Aug. 21, 2014
GOALS for the UpComing Season
1) To figure out what to do now that I am a trainer!?!
2) To get on a new routine WITH TODD that works for the whole family for the school season! Lots of prepping involved.
3) To Continue to find a good balance.....and with this balance more time with GOD.
4) To continue to improve my body fat percentage and more progress with my abs.
5) To get some new PRs!!! Love a PR day:-).

May 28, 2014
Updated Goals for the summer
1) To finish my Cert One CrossFit (halfway there) DONE---but must retest for the "legal portion" of the Cert One.
2) To once again trim my tummy fat away that I regained after surgery.... PLUS SOME!!!  I am dying for a six pack ab.  I was so close pre-surgery!!! PROGRESS MADE
3) Regain all my strength and endurance without hurting myself or the new additions. DONE! Feeling amazing.  Made huge progress and lots of PRs!!!
4) Food--to find a good balance between eating clean 90% of the time, but living life the other 10%:) Very happy about this progress this summer
5) To help the hubby lose 15-20lbs before summer's end. RE FOCUSED and getting on track again.
6) To sign up for a new race (half marathon or sprint tri).
7) Add a few new clean recipes for the summer to our regular weekly list.

Jan 23, 2014
Updated Goals
1) To complete the 21day Sugar Detox (I DID IT!!!! 21 successful days with only one chocolate raisin cheat!!).
2) To continue the Sugar Free/Wheat Free way of life.  This would mean limiting my fruit intake to two fruits a day (but choosing low glycemic index fruits). (This is my lifestyle still ---May 2014)
3) To get stronger and leaner.....less body fat % (20% or less by Trent's measurements)
4) To continue running (at least one long run a week with a couple of speed work training, as well)
5) I WANT ABS! (Had a first time appearance of a six pack a month pre-augmentation--March/April----will need to regain them as soon as I am released---- May 2014)
6) PERFORMANCE: I want to do muscle ups and blow my power clean max away (now that I am finally getting the form down)
7) Continue to add bicycling into my active recovery days.
8) FOOD PREP every week (MAKE IT A PRIORITY) YAP---Still doing this as of May 2014
9) Try new foods  YAP---still working at this-- May 2014
10) Cook new recipes
11) GET CERTIFIED!   ***Interning now and will be certified early summer!

November 4, 2013
My goals for this month are...........
1) To compete in my very first CrossFit Competition and see if it is something I would enjoy doing at a more competitive level?? CHECK! DONE! And I LOVED it!!  Finished 9th out of 26!! Here is the POST
2) To WOD (aka CrossFit) at least 4 times week and run at least 15miles per week. Doing this well, so far.
3) To improve my form on the clean and other Olympic lifts (trying this class out this month) I am finally "getting it".  Learning to clean correctly and actually "feeling" the movements rather guessing!! :-).  Attending Olympic Lifting Classes and attending class every day sure makes a difference with muscle memory!!
4) To increase my back squat max and deadlift after doing a months worth of squat training cycle
5) To gain more upper body definition Slowly but surely--check out the pics on my Selfie/Measurement page.
6) And to lose more tummy fat and gain more muscle definition in my ab region Slowly but surely--check out the pics on my Selfie/Measurement page.
7) Continue the clean eating and watching my macros Needs to improve some.  Too much cheating lately.

**NOVEMBER 20th----FOCUS on the A's!!!! Abs, Ass, and Arms!!! I will take pics again Jan 20, 2014

GOALS before 2014.....to drop body fat to 22%.  Currently at 24% ***This is gonna be a challenge!!!

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