Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Me Your Speed

O Happy Day!!!!!  It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL out and it looks like it might be nice for a while:-). Let's take advantage of it tonight when we meet at the track at 5:30pm.

Thursday's Workout:
WarmUp with a slow mile.
Stretch for at least 5minutes.
Run the straight-a-ways (100m) and walk the curves (100m) X8
*** (just slightly slower than your FASTEST SPEED-almost a sprint)
Then run 400m (a little faster than your Kerfoot pace)-walk the curve and come back X2.
Cool down with a slow 800m

Total Mileage- 2.5miles!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I think it is so fun watching each one of you turn into Running Freaks!!!  And I am especially glad that I am not the only crazy person that loves to run around here now:-)


These restrictions don't apply to us? We SPEED and use our cellphones when we run:-).
Not many people understand what it is to be a runner. 
Most people run simply to improve health or to lose weight.
I admit, that's why I started the training, too.

You begin training!  It's hard!  It hurts!  It gets harder! It take time and commitment.....but suddenly you start changing!!!!!

Yes, your body may be changing!  Yes, you may be losing weight and/or gaining muscles. Yes, the runs are starting to get easier.  Yes, it's not too much to challenge yourself with something a bit harder (longer run? faster run?).  You are changing!!!

But a real runner usually begins to change in many other ways, ways that they were not expected or anticipated.  The mental and spiritual training is very often overlooked.  But the mental and spiritual aspect is what got me hooked on running and what has kept me running!  You all are CHANGING!!!  And I can see that it's much more than just the physical change!!! What a joy and privilege it is to run with you!!!

It's been a joy to see all these new runners CHANGING!
"It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. 
Our qualification comes from God."
                                                                 -2 Corinthians 3:5

Monday's Results:
***KERFOOT ROAD BABY!!! (2.8miles)---- with warm up and cool down laps (3.3miles)
Morgan 26:36 (pace of 9:30 per mile)
Wendy 26:40 (pace of 9:31)
Angel-26:00 (pace of 9:17)
Becky 28:01(pace of 10:00)
Stacy G (Track Mileage)-Ran 3.04 in 28:52 (pace of 9:29)

Girls----this is really amazing! These times are times I didn't accomplish this quick or early!!!  AMAZING!!!!!

MidWeek Runs----Take it easy this week.  Try to take at least a day off to rest and perhaps try to do something DIFFERENT this a Funky Fit, Yoga, RIPPED, or SPIN Class.  Or maybe go for a light jog or a walk.  Keep it light if you choose to do anything on Tuesday or Wednesday. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

Run Like The Wind......

Oh Girls!!! It's gonna be WINDY when we run this evening!!!  But the good news is that it will be warm and windy! 
Do you look like this when running DIRECTLY into the wind?
Today we will run KERFOOT ROAD again---but let's run the to the end of Kerfoot and back!  :-).  Yall can do it! Yall are all ready!  I am also considering doing FUNKY FIT tonight at 6:30pm if anyone wants to join me there, too?

Oh----and I thought it would be fun to share some of the random text that get sent out throughout the week....

First of about the SEXY WHITE LEGS CONTEST??

And how about these motivational text I received from Becky and Wendy in the last few days!!!! Yall are doing sooo awesome!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Keep Running

Our schedules are hectic and the days seem to go by so quickly......but I want to encourage you to NOT GIVE UP on yourself, even if you have a few days or even a week OFF from running due to injuries, illnesses, or just an over committed schedule.  Just know that running is a great stress relief and great for your health, as well!!!  Just Keep Running!!!!

And also know, that each run is supposed to different.  Some are HARD runs.  Some are nice and easy runs.  Some are walk and jog runs.  Some are long runs.  Some are short runs.  Any kind of run is running!  It's ok to go slow or to go easy.  Not every run is a race! In matter of fact....very few runs will ever be a race:-).

Just Keep Running Ladies!!!!  You all are doing an amazing!!!

WEEKEND WORKOUT: Just Run---whatever and how ever your body feels!!!!

See yall Monday at 4:30

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thursday's Running

I can't believe this perfect weather!!!! LOVE IT!  Who wouldn't want to get out for a run in it??? 

Here are our options for this Thursday's 5:30 Group Training:

Beginners: Run 1 lap, walk 100m-----and do this til the Intermediate Group is finished (35mins).  Count how many "running" laps you get in.

Intermediate Runners:  For 35minutes you will run and walk.  But here is the catch.... you must at least run a 800(2laps) before stopping for a walk.....and when you walk, you can not walk more than 200m at a time! 

***If you feel good......and can run longer than 800m at a time, then please do so.  Only walk when you need to.  But remember, when you do walk, you can only walk 200 before beginning your run again....and you must complete two laps of running before being allowed to walk again.....

See ya at the START LINE!!!! :-).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Can Do It!!!! You Are Doing It!!!

Isn't this so true!!!  I am so amazed at everyone's progress!!! And it's been such a joy watching yall and hearing about each person's achievements as training weeks go by.  Here are a few I wanted to share............
1) Wendy Enloe called me just after dark on Saturday night.  I really couldn't make out if she was exhausted or crying.....because she was so excited about her weekend run around the college hill, kerfoot block. 
2) Becky McDonald is away this week for work but she texted me last night right before Group Training to tell me she got her homework in...... SHE RAN 50MINUTES on the Treadmill!!! That's AMAZING!!!!
3) Last night......Krista Wade had her second run with us.  I find it CRAZY that she can run without any training.   And she has a half marathon next month!!!! 
4) Stacy Gilbreath has turned into a workout freak.  She has been running and immediately following her runs up with a Get Fit workout class! GOLLY GEEZ!
5) Chrisa Menkhoff pulled a hamstring a couple of weeks ago....but she still walked and ran at Group Training last Thursday.
6) And Shelley Baird got two great weekend workouts in (adding up to close to 4miles of running)!
7) Oh---did I mention Wendy and Krista ran a mile yesterday in 9:25!!!

It's an awesome feeling to do something you didn't think you could do!!  And yall are already doing it!  :-).  Keep it up ladies!!! 

MIDWEEK RUN----FREE CHOICE......but keep it on the light side if you plan to be a Group Training this Thursday!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3 Training Begins

I can't tell you how excited I am about you girls and your running!!!  You have no idea how much fun it is to share this passion of running with yall......and for yall to start getting the running bug too!!  SO FUN!!!!!  **I won't be the only crazy, running nut around this town!!! HAHA!

I am switching up things a bit this week due to a cold front and the weekend challenge.  I know several of yall got at least two good runs in this weekend.  Therefor, I want to make sure you have the appropriate recoop time.  Please look closely at Monday's Workout choices!  Pick the one that is best for you depending on where you are at training wise.

OPTION #1- If you have not ran at all this weekend, I ask that you run Kerfoot Road to at least Pike and back.  WALK/RECOVERY.....Then 800m SLOW on the track!!!

OPTION #2- If you ran this weekend at least 2 times, I ask that you run 10mins (no stopping), walk 2mins, run 6mins (no stopping), walk 2mins, run 4mins (no stopping), walk 2mins, run SLOW 2mins....walk 2mins.  (BECKY---do this on the treadmill when you are away)

OPTION 3#-For Beginners---Run/Walk for 30minutes.  Try to at least one lap at at time......

You can do this!!! You are doing this!!!!  I promise, it is worth it!!! :-).

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Challenge!!!!!

I have a weekend challenge for yall....... for those of you interested in a little challenge??

This weekend's weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So let's take advantage of it!

The goal for yall is to run EVERYDAY THIS WEEKEND starting today!!

Try to run at least 15mins a day!!!  Walk if necessary, but try not to!  Feel free to run longer if you'd like. ***Don't forget to warm up and cool down properly....and lots of stretching, especially AFTER your runs!!! 

Text me each day, after you have completed your run, as I want to be sure you are rewarded for your efforts!!! :-).

One Mile

I hated that I missed yall last night! But my Addie girl had a basketball game:-).

Morgan said yall rocked the MILE for TIME!!!!  I knew yall would:-).  This will be a baseline for us, as we will run a mile for time about once a month.  You'll be able to see how much you are improving.

Becky- 10:08
Chrisa-13:57 (ran and walked due to hamstring injury)

FYI---- I had to run a timed mile yesterday at the crossfit, too---but had to carry a 20lb weight for the first half of the run!!! I promise I won't do that to yall:-). LOL  But I was super excited to finish at 6:40!

***I need to shout out to ANGEL!!!!  So excited to have you join us!!! Hope you come back....and often:-).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thursday's Workout

The sun is out! The temps are warmer.....PERFECT RUNNING CONDITIONS!!! Don't let these pretty days go by without taking advantage of it!!!!

Tomorrow night (Thursday) we will meet at the Track at 5:30pm.

WarmUp---walk 200m, light jog of 400m, walk 200m, followed up with LEG SWINGS and STRETCHING.

1) Run 1 MILE (4laps) for time.  If you can, try to run the whole 4 laps.  If you need to walk, that's ok, but it will count towards your time though.
2) RECOVER with at least a one lap walk
3) Jog 2 laps, walk the curb and back, Jog another 2 laps, walk the curb and back
4) Stride 200m (faster than your mile pace, but not a sprint), walk a 100m x4
5) Stretch (especially hips)

TOTAL RUNNING of 2.5miles......
TOTAL with WARMUP and WALKING.....3.75

**Weekend Workout will be posted by Friday:-).

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,  Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right had of the throne of God."
                                                                                                  Hebrews 12

Monday, January 14, 2013

Kerfoot Attempt-----Kerfoot Accomplished

I have to brag on a few of our running ladies!  Tonight, the group achieved something very big...... KERFOOT HILL!!!  The Kerfoot Hill is a challenge! It's a steep .3mile climb and boy can you feel your body screaming at you when you run it.  It's hard!!!!  And it doesn't just give you a good physical workout, but a great mental workout, too!  I am super, super proud of the women for getting out there in the cold, windy weather and conquering Kerfoot....and with ease!!  They were laughing and smiling and talking when they were done! So it didn't kill them!! HA!

Tonight's First Time Kerfoot Run:
Lee (Ran to Maples) 2.8miles in 33:25 (pace 11:56)
Stacy G (Ran to Pike Curve) 2.15miles in 22:20 (pace 10:20)
Becky (Ran to Pike Curve) 2.15 in 23min (pace 10:38)
Wendy ( Ran to Pike Curve) 2.15 in 23:20 (pace 10:52)

I will post Thursday's workout later in a day or two!  Have fun doing your homework, as it is free choice!!!!

Monday's Group Run

It's gonna be a chilly group run, but if you have seen my previous post, you know it is doable......and it won't be as bad as you think once you get going.

We will meet at 4:30pm today at the track for a warmup.  If it's windy, try to wear a toboggan, gloves, and maybe a neck warmer (or a headband for wrapping around your neck or mouth).

Tonight's Running Options:
1) Kerfoot Road to the Intersection of Pike and back (2.15miles).
2) Kerfoot Road till Kerfoot ends at Maples and back (2.8miles)
***Kerfoot has one massive hill right at the beginning.  Tonight, you will be allowed to walk as much of the hill as you want....but try to jog as much of the remainder of the route as you can. 

If you did your weekend homework and Monday's workout, you can take the next two days off.
Other MidWeek Options......pick your favorite previous workout that we have done in the last 2 weeks and do it!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!!!

Baby, It's COLD OUTSIDE----but that's not gonna stop us!!! 

I admit, I came home from church and debated and debated about getting out and running in this cold, WINDY weather.  But, after seeing a few facebook comments, I finally decided it would be worth it to bundle up and give it a shot.

Take a look at all the STUFF I wore today:-).  And yes, I have one of me at the beginning of the run (totally bundled up) and another one of me towards the end of my run, after I shed some layers:-)
So, for those of you new to are some of my suggestions for what I would call "necessities" for running in the cold, winter weather.
1) Some sports sunglasses-  I even wear mine on cloudy days, too.  The glasses not only help me with sunlight, but wind burn too.  Dry eyes can be painful, so find ya a good pair of glasses.
2) Underarmor Cold Gear-  It's not that flattering on me as cold gear is tight fitting.  But it's easy to layer.  And it sooooo keeps you warm!  It's pricey, but very worth it!  I usually wear my cold gear layered with a loose tshirt and a zip up jacket.  On most runs, I usually take my jacket off and wrap it around my waist once I get warmed up or toasty!  And yes, that does happen, even in 38degrees, as you can tell from my above picture.
3) Chapstick.....must have chapstick especially on those windy, cold days.
4) Leggings- Today I wore underarmor leggings AND running leggings.  Usually running leggings are enough but if it too windy, underarmor leggings help, too. 
5) Neck warmer- On those WINDY days, especially when the wind is coming from out of the north, I will wear my husband's neck warmers (This one is one of his hunting neck warmers).  I wear these more to protect me from breathing in that cold air that tends to hurt my chest at the beginning of a cold run.  So yes, I wrap the neck warmers around my mouth more than around my neck.  Today, my neck warm was very nice in that north wind, but I did shed it towards the end of my run.
6) Toboggan- I also tend to keep my hair down on cold days to help keep my head warm, and use the toboggan for extra heat gear and it also keeps my hair from blowing in my face too much.

I managed to get about 5.5miles in today and it felt great!  And a little added bonus, I was also running and texting Wendy while she was getting her weekend run in.  Look at our pics to each other:-).  I am giving her a thumbs up for getting out and getting her run in.....and she is showing me that she is pooped:-).  HAHA!  LOVE IT!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekend Fun Run!!!

"My doctor told me that jogging could add years to my life... I think he was right. I feel ten years older already."
--Milton Berle 

HAHAHA!  Isn't that the truth....especially when you are starting all over or just beginning!!!!  But never fear, you are just week 1 in training and by week 4, you will start feeling younger!!!

Most excellent job tonight at the track ladies!!! We got all of our 300s and 200s in and a little jogging at the end!  We may not have racked up a lot of mileage tonight but you gained more strength and are learning to get more comfortable with every step.  (Tonight's Running Total was just shy of 2.5miles/TOTAL mileage with walking included was 3.25miles)

This weekend's workout:
Beginner's Option
---warmup for 5-8mins of walking/easy jogging/stretching
---set out to try to run 8-10mins without stopping
---walk for 3-4minutes
---set out to try to run 4mins without stopping
---walk for 2-3minutes
---finish with a SLOW 2minute jog
---walk and stretch for at 8-10minutes

Challenge Option (only if you can run 10mins without stopping at ease)
---warmup for 5-8mins of walking/easy jogging/stretching
---Run as long as you can without stopping
---Finish up with 4minutes of walking and 4minutes of stretching

***Please text me and let me know how and what you did!!! Let's celebrate it!!! :-). Any mileage is good mileage. 

I will be running Friday mid morning.....feel free to text me and join me:-).


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rain is coming! Rain is coming!

If you're anything like me, you may not like to run in rain, snow, or even wind! LOL!  I know, kind of tricky to get runs in when those are obstacles....and we live in TEXAS!!! HAHA!

So what are you're other options if rain comes before you get a chance to run?  Well, if you are like Becky McDonald or Wendy Enloe (which means you have done your weekend homework and yesterday's training).....then reward yourself with a day or two of REST.  Your muscles will thank you! And you will have antsy legs and won't be able to wait to run again come Thursday for our GROUP TRAINING.

If you haven't been able to do the homework or training, then here are other options for you if the rain becomes an obstacle......
1) Try to get somekind of run workout in BEFORE THE RAIN!! Anything will do!!!! Just do it!!
2) Try to get at least one of the blog workouts in on a treadmill.   BUT WHAT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO A TREADMILL?
3) Check out the GET FIT CALENDAR page on this blog and try to do at least one workout before Thursday.  Some of my favorites from Get Fit are Funky Fit, Spin, and the newest RIPPED Class.  You can't go wrong with any class you choose! They are great!

INVITE FRIENDS!!!  It's never to late to start please feel free to ask friends to join us.  We have 10 rooms in Oklahoma City booked and the more friends, the better our party will be!!!! 

***And one side note, please let me know how your training is going.  I can plan our trainings better when I can see who is doing what.  Comment on the blog, text me, call me, email me.....whatever works best.
I remember this quote from being on a sign during my first half marathon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1 Agenda

We have our first full week of training this week!!!  This week we will keep our workouts at the track (except for your own Tue/Wed workout).  Next Monday, we will venture onto Kerfoot for our first official road workout!

Below are our workouts for our upcoming week.  The weekend workout will be posted later this week, once I know what race everyone is training for!  ***Please send me a text or let me know this week what race you are wanting to run in.

Monday's Group Run:
Run 2 laps/walk half a lap (200m) x6----  Running Total of 3miles and Run/Walk Total of 3.75miles
Run a lap/walk a half lap (200m) x 8----Running Total of 2miles and Run/Walk Total of 3miles

On Tuesday or Wednesday try to get a 30minutes run/walk in if you are a beginner.  Intermediate runners try to run/walk for 45mins.   Keep moving and walking when need be.  Be sure to warm up and cool down properly.

Thursday's Group Run:
INTERVALS should be ran faster than a jog, but not a sprint.  Focus on good form (longer stride and pumping your arms, but shoulders relaxed).

300m run (pick up the pace a tad bit)/ walk 100m  X5  (be sure to stretch between each run)
200m run (pick up the pace again)/walk 200m x6
Beginners will finish up with a slow jog of one lap.  Intermediate runners will finish up with a slow jog of two laps.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Send Me Some Fun Photos!!!

Hey Running Gals!!!

Please send me photos whenever you can of your trainings.  It can be of scenery, your shoes, yourself, whatever.....  Have fun with it!

Email me at

Gabe (my 8yr old) and I went to the track tonight.  He is bound to be a runner:-).  He has already ran a 5K with me.   And he loves running and biking with me whenever he can.  Tonight we went to the track....then I got this silly idea to take some fun photos! HAHA

We are pooped out! HAHA!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It has BEGUN!!!!

You girls ROCKED it today!!  Yall made the first workout look EASY!!! Good for you!!!  I am so pumped! This is gonna be so much fun!

So here is your starting point!  Below I am posting the distances you completed in about 25mins....
Morgan- ran 2.25/walked 100m
Krista-just over 2 miles/walked 100m (and a bathroom break-haha)
Becky-1.5/walked just shy of .5miles
Shelley-just shy of 2.50/ walked 100m
Wendy-just over 1.25/walked 700m
Marty-just shy of 2.50/walked 100m
Lee-just shy of 1.50/walked 700m

This weekend's workout....
1) warmup with walking and stretching
2) Choose from jog 5mins/walk 2mins do this at least 5x or more if you feel up to it
 OR  Jog the same amount as you ran on Thursday (walk whenever you need to....and don't worry about time)
3) cool down with walking and stretching

**Next workout is Monday at 4:30pm at the track.  

Let's Get Started

"I run with purpose in every step.  I am not just shadowboxing, I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should." I Cor. 9:26

Tonight is our first training session!!! Whew! Whoo!  This is the hardest part.....starting.  I remember back in summer of 2007 when I decided to try the RUNNING THING.  I was a power walker with kids in a stroller before then, but it was getting harder to get the walking workouts in with three babies under 6 years old.  So I decided I would cut my walking time in half and start running.  My goal was to just learn to run 2 miles without stopping.

I was 182PLUS pounds.

I got on the track.  And for a moment I thought-- "this shouldn't be so hard?"

I was a pretty good runner high school.  Two miles was nothing back then.  So mentally, I thought a slow 2 laps (half mile) would be doable if I just went really slow.

Well, half way through my first lap, I realized I was far from my goal.  Reality set in as I slowly and almost unsuccessfully completed just ONE LAP.  It was the longest lap of my life.  I wanted to cry. Actually, I might have cried?  I had SOOOO FAR to go.  But at that moment I had two choices; QUIT or KEEP GOING but just go a little slower.

 I think I managed to only run/walk a mile that day.  But I was back every day after that.  I never went farther than my body was ready for.....and to my surprise I was running 2 miles before the month was over.  It was a slow 2 miles, but it was two miles.  It's doable, girls!!!

Tonight I am hoping we will start you out with your first mile, as well.  I don't care if you can only jog 100m at at time, but 1600 meter jog is your goal for tonight.  You can do as much walking as you want or need in between each jog.

For those who have been running....we will adjust your workout accordingly once I meet with you.

** I will post your weekend workout once I evaluate the group tonight!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Running in 2013

I am starting 2013 off on the right foot--literally. Yes, I am a runner! I have been running for almost 6 years with a few half marathons and a triathlon under my belt (and countless 5Ks and 10Ks). My next BUCKET LIST goal is the FULL MARATHON!!!! Yap, 26.2miles!! I already have my sticker and can't wait to put it on my car. (I have a 13.1 sticker, but feel cheesy putting that one on the car for some reason?? HAHA!) I will be running the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. I will be co-leading training for our Get Fit Team from Gunter, too. I am soo excited. And among all this I hope to lose 15-20lbs too!!! This blog will be a tool to help my running friends follow along on my help me, and to help them, as well. I hope to journal our running schedules on here. Along with some fun stuff too:-). Yes, that means videos and pictures!!! :-). I am thinking of adding a recipe page, too. However, I must learn to cook first! HA! Let the journey begin!