Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MidWeek Randomness

I another post on random things to share today......

First of all,  I started a short Advocare Cleanse.  It is supposed to be a 10 day cleanse, but I have opted to modify it to a seven day cleanse.  I am doing well with it so far.  But as you all know by now, the weekdays are not my struggles, it's the weekends.  I do have a favorable weekend approaching, as I am opting not to go to my youngest son's State baseball tournament because it's just too far (Beaumont, Texas) and I don't need to take off another Sunday.  No baseball for me would and should be good news because I don't have to eat on the go or when we can squeeze it in.  I am home this weekend.  Not only will I eat better.... I will probably get more weekend exercising in, too.

**SPEAKING OF WEEKEND EXERCISING**  Anyone want to run/walk with me this upcoming Saturday morning????? I would love to do an easy group run together---maybe at the Bridges?? TEXT ME!!!

Secondly, I didn't share my weekly goal yet because to be honest, it's a very generic one.  Since I am doing the cleanse, I am wanting to workout as much as possible to keep me away from my pantry and frig:-).  This is no lie.  Yesterday I was able to get two workouts in.... a morning run of 5.3miles and then I went to Get Fit's RIPPED Class.  This morning, I have already done my CrossFit Class:-). 

**SPEAKING OF R.I.P.P.E.D** That was the first time I was able to attend a Get Fit class (other than the Marathon Training and Yoga) in the whole 2013 year!  And it was FUN and well worth the time.  I burned 602 calories in the class alone....and was still burning strong even 20mins afterward (690ish calories is what my polar watch read).

And lastly, what is up with the Super Moon?? LOL!  According to my girlfriend's this past weekend, the Super Moon is a full moon, but apparently it is closer to us right now. (My girlfriends also told me that the SuperMoon made your boobies fuller---HAHA! I think it was the fried foods and adult drinks??--HA) But let me tell you, that SuperMoon must have some kind of effect on me because I am not able to fall asleep for anything!  I have said more bedtime prayers the past few days than I have all year---which is probably a good thing, as I have alot to talk to God about right now! :-).  But, I am ready for the Super Moon to be done with.  I am sleepy!!!

Well----like I said before, this was a very random post, but totally wanted to share it with yall so you'd know to help hold me accountable.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Momma's Vacation Requires a Cleanse!

I had a great workout week last week, but I also had a really good weekend! That's because this momma took a short weekend mini vacation to Galveston with three of her girlfriends!! Which meant lots of fried foods were eaten (bad), very little sleep (bad), some adult beverages drank (bad), and no exercising all weekend (bad).  But it was OH SO FUN and OH SO WORTH IT!

Look at all the bad unhealthy stuff we did.....

Friday, I started the weekend off right (knowing it was the best I was going to do all weekend).  I went to CrossFit that morning and had healthy food up until LUNCH.  Bonnie (my local friend) and I drove to Buffalo but made a BRAUMS stop for lunch.  I did drink unsweet tea, though.  It all goes downhill from there.  We meet up with my old college roommate/teammate, Casie and her sister, Christy and drove to Galveston. 

Not exactly knowing what to expect of our room our surprise, the place we had for the weekend was way better than we ever imagined.  It was just perfect!! Bonnie's husband is from this area and has come local contacts and was able to get us a room for free.  We were expecting a ROOM....not a condo! SWEETNESS!  And it was a condo with a view:-).
We found this shopping cart and it worked great for carrying our luggage 3 floors high!
Friday evening, we went to Bonnie's father-in-law's house and he cooked us some amazing fried shrimp and crawfish!! YUMMM!  And of course a few drinks to wash down the spices.  We finished our evening with walking and talking along the beach.
The top pic cracks me up! Looks like Casie is grabbing my boobs! HAHA! I pretty sure she is just hugging me:-).

Saturday morning we woke up fairly early and had breakfast.....fried eggs, bacon, and friend potato bites.  We spent all afternoon on the beach and had a blast riding the waves on our big blow up floats.  I have never laughed so hard in my life.  I have to admit, all of our paddling, swimming, and jumping waves was a very good workout!  And we did really well getting alot of water in and ate lunchables for snack that afternoon.
The blow up floats were well worth the money and time!!! SO MUCH FUN!

Our plans were to go back to the condo and chill out at the pool and swim in some cleanish water before cleaning up to go to a local pub.  But, we ended up hanging out at the pool the rest of the evening....or at least till they kicked us out, which was about 10:30pm or so.  I have to admit, this was the best part of the whole trip.  I even had a nice nap on the lounge chair, too:-). We laughed and talked and laughed and talked the entire evening.......  Our diet at this time of the day was not so much water anymore:-). HAHA!  And we ate alot of chicken in the biscuit crackers!!
Pool Fun---From L-R: Casie, Christy, Me, and Bonnie

Like I said, we had planned to go to a local pub where there was a good band playing and have a bite to eat....but by the time we had all showered. We were STARVING!  We went to the pub and the grill was closed because it was too late, so we decided IHOP was a must.  And get this.... I ate the sampler plate, HAHA! Chicken tenders, cheese sticks, onion rings-UGHH! GROSS!  But it was delicious!!  Dinner time was long overdue at this point.

We got home and in bed at about 2am....which I was ready to crash! Sun all day, drinks in the evening and now a full, greasy doubt the bed was calling my name! 

The next morning we slowly got packed up and slowly drove home.  We stopped by many places on our way back home: Denny's for lunch, Buckee's Souvenir Shop, and Woody's Smokehouse (for the best beefy jerky EVERY).

At get weekend was still not over.  It ends up that both Bonnie's boy and my son were still playing baseball deep into their tournaments----at the same park in Grapevine.  So, guess what we did?  We ended up driving to Grapevine after dropping Casie and Christy off and watched 2 more games of baseball!  We did not get home till 11:30pm!

Such a fun weekend! But oh so bad on the scale.  Needless to say, I was 4lbs up after the weekend fun! Therefore, today I started a CLEANSE!  YUCK! But oh, so worth it!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bumps, Barbells and Bruises

Working out with a barbell in my new crossfit class has been such a big change for me.  It's not the first time I have worked out with a barbell, but it is the first time that I am being "coached" with technique and have been implementing it as part of my workout rather than just strength training.  I find this very intriguing since I was a kinesiology major and a girl's high school coach.  I am learning stuff I did not learn back in college.  And for the first time,  I feel like I am learning something NEW that is TRUE.

But along with learning all this, I am finding I have battle wombs to show for it!  HAHA!  I am a ROOKIE!! Take a look at these pics.  You'll notice I have a bruise under my neck, close to my chest....cos apparently one side of this bone sticks out more than the other....and that's where I rest the barbell on my cleans.
This pic doesn't show it as good due to the lighting.  It's under my neck on the left side.
I am not even sure you can tell from this picture, but if you saw me in person, you would see a big bruise between my neck and chest on the left side.  Both shoulders are bruised, as well.  ***This makes me feel tough*** HAHA!

The picture below is of my thumb and a little blister that hurts quite bad! I think this is from gripping the barbell or holding onto the to pull-up racks.  It's an easy fix though---with athletic tape wrapped around it.
Not sure why my thumb looks super long in this pic? HA
And here is another pic of my bruised chest....and my pinky toe!  Yap, the pinky toe is still healing from my marathon run.  I have lost the nail once and may lose it again.  It looks to me as if I have a blood blister trying to heal under the toenail???
Will my pinky toe ever be the same?
This last picture isn't so bad.  It's a collage picture of my last week's workouts.  I wanted to document how hot it was for an evening run at 8pm on evening.  It was miserably hot, super humid, and absolutely no breeze.  UGH!!!

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!  I have a muscle "bump".  Forever, I have done tons of curls, weight training, pushups, etc and I have never had a visible bump in my life.  My legs have shown definition but NEVER have my arms.  But look at me now!!!! Barbells make bumps!!! It's not big! Maybe not even sexy---YET!  But, it's proof that it's working!! I love it!!!

Goal Met!

Last week, I shared with you how I set a weekly goal to run 20miles and do crossfit 3 times all week....however, I failed to meet that goal by 6miles. But this week, I had the same goal and I am happy to report that I DID IT!

I have to admit, it was barely done though.  I started the week off strong just like I always do, but the weekend was approaching and I still had six miles left to run, again. With two boys playing baseball in the Dallas area, it was getting a bit hard to find a time to run.  But I woke up early Sunday morning, before church to knock out those six miles.  I even got an extra mile of walking because I ran into Kris, a friend of mine, and was able to walk and chat with her too! 

It was still a hard goal to reach, which is crazy because just a couple of months ago I was running 20miles in ONE RUN and running 30-35miles per week.  WOW!  Looking back, that just seems nuts! But then again, I was only doing crossfit boot camp twice a week and it wasn't this hot and humid then, either!

This week's goal will be shortened a bit, as I am having a much needed girls trip to Galveston with a friend of mine.  I will still do my 3 CrossFit classes but this week I would like to do 2 Get Fit classes and run 12-15miles total. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Epic Fail for Me

Last week I started my week off with a workout goal in go hard at 3 crossfit classes and to run at least 20miles.  Since upping my CrossFit regimen, I have found it hard to find the extra time to get the mileage in I once was....and also trying to figure out what a good balance would be for doing both now!

It's also been a bit of a struggle to get used to the new routine of having the kids home, which means cooking and cleaning more, while I am trying to keep up with my job and workouts! Not to mention, the kids think that if it's summertime, then we must have something "amazing and fun" to do EVERY SINGLE DAY! HA!

Oh...and don't forget, I live in Texas, which means there are very few hours where it's actually not too dangerous to go out for a run and not die of a heat stroke! *Sigh*  Another words, workout hours are shorten a lot during the summertime for me. **Dislike*

The week began and I was totally on target.......

 .......until that DANG WEEKEND!!!

Same story, different weekend!!!  But this weekend came....along with extra baseball games, unexpected or unplanned visits with friends, and of course some added thunderstorms.  Needless to say, I had checked 3 crossfit classes off my weekly list and 14miles of running.  Six more miles is all I needed to complete my weekly goal with Friday, Saturday and Sunday still left (and six miles to me isn't that big of a deal).  This sounded easy in my little brain!  It would be easy! 
FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!  Six miles left and I didn't make it!!  BOOOO!

And it DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! Needless to say---I am kind of down on myself for not getting those six miles in.  DANG! DANG! DANG! 

So this week.... I am going to go for the same goal of 3 crossfit classes and 20miles of running!!  And it looks like those miles will need to happen at the crack of dawn now that the forecast is mid90s-100s this week:-(

The Positives from last week, even though I did not meet my weekly goal:  I did do Toes to Bars on Friday at Crossfit.  A month ago I couldn't even do one, but I was able to a set of 12,  a set of 9, and a set of 6 and it wasn't too terribly hard!!  GO ME!!  ***That is one thing I love about CrossFit, is how easily it is to see progress in your performance!!! I am still shocked:-).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Obsessed with Numbers!!!

Why are we so obsessed with numbers??  It's crazy!!! I am so obsessed with numbers everywhere....the numbers on the clock, the numbers on my calorie watch, the numbers on my timer, the numbers on my DailyMile logs, the numbers on my scale.....and this list can go on and on!  But it is so true! 209888371625472810!!!!!

Since I have recently began to up my CrossFit workout regimen, I am finding out that I have less time and less strength to actually run the way I was running.  Any "normal" person would totally understand that, since I have replaced some of my mileage with CrossFit training.  But not me, I am obsessed with that dang DailyMile number that logs my runs.  I have been so used to easily clearing 20+miles a week that to see a few weeks that I barely make the double digits in mileage logged, kind of freaks me out! Why is it so hard to train my little brain (and I mean little) that it's ok not to have big mileage if I am still putting in workout hours!

And then, when I do go for a run,  I am consistently checking my garmin watch.  Am I running a good pace?... if I am not, WHY NOT??  Why am I not running a 8:40pace every single run?  Especially if I am only running a few miles each day?------Yes, the logical part of my brain does tell me, you have already worked out today and that any mileage put in, at any given pace, is bonus mileage.  But when I get home and log it, my brain goes back to ignorant and I feel disappointed that I am not running as much as I once was.  THOSE DANG NUMBERS!  And with DailyMile, they have these cool charts that chart it!  I am obsessed! LOL

Oh, and let's talk about that scale. GRRR!  Just makes me so mad sad!  I went from 172-149.  But post marathon, I have put on 4-5lbs.  At first I thought it was because I has slacked off on the eating super well.  But I have since adjusted that! Then I thought, I need to get more consistent miles in since I am now doing CrossFit more.  CHECK! DONE!  Guess what, I am still 4lbs up.  It's just a number! I feel great! I know I am smaller than I was in January, but I am obsessed with that NUMBER!
I think this ALOT when I get on the scale!!!
The reality of it all, is I know I am much healthier now than I once was!  I do feel great!  I am getting stronger everyday, and faster, and leaner! I am making improvements everyday!  Regardless of what the numbers say!!! :-). 
This is what I need to do!! :-).
New goal! I will not be obsessed with the numbers.  Less weighing in! Less runs without the watch! Gonna start asking myself "What number?" HA

Monday, June 3, 2013

Run for the Hill MudRun and Lots of Pictures

O My goodness!! We had so much fun this past Saturday:-).  There is absolutely no better or more fun way to get a good workout and many good laughs than by getting some girlfriends together and going to a Mud Run. :-).  Below is a picture of some of my BFF from CrossFit Gunter who ran this weekend.........
PreRace Picture: Top- Me and Staci, Botton-Tinna, Coach Jamey, Jynna
This is my second time to participate in Run for the Hill Charity MudRun and it's a great one!  I also LOVE that it is close to home....just a 30minute drive north!  And event is not a big event, at least not yet.  This is only the second annual Run for the Hills event, so I am sure it will continue to grow in participants, but for now, I love the less hectic and less amount of people participating.

The mudrun isn't an easy run either.  It is very much a great workout!  Lots of hills. Lots of running in creek beds.  Lots of ponds swimming.  Lots of mudholes to swim under obstacles and such.  The mudrun was 3.1miles with over 30obstacles.  Take a look at just a few pictures........
Muddy and FUN!--btw, this isn't us! HA

If you notice the caption at the bottom of the above picture, it says MY ACCOMPLISHMENT!  When I came up to this obstacle, I really thought this would be one that I would have to walk around because I remembered a few years ago trying to do this at a local park.  HAHA! What a joke it was because I couldn't even swing to one bar!!!  I had NO upper strength what so ever.  But this weekend, I was able to do the whole obstacle with NO PROBLEM, even in the rain!  OMG!! I am so flip'n excited about that!!! :-).  Whew Whoo! I am getting stronger!!

But the best part of this whole mudrun are the SLIDES!!! There were two tarp slides that would shoot us out into the middle of ponds.  And these slides were fun and fast!  The first one, we were allowed to go stomach and face first! It was so fun.  And the last one was super fast and long! Talk about SPEED!!! 

Slide #1 (I went face and stomach first!)
Slide #2---236ft slide! AMAZING
The pictures don't do this event justice!  It was so much fun!  And to my surprise I finished pretty strong even though I wasn't running for time.  I didn't even where a timing chip.  I ended up getting 5th in my age division and 50th overall out of about 500people! :-). Not to shabby!  I might want to try and go hard sometime and see if I can win it all do even better? HA!

Me and my friend Staci

Me with Tinna right after she did a 360 off the last slide:-)

The Gunter Gals from Gunter Crossfit

Super Fun! Can't wait to do it again next year!