Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting into the ZONE!

I went to the doctor this past Friday.  Now let me tell y'all, I am blessed to have a doctor that is a friend of mine.  I have been working out with her for the last 18months (about that same time I switched doctors).  She is an avid crossfitter and understands the demands that the body needs for performing when crossfitting. She has had a huge influence on my diet/exercise regimen.

Anyhow, I went to get my hormone injections this past week. I was prepared to talk to her about my recent weight gain.....but to my surprise I weighed exactly the same as I did the last visit! !?!?!  Her answer to me was "pshh, Mandy...the improvements you have made are huge. Let's just stick with the injections and see what happens.  You're all muscle."

Those simple words were enough to make me stop thinking about the dang scale again.  It was almost like I had permission not to worry about my weight again!!! FREEDOM---- I know I have never been  this physically fit like before in my adult life.... maybe noot even in my college or high school years, too.  So why get upset at the scale!?!?

If you read my last blog, you would have seen that I have been having a change of heart when it comes to my GOALS.  WHAT DO I WANT MY END RESULT TO BE?  Is it abs? Is it a weight? Is it my performance?  -----Just recently, I am thinking I am more geared for a goal of always do better than I did before! To get stronger! To go faster! To be the best I can be each benchmark or each competition!?!?  But I still want some abs and lower fat percentage....I mean, come on, who doesn't want these things especially if you are working you butt off??

SOOOOO---This week I will begin a very strict PALEO ZONE Diet.  This just simply means I will be eating a certain amount of protein, carb and fat at EVERY BITE (even my snacks). Every meal and bite will be perfectly balanced.   I will have to do alot of weighing of food the first few weeks (just to get an idea of how much each serving is).  I will be eating every 3-4hours, as well. ** I will still have my shakeology but will be adding ingredients to balance the shake out perfectly.  I will be eating ALOT....but no nachos, burger, or sausage on a stick (sigh). LOL

You can see more about the Paleo ZONE diet here:

I plan to follow this diet strictly for two weeks....and then allow myself one or two cheats per week after that (depending on how these first two weeks go).

This is my first time to ZONE.  I know alot about zoning because it was part of the crossfit diet curriculum.,...but I have never followed it 100%.  I have only eaten Paleo (without the perfect zoning).

So this is a first!  I am ready for this!  I am needing something a little different and this should benefit my performance and my weight and/or my abs.

So here is to getting in the ZONE!  I plan to do pics every three weeks and measurements! READY! SET! GO!

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