5    (A bit shocking but maybe less pec muscles??)
Chest Bust               38.5                     41         :-) funny!
Upper Arm              12.25                  same
Waist               33.5low/34hi        34.5low/36hi     (The BAD NEWS--But not surprised at all)
Hip                          39.5                     same
Thigh                       22.25                   same
Calf                         14.25                   14.5

Measurements from the Caliper (spelling??)
Bicep                      10                           11
Tricep                     9                              11
Subscapular           16                         same (aka back fat---happy about this!!!)
Iliac Crest               14                           20   (hip area near my fatty area----This made me real sad)
Thigh                      14                           15

I am very happy that my upper body really wasn't affected by the lack of upper body workouts.  I do know I have loss some muscle mass though (I can tell my lady lumps in the arm are not as cut)....but the measurements stayed the same for the most part.  GOOD NEWS

BAD NEWS: if you look at my waist and iliac crest area---this is where it makes me a bit sad, as I had worked so hard to get those numbers down.  I hated to see them creep up (even if it isn't that much).

GOOD NEWS is I am back to my old workout regimen!!! I feel like I am very much near 100% but just keeping it a little cautious.  Today I was able to do pull ups without bands and handstand pushups, as I did before hand.  Now I didn't go crank out numerous amounts yet, but I did feel pretty good doing them.  I will just need to rebuild the strength and endurance to start cranking them out again!! **This will take some time but I will be patient!  I am just happy I can do all the things I could do beforehand!  I DIDN'T LOSE IT!!! :-).

I will have Trent check my measurements again in 6 weeks to see my progress!  And I will focus hard on getting the abs I have wanted and was so close to having before surgery! :-).  I can do this!! And I will do this!!!!

REALITY is in the pics too.  The pudge has returned :-(  BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!
5 weeks post op back side

5 weeks post op front/side shot

Friday, May 30, 2014

To Be a WorryWart or Not?

As most are aware, I hit the 6week post op milestone this week.....which means I have no limitations other than to gradually work my way into my normal workout routine.  Which means, I am doing CrossFit without modification, but I am doing less weights and maybe going at about a 70-80% effort.  I am to listen to my body and to not over do it.

So this week I went to crossfit three straight days.  My first two days were HARDCORE but I did scale it some but completed both WODS with a great effort.  But yesterday, I hit a WALL.  The WOD wasn't even a hard WOD...but I think I was just tired and didn't know it?  

The WOD was to run a 300, do 3 Squat Snatches at 80% (I did less than 50% weight) and 3 OH Squats and 24 knee to elbow sit-ups (5 ROUNDS).  Round 1-3 were great (running plus less weight kept me being pretty speedy) but about halfway through the 4th round I hit a wall, where I felt a little tired.....wait, ALOT OF TIRED.  I even thought if I kept going at the same pace, I might get sick.  I had to completely slow down and get myself on a much slower pace to finish. I DID FINISH---but I was WORN OUT!!!

I was WORN OUT! SORE! TIRED! But also so happy to have finally be a place that I could quite worrying about the new additions!! I had reached this place earlier this week that I was finally not going to worry about the additions ANYMORE!! I AM SIX WEEKS POST OP!  ALL IS GOOD NOW!!  Like I said, I have been soo sick of worrying about every little thing about the healing process (which I assume is normal--esp when they cost so much $$$).   I was happy to have the freedom to be me again; to go hard, to sweat like crazy, and to push myself.  FREEDOM!!! No more worrying!! 
8.5mile bike ride this morning

THEN TODAY!!!!  This morning I got up and rode my bike and did some back squats and ab work (took it easy on the chest today after 3 WODS).  But after I showered, I noticed a greenish bruise (very light) on one of the additions.  I immediately thought it was nothing to worry about but thought I would call the office just to get a confirm that it was nothing to worry with.  But they said the dr wanted to see me TODAY. :-( YIKES!! So WORRY WART was back!  

Of course, I was starting to think I must have gone hard too quickly this past week and had caused something to go wrong!!!  :-(.   I got to the the dr office...the dr saw me walk in and he got me right in before everyone else for quick examine!  He immediately smiled and said---JUST A BRUISE!!! YAE!!!  He actually pointed to Todd and said it was a "marriage bruise" HAHA!! 

He then did a full examination of my healing process and gave me the green light to compete in my next CrossFit Competition (scaled division since I am still in a bit of recovery mode) on June 21.  He said there were no signs of CC, bottoming out, seroma......which have all been some of my worries with having OVER THE MUSCLE implants.  He was very pleased with HIS work and my healing!!!  And he told me I can have freedom from worrying!  

His words were "If it feels funny, it's ok.  If it hurts, stop! If no pain or no swelling, then I am good!"

FOR FUN AND GIGGLES!! --I am in trouble when I am 80yrs old!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am BACK!! And it feels GREAT!!!

I am officially six weeks post op and back at the gym (aka The Box).  Yes, I have been doing some very modified WODs at CrossFit (mainly lower body and very limited upper body) the last week or so.  But this week I have no restrictions----but just to take it easy, listen to my body, and scale it a little at first.

Yesterday was my first real---and unmodified WOD.  It wasn't too bad as we did back squats for skill...then a competitive ladder of Clean and Jerks.  I have not been allowed to clean and jerk in six weeks so I was very cautious starting out.  I am proud to say, I had no issues.  I started with 35# and ended with 125#.  I did opt to not jerk anything over 105 just to be on the safe side.  We also ran 200m sprints.  This was a first in 6weeks, too.  Again, no issues.  And even came home, rested, and woke up not even sore (not boobie sore---but was sore like I would typically expected).
Got my bag on my hip and ready to WOD!

Today was the real test though, as the workout had a lot of movements I was scared to do. Not only a lot of different movements, but also a lot of each movements (a lot of reps).
Warm up alone was a little scary as it had pushups and strict pull-ups in it.  But I did the pushups with ease and would only do two pull ups at a time with a band for now.

The WOD was....  ***I modified just about everything just to be safe! **These had a lot of movements I haven't done in 6weeks that involve the chest somehow.  Better safe than sorry!!!

50 calories row  (I didn't go all out with speed--just a nice easy pace)
50 Box Jump Overs
50 Deadlifts 120#
50 Wall Balls  (I used 10#ball & hitting the lower line---but ended up hitting the top line by then end)
50 Ring Dips (opted to not do these yet---so I did pushups with quick breaks every 5 pushups)
50 Wall Balls
50 Deadlifts
50 Box Jumps Overs
50 Cal Row

I am thrilled that I was able to do all these movements!  I really was nervous about every thing I tried today. Deadlifts involve the use of the chest in the upright position, especially with heavy weights (but luckily 120# is not heavy to me--I max over 300#).  The wall balls scared me due to the throwing motion overhead and of course the thought of missing a catch and having a ball land on my chest:-(  RING DIPS---waiting a week to do these. Oh, and even box jumps because of the use of explosive arm motions is a bit scary.   I am very surprised that it nothing bothered me! I am thrilled too:-).  And even now, just a few hours later, I have no swelling or discomfort!!!  :-).

I am a happy-happy girl!!!

***Now with some exciting news.  I am almost done with my front part of interning (the observing part)....  The next 40hours I will be coaching with some assistance:-).  That's exciting and a bit nerve-racking to know that I will be monitored the whole time! LOL!

I am officially on the schedule to COACH starting June 9th for the remainder of the summer.  That's super cool.  What's not so cool is I am teaching Monday thru Wednesday, 5am, 6am, and 7am!!! WOWZERS!  Alarm will be going off at 4:25am people! PRAY FOR ME!!! But at least I will be home before the kids wake up---and most likely before Todd goes to work too! LOL!  **Luckily it's only three days a week.

Super Happy to be back at it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MOTIVATION!!! It finally came back!

Wow!! It's been right at 5months since my surgery.  And even though I gave myself a "break" for two weeks....the weeks following DID NOT go as I had planned or hoped for.  Now with that being recovery has been pretty simple and pretty easy.  But the diet recovery part has been a big challenge.  I have attempted to start the 21 day sugar detox just two weeks after the surgery=FAIL.  Then three weeks post recovery began a strict clean eating plan=somewhat of a fail.

Now don't get me wrong.... I didn't blow it!!! But I sure wasn't in the zone like I have been in the months past.

I have stayed wheat free for the most part though---not because I didn't cheat, but simply because when I did cheat, there was a price to pay!! Wheat and me do NOT go together anymore.

I am not sure why I wasn't able to reach my diet goals this past month.   Maybe it was my body's way of saying I wasn't ready?  Maybe I just was lazy?  But I think it may have been a mental thing.....meaning, since I couldn't workout like I normally do, I lost some of the motivation.

So last week I had been cleared to start slowly progressing back into my normal routine...that is with extreme caution.  I can start doing strict movements with more weight.  I can get my heart rate up again...but I must slowly start working towards jerking type exercises.  This has allowed me to not be so limited and I am able to WOD again with only a few limitations.

Yesterday I was able to WOD with only ONE modification.
Our barbell skill was max strict press.....but I just did 6rounds of 5 strict presses at 75# (about 65% of my max).
WOD was 30 back squats with 95#, run a 400, 20 front squats with 95#, run a 400 and 10 OH Squats (I opted to do barbell lunges instead of OH) and run a 400.
**I did great and felt great!
**And I came home and ate right all day long!!! And I thinks it's because of the effort I put into my workout??

But I WOKE UP SORE TODAY!  Kind of surprises me since I have been doing lots of leg exercises!?!  But it goes to show, when you are up against a clock, the extra intensity does make a huge difference.

My legs are as hard as a rock!  My abs are even sore!  And my boobs feel heavy---like I just gave birth.  But NO pain, just sore!
I welcome the soreness!  Like I said, it's another part of keeping me motivated! If I am sore, that means it must be working:-).

Today was a benchmark day at CrossFit.  Every 6months we do certain exercises to see how much we have improved.  Six month ago I did FILTHY FIFTY and I went ALL OUT! I was so proud to finish second overall....with a pretty good time of 26mins.

Today, I got a piece of humble pie though.  My time will be wiped off the wall and replaced with someone who did it this time around :-(.....  And then of course, I did my own modified version of a FILTHY FIFTY and still couldn't reach the time I had 6months ago!!

6months ago I did this in 26min
My extremely modified workout was....
50 one legged box step ups
50 reverse pull-ups from knees
50 russian swings with #15 dumbbell
50 walking lunges
50 k2e
50 isolated curls
50 leg extensions
50 squats with KB
50 push ups form my knees (first time to try push ups and felt fine)
50 v-ups

**This took me 28mins:-(

Again, I may not be where I left off, but I am getting closer....and with the MOTIVATION coming back, it sure gives me hope!!!

It's all part of the progress......  Here's to STAYING MOTIVATED!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Struggling Well

Struggling Well!!! That's been my new phrase of choice lately.  It all started with ministry work a couple of months back, then has leaked over into my personal, everyday life here recently.

So what does STRUGGLE WELL actually mean to me??? It means I am doing nothing extra and simply managing to get by!  And this is SOOO NOT ME!!! This type of character trait or personality is one I don't like! It's one in where I can find myself FAIL...and FAIL a lot.  But, it's not by choice that I get to this point.  It's simply by accident.  And by the time I realize it, I have a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards.

Let me back up a bit and give you a bigger picture....

A couple of months back, ministry started becoming WORK, rather ministry.  This began the STRUGGLE.  Leaders were missing more frequently due to life, I was short handed, lessons needed to be tweaked, etc.  I started losing focus on what the goal of the ministry was and started my own self pity. This is not good! ** However, it doesn't end there.... it actually led me to another STRUGGLE...which was my own personal growth and walk.  I began to fall behind in my Bible Studies and due to my motherhood life, I have missed more than my fair share of Bible study times here recently.  This eventually leads me to get out of the habit of starting my day with God.....and sometimes even miss the opportunity to meet with God at all anytime of the day.

Can you see the STRUGGLE??? Ministry is becoming work and stressful, which leads to less Bible Study time, which leads to less time with God.  **not going in the right direction

And now, I am over a week into another attempt to clean eat.  But have realized I am STRUGGLING to do this simple task that I am passionate about doing.


Yesterday, as I was talking to our Pastor after staff meeting he asked me a simple question that I have been thinking about for 24hrs.......  "Why do you do what you do?"

Guess what, ladies??? I had forgotten the WHY?  And got lost in the struggles of life and was trying to do life on my own!  THIS CAN'T BE DONE!!!

Today I woke up....still struggling, but STRUGGLING WELL as I have been reminded of WHYs in my life.

Don't Forget Why YOU do what YOU do, either??  ***Btw: Jesus cleans up our messes we left behind, too!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pros and Cons and My Status So Far

I am three weeks post surgery and feeling GREAT!  Swelling has gone down tremendously now....  I don't think I have any swelling unless I have been laying down for awhile and even then, it goes down within minutes.  I have dropped into my regular position and now just waiting on them to form their new shape....which for me means I can't enjoy too much of this new freedom of going braless as I would like---and am tempted to do.  I must actually wear a bra all the time....and one that pushes me up and in too (cos it will help to shape them in that way---rather drop too far south). This includes wearing them to bed too (yuck).

So what are the Pros and Cons so far of my new "additions".

PRO- 1.  I love them! I am so happy that I have done this for myself.  It's nice to have some lady curves (aka by me as my Lady Lumps).  I do not feel manly anymore!
CON-1.  I wish I would have gone one size bigger.  I am glad no one can "tell" I have had them done, but I would like just a little more volume--just a little.

PRO-2. I can go braless and no one can tell (unless I am wearing something that is thin). I wore a halter top to a baseball game the other day---without a bra.  So nice not having to worry about your tops falling off due to no lady lumps!! HA
CON-2. I am not really allowed to go braless often as these new things are supposed to be tied up tight for the next few months to gain a good shape.

PRO-3.  So far all my tops are still fitting me.  No need to buy new clothes---even though I want new clothes.
CON-3.  I am so broke for paying for these additions that I can't afford new clothes right now! LOL!
***MOTHER'S DAY GIFT---New Super Duper Tight Running Bra!!!!

PRO-4.  I am not afraid to get dressed in the light anymore in front of Todd!!!
CON-4.  However, I am still restricted from too much "contact".  (sorry TMI?)

PRO-5. My workout tanks are not falling off my shoulders anymore.
CON-5. However, I haven't been released to go all out exercise wise ****and this is making me anxious!!

As far as this stage of recovery.....recovery is good! So good that I am tempted to do things I am not allowed to do yet! LOL!!! Cos I feel absolutely fine! But I am trusting what I have been told by the doctors and doing what I am allowed to do.  I even feel good enough to have met up with my old college roommate, Casie, this past weekend for a quick Girls Getaway.....poolside conversation, out to eat, a few drinks, and Pete's Piano Bar!!! :-).
Casie and I ate Pete's Piano Bar (Can you say PUSH UP BRA?)

This week I have been able to add some very light running to my workouts and a little bit of weight  (so light weight that I am even wondering if it is actually benefiting me--LOL).  So what do my workouts consist of??

Deep Air Squats
Light Weight Barbell Squats
Leg Extensions (can go heavy here)
Leg Curls (standing)
Pistols (lots and lots of pistols)
Step Up on the Box
Wall Sits
Jogging------**this feels a bit awkward still, as I have an air pocket I can feel swishing around.  This is normal but I am still being super careful. I bet I am running slower than a 10min pace.
LEG WORK----and some chicken legs on the grill!! :-)

Elliptical (no arms)
Speed Walking
Easy and short Jogging
Easy jog and Speed Walk at the Park

Very little (just lower abs)  **Seems abs incorporate chest no matter what.

Very little---just light weight dumbbell curls (isolated and with light weight-10#)

DIET---This is where I am really concentrating myself on right now.  As of Monday, I have been back on track with a super strict clean eating program.  This week I am eating nothing but shakeology, lean meats, and veggies.  NO DAIRY. NO RED MEATS, VERY VERY LITTLE NUTS, NO STARCHES, NO TREATS, etc...

My Status: I feel a like I am losing my lady lumps in my arms:-( I can still flex it, but the lump is slowly going down!!! I need my heavy weights asap! HAHA!  My six pack isn't visible anymore, but it was way better than it was right after surgery with all the bloating.  Next week, I will be able to hit my abs a little more aggressively and regain my abs back!

My Weight: I am exactly the same weight.  146#

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Latest News on the Lady Lumps

*** So let's talk lady lumps today! ***I will be posting pics as I know some of yall are curious of how I am looking.  But please be respectful and keep the pic to this page only. This

So the first two-three days were the hardest.  The surgery was simple.  But wearing a surgical bra was the not fun.  You see, when you get implants, you come home with HUGE, HIGH, and FIRM (stone like) boobs.  You are swollen and heavy and have no way of using you arms or pec muscles, at least that first day or two.  **You don't realize the importance of using your pec muscles.  I quickly learned that I use them for things I had no idea I getting up and down, going to the bathroom, putting on a seatbelt, etc.

And back to that bra.  My incisions were done under the breast in the "fold" area so after wearing the bra for a full day, the band part of the bra was really irritating my incisions.  This was the hardest thing to deal with as I wasn't allowed to take my bra off the first 3 days and you can't put any ointment on it either.  So I just suffered well.

For me, the HUGE, HIGH, and FIRMNESS did not last long.  By day 3 I was already much better...starting to soften and drop slowly.  This is common for anyone who does above the muscle procedure.  And on day 3 I was supposed to be going braless for the next three days!!! **yes, I went to Easter Sunday braless----AND YOU COULDN'T EVEN TELL!!! AWESOMENESS!! 😄

I was a little concerned that first week that I may have gone too big. As you can tell from the the pic below, huge difference. This was a day before surgery and a day after.

But 10 days after I am back in my normal size bra.  Just filling it out this time..... Craziness to me!!!

That is proof what this past 18months have done to my body. And I am happy to report I don't just have muscle any more----and look manly, but I have some LADY LUMPS to equal it all out now!!!!  Yae!!!

 I am two weeks post surgery. I feel great! I have my arm mobility back. I am able to do some leg work, walking, and biking.  I am not allowed to get my heart rate up just yet so I am definitely getting antsy to get moving like I like to....  Next week I am allow to "jog" and do more leg and core work. However I have four weeks until I am allowed to lift heavy again.  But I am ready to be more active. Running next week will make me very happy!!

Eating clean has been a huge adjustment post surgery. I didn't feel much to eating the week post surgery as my digestive system was NOT working. Therefore I was just full all the time. But last weekend (just a week after surgery) I was starving for four straight days. I mean STARVING!! The last two days I feel like I am somewhat back on track. THANK GOODNESS!! I have been talking to my crossfit coaches about how to tweak my diet for the next four weeks. I have some new things I am contemplating to try while I am off from crossfit and lifting to help lean my stomach out even more. It's pretty strict but I think I am ready.  And it would take my focus off the lack of exercise I am not able to do. 😳

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leading Up to the BIG Day

This week went by fairly quick considering I was excited and a bit nervous about the upcoming "big" day.  I admit, I put in alot of workout hours the last four days try to make up for the time off! Which leads me to believe that I have some real issues with how I use exercise in my life.  It's almost like a way of life for me.  Yes, that's good, but it's also bad if I rely on exercise for much more than the health benefits.  I truly believe that "forced" time off will actually be good for me.  It will be hard!! Like really hard!

***And now, I will be relying on my diet alone for progress...and a lot of prayer and quiet time with God:-).

The days leading up to my surgery were kind of weird.  Not sure I am going to do a good job explaining it, but it was as if I had reached a goal that I didn't realize I had or a stage in my life that I didn't know I was approaching.  Since having my babies (who are not at all babies anymore) I have dreamed of getting my breast done.  But I had never been officially ready......I breastfed for the first 5+ years of after having kid.  At that point I was heavy from post pregnancies and then began using herbalife.  I lost a ton of weight from walking and drinking shakes.  But this was not a healthy loss. I was skinny but out of shape. Then, I slowly began to gain weight as I began a new phase as a working mom, meaning lots of hamburger helper, mac n cheese, and spagetti dinners....or dinners on the go! Therefor I slowly gained my weight back.  I began running near the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I lost weight inititually because the dr gave me thyroid medicine AND a diet pill.  YAP, still not healthy.

I gained weight back despite my 30+ miles of running per week and my 2 boot camps class per week....and with doctor recommendation of eating 1200 calories.

My metabolism was shot.

Yall know the recent phase I am in..... I did my own homework.  Began crossfit.  Switched doctors. and started over from square one.  My diet was what was destroying me.  Therefor in the last 18months I have not only been physically training but I have been nutritionally training!!

So today was a bitter sweet day.  A day that I realized I had reached this new phase in my life.  My body has been through a lot with me as I have gone through these phases.  And today it was going to go through one that was a positive one.  This was a reward for ME in which I am acknowledging that I have been and gone through alot in my 38yrs.

Last Runs: Kick butt in Sprints at CrossFit and a 8mile run
It felt a little weird this week working out.  Thinking about how the next time I would run I would have bumps (aka boobs) to work with.  And when I do pull ups, my chest my actually hit the bar like they are supposed to, and when I put on a tank top with a sports bra, I won't look like a man.

I also had a couple of weird of being extremely too big with my new boobs! Or even thoughts of, "Sure hope I am not the first one to die getting a boob job while my girlfriends are crossfitting?" LOL.  And of course, it's just a tad strange waking up one day flat chested (or deflated) and then an hour later having boobs.  AMAZING! But strange.

As of the surgery, it was super quick and much easier than I anticipated.  And I LOVE my doctor and his staff! They were amazing and I honestly believe I had one of the best! I was able to get around very well afterwards....but do have pain about every 7hours after meds wear off.  Two pain meds don't work so I have to take two....but then two knock me out cold! LOL!  I do struggle to go from laying down to getting up, as you don't realize how much you engage your pec muscles when you use your arms.  So that's been unpleasant, but that's just about it.

And yes,  I keep looking at them in the mirror! I like them!  :-). HAHA!! 

I am closing with a recent pic of my in my size SMALL dress.  First time EVER to wear a small.  But the last, my new boobies WILL NOT fit in this dress now! LOL