Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Latest News on the Lady Lumps

*** So let's talk lady lumps today! ***I will be posting pics as I know some of yall are curious of how I am looking.  But please be respectful and keep the pic to this page only. This

So the first two-three days were the hardest.  The surgery was simple.  But wearing a surgical bra was the not fun.  You see, when you get implants, you come home with HUGE, HIGH, and FIRM (stone like) boobs.  You are swollen and heavy and have no way of using you arms or pec muscles, at least that first day or two.  **You don't realize the importance of using your pec muscles.  I quickly learned that I use them for things I had no idea I getting up and down, going to the bathroom, putting on a seatbelt, etc.

And back to that bra.  My incisions were done under the breast in the "fold" area so after wearing the bra for a full day, the band part of the bra was really irritating my incisions.  This was the hardest thing to deal with as I wasn't allowed to take my bra off the first 3 days and you can't put any ointment on it either.  So I just suffered well.

For me, the HUGE, HIGH, and FIRMNESS did not last long.  By day 3 I was already much better...starting to soften and drop slowly.  This is common for anyone who does above the muscle procedure.  And on day 3 I was supposed to be going braless for the next three days!!! **yes, I went to Easter Sunday braless----AND YOU COULDN'T EVEN TELL!!! AWESOMENESS!! 😄

I was a little concerned that first week that I may have gone too big. As you can tell from the the pic below, huge difference. This was a day before surgery and a day after.

But 10 days after I am back in my normal size bra.  Just filling it out this time..... Craziness to me!!!

That is proof what this past 18months have done to my body. And I am happy to report I don't just have muscle any more----and look manly, but I have some LADY LUMPS to equal it all out now!!!!  Yae!!!

 I am two weeks post surgery. I feel great! I have my arm mobility back. I am able to do some leg work, walking, and biking.  I am not allowed to get my heart rate up just yet so I am definitely getting antsy to get moving like I like to....  Next week I am allow to "jog" and do more leg and core work. However I have four weeks until I am allowed to lift heavy again.  But I am ready to be more active. Running next week will make me very happy!!

Eating clean has been a huge adjustment post surgery. I didn't feel much to eating the week post surgery as my digestive system was NOT working. Therefore I was just full all the time. But last weekend (just a week after surgery) I was starving for four straight days. I mean STARVING!! The last two days I feel like I am somewhat back on track. THANK GOODNESS!! I have been talking to my crossfit coaches about how to tweak my diet for the next four weeks. I have some new things I am contemplating to try while I am off from crossfit and lifting to help lean my stomach out even more. It's pretty strict but I think I am ready.  And it would take my focus off the lack of exercise I am not able to do. 😳

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leading Up to the BIG Day

This week went by fairly quick considering I was excited and a bit nervous about the upcoming "big" day.  I admit, I put in alot of workout hours the last four days try to make up for the time off! Which leads me to believe that I have some real issues with how I use exercise in my life.  It's almost like a way of life for me.  Yes, that's good, but it's also bad if I rely on exercise for much more than the health benefits.  I truly believe that "forced" time off will actually be good for me.  It will be hard!! Like really hard!

***And now, I will be relying on my diet alone for progress...and a lot of prayer and quiet time with God:-).

The days leading up to my surgery were kind of weird.  Not sure I am going to do a good job explaining it, but it was as if I had reached a goal that I didn't realize I had or a stage in my life that I didn't know I was approaching.  Since having my babies (who are not at all babies anymore) I have dreamed of getting my breast done.  But I had never been officially ready......I breastfed for the first 5+ years of after having kid.  At that point I was heavy from post pregnancies and then began using herbalife.  I lost a ton of weight from walking and drinking shakes.  But this was not a healthy loss. I was skinny but out of shape. Then, I slowly began to gain weight as I began a new phase as a working mom, meaning lots of hamburger helper, mac n cheese, and spagetti dinners....or dinners on the go! Therefor I slowly gained my weight back.  I began running near the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I lost weight inititually because the dr gave me thyroid medicine AND a diet pill.  YAP, still not healthy.

I gained weight back despite my 30+ miles of running per week and my 2 boot camps class per week....and with doctor recommendation of eating 1200 calories.

My metabolism was shot.

Yall know the recent phase I am in..... I did my own homework.  Began crossfit.  Switched doctors. and started over from square one.  My diet was what was destroying me.  Therefor in the last 18months I have not only been physically training but I have been nutritionally training!!

So today was a bitter sweet day.  A day that I realized I had reached this new phase in my life.  My body has been through a lot with me as I have gone through these phases.  And today it was going to go through one that was a positive one.  This was a reward for ME in which I am acknowledging that I have been and gone through alot in my 38yrs.

Last Runs: Kick butt in Sprints at CrossFit and a 8mile run
It felt a little weird this week working out.  Thinking about how the next time I would run I would have bumps (aka boobs) to work with.  And when I do pull ups, my chest my actually hit the bar like they are supposed to, and when I put on a tank top with a sports bra, I won't look like a man.

I also had a couple of weird of being extremely too big with my new boobs! Or even thoughts of, "Sure hope I am not the first one to die getting a boob job while my girlfriends are crossfitting?" LOL.  And of course, it's just a tad strange waking up one day flat chested (or deflated) and then an hour later having boobs.  AMAZING! But strange.

As of the surgery, it was super quick and much easier than I anticipated.  And I LOVE my doctor and his staff! They were amazing and I honestly believe I had one of the best! I was able to get around very well afterwards....but do have pain about every 7hours after meds wear off.  Two pain meds don't work so I have to take two....but then two knock me out cold! LOL!  I do struggle to go from laying down to getting up, as you don't realize how much you engage your pec muscles when you use your arms.  So that's been unpleasant, but that's just about it.

And yes,  I keep looking at them in the mirror! I like them!  :-). HAHA!! 

I am closing with a recent pic of my in my size SMALL dress.  First time EVER to wear a small.  But the last, my new boobies WILL NOT fit in this dress now! LOL

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mixed Emotions

OMGOSH!!!! I got so many amazing and encouraging words from you all!!! THANK YOU!  I had no idea what to expect with announcing the "personal" news about my decision on having implants!!! WOW!! So much support!! THANK YOU!

I am four days away from the BIG DAY(get it---BIG day!).  I have mixed emotions! I am so freaking excited about having "boobies".  I am so excited about having a tank top or spaghetti strapped dress that fits right! I am excited about not looking like a man in my workout clothes! I am excited about about feeling sexy and like a woman despite my small muscles I have developed. ** FYI: I like my muscles!! They tell a story about me (about my dedication to my sport). There is a part of me that wants big ole boobies...but the reality is, I want the biggest boobies I CAN HANDLE!  Meaning, I want boobies I can RUN, jump, handstand pushup, strict press, push up and pull up in..
I don't plan to go like crazy BIG with muscles, but I do want to look like an athlete,\. (With some curb appeal)  If your gonna spend an amazing amount of $$ to fix it, make it perfect!! I want muscles! I want arm definition, a six pack ab, like Carrie Underwood legs and buns of steel!!....but I also have no idea where God is leading me! I choose to follow HIM in all this!!!  
So, all honesty?? I have FOUR DAYS till the BIG DAY!!! I am gonna go ALL OUT these next four two, maybe 3 workouts a day.  I feel like I am at a place that I am not ashamed of my body.  I finally have definition in my legs and my arms.  I also have my first appearance of a six pack abs.  *First time ever!
Not braggable YET! But progress!!

I'll be honest, I considered a tummy tuck with this breast augmentation, but my dr thinks I can achieve what I want on my own?? So I got to prove him right, right? ** Therefore we will fix what can be fixed!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Long Post: Steps Forward and Personal Stuff

I am excited to report to yall that I have decided to get my Level 1 CrossFit Certification.  I have, for months, been praying about this and I have finally decided to take the leap of faith and go for it.  I have had to decide between CrossFit or Personal Training Certification.  But I have decided to go ahead and start with CrossFit, as that's what I am most involved in right now.....and this will allow me to at least START in this direction until I can further understand what may be next for me.  I do, however, plan to get my personal training certification later on (most likely next Feb).  I would like to get some kind of certification on dieting and clean eating,  But I am not sure where to start with that.  As of right now, I am just posting what I am learning on FB, applying it, and modeling it.  I am very passionate about the nutrition part of this process, as that is where I have made the most improvements in the last year.  ***Seems so simple now that I UNDERSTAND!  And it doesn't require pills, drinks or tons of exercise to achieve!!!!

I am not 100% sure where this will lead me? But I do know that I will start out doing the front part of my internship in two weeks.  I will spend 40hours shadowing other coaches and co-coaching.  Then I will spend another 40hrs coaching while being observed.  And to get certified, I will have a weekend class to attend and, of course, take a test.  By this summer, I will be 100% certified and able to train!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Now, onto some more personal news!!!!  I even debated blogging this, but I know that I live in a small town and people will talk and people will know.....and to be frank, I don't really have anything to hide. So here it is......  Next week, I am rewarding myself with breast augmentation.  That's BIG NEWS (get it!!!--haha)

Those suckers (my boobs) have been through hell and back in the last 15years.....from being an HS/College athlete, to 3 in row pregnancies and 3 full years of breastfeeding (back to back), from a size large B to a size DD, back to a C/D, to now absolutely NOTHING!!!  This momma has sacrificed her body for years and have made some amazing come backs.....and I am proud to say I actually feel like I deserve a little MOMMY LOVE aka LIFT!!! I have put in the countless hours of hard work....and, yes, the first to go is always the boobies!

I am excited! I am nervous! I am absolutely can't wait to feel like a WOMAN again!! NOT like a MOMMY!  NOT LIKE A FAT WIFE OR MOM!  AND NOT LIKE A MAN (aka flat chested/strong woman....that can flex her pec muscles and her saggy nipples wiggle underneath-LOL).  Sorry, that may be TMI! HAHA! But it is the truth!

What am I afraid of??? Most of all, I am afraid of taking 6 weeks off of training!  I am afraid of losing my strength (especially in the chest).  I am afraid I will lose my tone in my arms and the little bit of six pack ab I finally have found!
**But, I have found out that I will be allowed to walk a week later...maybe some running.  I will also be allowed to do lower body exercises, as long as they do not engage my upper body.  But I know me---I DO NOT DO WELL WITHOUT WORKING OUT!!! 

Therefore, I am embracing this RECOVERY TIME in a whole new way!!!  I will be using my recovery time to intern, to study for my certification, to workout my abs like never before, to really start digging a bit deeper to see what I want to do NEXT with this....   I may not be able to workout out, but at least I will have my workout gear on and be in the gym (with those barbells that I LOVE).  I will be able to combine my love for this new sport with the gift I have in coaching.  I can't help but to think this is where I belong....or at least start with for my next phase in my life!!!

I am excited!!! And so anxious!!!

I can do this!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Israel Update

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted??? I have been away for two weeks in NYC and Israel...and then let's just be honest, I spent last week in recovery mode--recovering from jet lag, HA!

So how did I do on my trip as far as my clean eating and workouts were concerned?  Well I am happy to report that I did GREAT!!  I actually had a rough start though.  I had done a WOD that consisted of box jumps the Wednesday before leaving town in which I tripped up on the box (just barely).....and then Friday after two morning flights, my whole lower leg and foot began to swell like crazy (along with a fever too).  I had cellulititus (spelling); some form of a staph infection.  I had planned on running at Central Park in NYC that weekend....but that obviously didn't happen, as I had to make a trip to an Urgent Medical Center and get an ultrasound done to be cleared to fly overseas to Israel.  Luckly,  I was able to start on meds soon enough to bring the infection and swelling down in time to fly again.  It was scary....but all was good just 48hrs after starting meds.

Once I arrived in Israel, I was good.  I worked out every day....except for twice.  I even got to run along the Sea of Galilee one day, too.  I did a LOT of lifting in Israel.  Lots of heavy squats and all the olympic lifting.  I also did lots of v-up and knees to elbow abs, dips, and pistol (lots and lots of pistols).  I had some interesting experiences in the Israeli gym, too.  I was always the ONLY female and had lots of eyes on me and pointing being done.  It was quiet awkward, especially because I couldn't understand the Hebrew they were speaking.  I did, however, have one encounter where they asked me if I was a "State Professional Lifter" HAHA!  I wanted to say yes, but didn't!!!

I also had some fun on this trip and found some random places to do handstands!!!!  LOL!!! I had much better intentions of getting more pics but either forgot or it just didn't seem appropriate at the time.
New York City Handstand

Ruins of Beth Shan (where Saul's head was hung)

Ruins of Masada
It took us over 27hrs of flying and lay overs to get home.  Needless to say, I had no choice but to eat some nasty processed foods at the airport or in the planes.  But when I arrived home I was super happy to hit the ground running.  I immediately got back on track..........  KIND OF!!  I think I tried to bounce back to quick, that is.  Cos about 4 days into being back on Texas ground, I had yet to sleep more than 4hours a night and it was catching up.  Therefor by midweek I was tired, hungry, and even a bit sick.  I think I might have over estimated myself and jumped back into my normal routine too soon.  Needless to say, I had four days in which I had one cheat a day happening.  And I am pretty sure it had alot to do with the fact that I was just so tired!   I spent my weekend resting (in a baseball lounge chair) and had every morning to sleep in.  I did do SOME JOGGING, but nothing intense or too crazy.  By this past Monday I found myself back to normal.  I am rested now and 100% back on track with my eating!!!  I feel great this week!!!

I got some fun news to share in my next post!!! So please stay tuned!  Hoping to post it later today!!! :-).