Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Not Really a Diet....

Most of yall who know me, know I have battle with my weight going up and down.....due to babies, thyroid and hormones. 

I finally went the the doctor and began to see a nutritionist this winter, to see EXACTLY what I was not doing right.  I wanted to learn, for once and for to fuel my body properly, get the extra weight off, and feel good so I can continue my hobbies of exercising!

I have changed my eating habits and have began a new diet....which is not really a diet.  It's just common sense stuff and learning to eat RIGHT and ENOUGH.  Eating right and eating enough is something I am learning to do now.  And it is working.  I am 16lbs down.....and if all goes well, I will continue to lose.

Some of yall have asked about what I am doing.  I want to share, but please know that the information I am giving to you may be different for you based on your body needs.  Mine is based on how much and often I exercise (which is ALOT), my current weight and height, and my age.

Before learning this... I was eating about 1200-1400calories a day but exercising at least 800calories a day:-(  I had cut my carbs but not enough.  I ate alot of protein, but not enough.   And I ate NO VEGGIES!!!! :-(  I also craved foods (I don't so much now).  I wouldn't eat enough during the day, so at night I was starving!!!!! LOCK THE PANTRY AT 7pm!!!!! Mandy is hungry!!! LOL!

NOW: I do not count calories anymore.  Instead, I have to intake these servings of food on a daily basis.  And I must add, I am trying to go as organic as I can most of the time.  But, I haven't 100% committed to that as far as going out to eat and such.  I just choose wisely.

My daily serving intake is.....
At least 5 proteins
At least 5-8 veggies
At least 3 fruits
2 beans or nuts
Only 1 dairy (usually sprinkles of cheese or a greek yogurt)
Only 1 grain (I sometimes allow myself to have one cheat meal with more grain on the weekend---IF I worked off at least 3500 calories that week).
Plant oils 3/ Cooking Oils 2

This is a lot of food girls.  It has taken me 3months to perfect this new diet/routine, but I have it down now.  I feel AMAZING!!! I am not HUNGRY all the time!!! My workouts are not draining me!  And I feel like I have control again!

I don't eat fast food....but if I have to, I choose salads or fruits. 

I drink A LOT of water..... In matter of fact, when I think I am hungry, I drink glass of water or a veggie/fruit drink and wait to see.  I usually never want anything to eat after that! 
I have learned to live like this chart suggest!!! It WORKS!!!  

So here are a few of my SECRETS too......

I make a shakeology shake once a day.  Usually right after a workout cos it is full of all kinds of good healthy stuff.  Lots of veggies and proteins:-).  You'll notice that in my picture below, I have ice, frozen strawberries and bananas, spinach, and the shakeology powder.  Blend it up and I have 1 serving of protein, 2 veggies, and 1 fruit.....maybe even more!!! 
My favorite Shake Mixture....before blending.
I also take some supplements.....  You can see from this picture below what I take, but I did forget to add my Vitamin D. 
Every morning I have to take my thyroid medicine (cytomel).  Then an hour later, I eat breakfast at take fish oil, the citrimax (Garcinia Cabambogia---Dr Oz Recommendation), vitamin D, and drink my Green Tea from Herbalife.  The Herbalife tea is my coffee.  I have a cup every morning!!! Been drinking this for 10years! I LOVE IT!!!

And lastly, here are some products I use to help me when I just can't get all those servings in.  And to be honest, I still don't like a lot of veggies so using the NAKED Natural drinks help me get them in!!! And they are good (even if it looks nasty). 

Often I will eat Greek Yogurt (I don't really like it) with the KIND healthy grains.  This is the Cinnamon Oat Clusters.  This gives me my dairy and grain requirement and is easy for a breakfast on the go.  The KIND health grains have high fiber, gluten free, and has all those "healthy" things in them like flaxseed, quinoa and buckwheat:-)

The NAKED drinks are my favorite.  This GREEN MACHING NAKED contains in one whole bottle apples, banana, kiwi, mango, hint of pineapple, spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, spinach, blue green algae, garlic, barley grass, wheat grass, ginger and parsley in it.  No added sugars, no preservative, non GMO and vegan!!!

And the Pork Skins.....well these are my last resort substitute for chips.  I don't get them often, but if I want chips, I instead get pork skins.  They crunch and look like they are in a chip back, so it helps me think I am eating chips too:-). HAHA!!  They are by no means organic...but they are much better than chips.  NO CARBS and actually have protein.  HA! 

****That's it ladies.  It's rather simple!  It just gets so complicated when we have so many processed, convenient foods to choose......which we shouldn't!!!  So all in all, I am eating more than I ever have.  I am eating the right stuff. I am eating more organic foods and it is working for me!!

Stay this story will continue:-).


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spirit of the Marathon

I spent the last two evenings watching the documentary called SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON.  I highly recommend yall watching that if you have NetFlix.  It definitely got me excited about the race!  And yes, makes me nervous too!  It's about six completely different marathon runners.  Some first timers, some professionals, and even a 60+year old man who has ran several marathons. 

Twenty-six point two miles is a flip'n long ways yall!  HA! I almost died running 17.18miles Tuesday! HAHA!  No, not really---well, kind of!!!  Let me tell you about that!!!!

So Tuesday comes around and I know I am due for a 18miler this weekend.  But the weekend is either gonna be full of baseball, Easter egg hunts, or maybe even rain.  And to add to those conflicts, I am due for more hormone injections--which means I am not supposed to run exercise for at least 5days (we will see if I can go that long???).  

So Tuesday afternoon, I take off for a 12miler!  It was PERFECT running weather.  Like 56-60 degrees and with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine.  I felt like I was slowing my pace down to a nice comfortable pace, but really I was running 9:00-9:15min pace.  This is way too fast for a marathon pace for me (half marathon pace acceptable but totally not full marathon acceptable)!!!!  But it just felt I kept it at that pace anyhow.

Then my husband called me and said he was coming home early and that he could take the kids to practice instead of me.  So guess what I decided to do last minute?? Yap, I decided to just keep on running.  I felt great!! Why not??  So I asked Todd to do me a drop off a water bottle and a energy GU thingy at a stop sign so I could fuel myself properly to be able to continue running longer than I had planned.

 (FYI-You might be a redneck if you can get your spouse to drop off a water bottle at a backroad's stop sign with a GU energy pack for you.  Just say'n.)  

So at mile 10, I picked up my water bottle and GU, ran another two miles to baseball practice.  I took a 10min break at practice, then took off again.  I didn't really have it planned to get more mileage in so I didn't pre-plan my route to figure out what an additional six miles would be.  So I just took off.   I was doing fine until I hit mile 15.  That's when I realized my earlier pace was too fast and my legs were done.  I also felt a little nauseated.  But honestly, I think it was because I hadn't eaten enough.  Usually I allow myself to eat a few more carbs before running a LONG run and make sure I have had enough calories and protein intake the day before my long run.  Well, I think I was running off a shakeology protein drink, fruit, piece of a bacon and tuna---and now a GU thing.  I really needed more fuel for this kind of run!!  

The last two miles I ran at about a 10:15pace...which isn't too bad for hurting.  HA!!  I was back at my house when my total mileage was 17.18miles in 2:50min. I was super proud of myself for doing this----especially when it was not planned!! :-).  I thought of getting on the track to finish the mileage at 18miles...but I was spent!  17.18miles was good enough!!!

****Now I will tell you a little something I did learn from this.  Those GU things I was telling you about....for fueling yourself during a race. Well, I didn't know they were full of caffeine!  DUH!!!! I was up ALL NIGHT that night due to the caffeine alert it put me on!!! NOTE TO SELF: Only use GU refuel on morning runs....NOT NIGHT RUNS!!! HA!

Next weekend I am due for a 20miler!  I WILL PLAN THAT BIG RUN OUT---Complete with water stations, potty breaks, the right amount of food intake before hand, and using GU early in the day rather than later.  I will also try to take videos on this next run to share with you!!  LUCKY YOU!!!:-)

In the meantime!!! Keep on running!!! 31 days till race day!!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Congrats and A New Week

Less than 5weeks to go!!! YIKES!!! We can do this girls!!!

Last week we had a challenge week!!! And I am very impressed with you ALL!!! 
Angel ran a first time10miles straight in 1:37 and in the cold and wind!!! Her weekly total was 19miles!
Shelley ran a first time 5.5miles in 1hr!!! :-). With her weekly total at 13.5miles.
Wendy ran a first time 5.5miles in under one hour!!!  Her weekly total 9.5miles.
For myself, I did not have a first time distance this week but I still completed 30miles total.  I do have a 18miler coming up!! YIKES!!

Prizes are in PINK!!!!  Pink Pepper Sprayers with adjustable hand strap!!! :-)

Now on to this week's agenda:

10K/12K Runners:
-Interval Workout: One mile slow jog for warm up followed with stretching.  Then 6mins runs (a bit fast than race pace, then walk 2mins).  Do this 4-6times.  Walk five minutes and stretch.
-One hour run (walk only when you need to).  This is done at a comfortable pace.
-Three miler without walking.

Half Marathoners:
-Interval Workout: One mile slow jog for warm up followed with stretching.  Then 6mins runs (a bit fast than race pace, then walk 2mins).  Do this 5-6times.  Walk five minutes and stretch.
-Long Run---Run for 1hour and 15mins.  It's ok to walk but DO NOT COUNT IT TOWARD THE 1hr 15min total.  Another words, you are truly doing 1hour 15 minutes worth of RUNNING!
-Six miler at a super easy pace but without stopping.

Get to Running!!!! :-). 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Did You Do?

I am super anxious to see how everyone did this week on their total mileage???  I have prizes here with me and am looking forward to giving them out this Monday!!

A couple hints:
1) The one I chose is pink.
2)  Can go the distance
3) "Swiper no swiping" (hahaha)

And if NO-ONE met their weekly goal, I will give a prize to whomever got the closest to their goal!!

For myself, I didn't have a new distance to meet this week.  My long run was supposed to 12 miles TODAY...but I only got a 10miler in due to the storms.  My next big run is coming up though....and 18 MILER!!! YIKES!!!  I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!!! 

I will be posting everyone's weekly agenda tomorrow!!

Happy Palm Sunday:-).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Boost???? How about WEIGHTS?

So I do more than just run!  But running is my true exercise love!!  However, I do like a variety of different workouts.  And one very IMPORTANT part of my training include weights!! And this is why????  Take a look a just a few reason why weight training is important you our health.....

1) Each muscle burns on an average of 50 calories a day whereas fat only burns about 8 calories:-(
2) Cardio burns more in the moment, but weight training keeps the burn going for up to 36 hours later---THAT'S AWESOME!!
3) Adding muscle WILL raise your metabolism.
4) Losing muscle instead of fat when you lose weight can cause you to plateau.

These are only a few good reasons why weight training is important. 

I am currently getting my weight training in at a local crossfit class.  Now grant it, it's not ALL WEIGHT TRAINING.....CrossFit is a strength and conditioning that combines weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastic, etc....  And you are always competing against yourself:-).

So today, I thought I would share some pictures from class.  And don't laugh----OUT LOUD!!! HA! We are a group a fit women in progress!!! :-).
Our warmup and our Workout Of the Day (WOD)

Go US!!!! We rock!!!  I am right in the middle! GOODNESS-Those curves:-( LOL

Some jump rope action!! Double Unders are getting easier!!! I did like 15 in a row!!!

Hope to get another shot of myself like this in 3 months and be SKINNY!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Value Your Runs

A short and simple phrase that says A LOT! 

If you look up the word value you will get a definition that says "worth".....meaning YOUR WORK (workouts) have worth!!!!  And they do!!! 

Each week I get text from several of yall.  My favorite text are the ones that have emoticons because usually the runner is super excited about a new an awesome pace or a new long distance.  And sometimes I get text telling me it was HARD or it was a STRUGGLE. 

But guess what? Whether that run was easy or has VALUE because YOU ARE DOING IT!!! There are no bad runs girls.  Each workout has VALUE:-). 

And a little FYI---if it was a difficult run, that usually means you have a big achievement around the corner.  Don't let a tired run fool you or discourage you....because if you get back out there and try it again, 9 times out of 10, the next time it will be doable and sometimes even EASY!!

Let's celebrate our mileage, ladies!
Think back in January.  We did a run/walk for 25minutes on January 3rd.
Morgan- ran 2.25/walked 100m
Krista-just over 2 miles/walked 100m (and a bathroom break-haha)
Becky-1.5/walked just shy of .5miles
Shelley-just shy of 2.50/ walked 100m
Wendy-just over 1.25/walked 700m
Marty-just shy of 2.50/walked 100m
Lee-just shy of 1.50/walked 700m

Two and a half months later:
Shelley is running 4miles nonstop.
Wendy is running 5.5miles nonstop.
Angel is running 8miles or 7miles nonstop.
Krista can run a half marathon (13.1miles).  :-).
And I just completed my first 16miler.

Value your work!  Celebrate your mileage!!! You are doing it! And you are doing it well!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Different Type of Training Week

If you're anything like me, you may be getting bored with the same ole workout this week, I am tweaking our workout.  And to add some fun to it....if you actually DO THIS and SEND ME PICTURES/TEXT you will receive a prize next week:-).  But here is the catch, you won't know the prize till midweek:-).

So here's the week's agenda: This starts Monday morning and will end Sunday evening at 8pm.

10K/12K Runners:  This week you are to get 15miles worth of running in.  You may substituted only 1.5miles of running for walking though (13.5miles of running and 1.5 walking).  This can be done ANY WAY YOU WANT....a few miles each day or even run two or three days of longer runs.  ***If you run a FIRST TIME LONG DISTANCE for yourself....I will grant you an additional mile towards your weekly mileage.  Another words, if you have never ran more than 4miles but you ran 5miles for the first time ever....I will count it as a six miler towards your week's total!!!

Half Marathoners:  This week you are to get in 20miles worth of running.  You may substitute 2miles of running for walking though (18miles of running and 2miles of walking).  This can be done ANY WAY YOU WANT....a few miles each day or three days of longer runs.
***If you run a FIRST TIME LONG DISTANCE for yourself..... I will grant you an additional two miles towards your weekly mileage.  Another words, if you have never ran more than 7miles but you ran 9miles for the first time ever....I will count it as a 11miler towards your week's total!!!

Please be sure you text me or send me pics to document your training!!! 

And check back in on the blog midweek to see what the prize will be:-).

Have fun this week training!!!  And for a lot of yall, I will see yall at the track at 5pm on Monday!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

16 Miler ReCap

So I was unable to run my 15miler last week due to being sick and nasty this week I had a FIRST!!!  I ran 16miles straight!  And what I have learned with these longer runs is it takes a whole lot of time----meaning whole lot of preparing: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even some strategy.

I had been mentally and spiritually thinking about this run, along with my upcoming 18miler and 20plus miler!  I have never ran this far before and have been really focusing on BELIEVING in myself!  And also thanking God in every single step He gives me!!! What a blessing each step has been and continues to be!

Physically, I haven't trained this hard in a long time!  I am crossfitting at least twice a week and I am getting lots of good runs in! I feel great!  And, it's not only that I am training hard! I have learned to eat right too!!  I am eating more than I ever have.....but it's of the RIGHT STUFF, that my body NEEDS to compete at this level!  I am eating 5 proteins a day, at least 5 veggies, 3 fruits, and only 1 grain a day.  And it is working!!!  I am down 15lbs and 7.50 inches!! HECK YA!  And I am back into my size 8s again (shorts, too).  YES!!! 

Ok---so back to the 16miler.  This is the strategy part!!!  First, I am happy to report that I contacted a few friends that had houses along my mapped out area and asked if I could use their mailboxes or ditches to leave water bottles out.  This was very helpful and since I preplanned it, I knew where each water 'break" was and used these stations as little goals along my long run!!!  Here are a few pics.....

Preston Road (mile 1 and 2)

Mile 3 at Mackey Rd---and still smiling

Water stop---and my favorite old barn!!

Water Station Set Up at a friend's in Hidden Lakes--about mile 6
It was a perfect day to run!!!  I took off about noon and got home right past 3:00.  Three hours wasn't so bad when you included my water breaks.....and a potty break!! 

Speaking of potty break.  That is the ONE thing I did not plan out.  So about mile 9, I was needing a bathroom.  Therefor, I had to detour back to my house for a potty break....and for a quick tangerine bite!! HA!!  That was about mile 11.....then I had to get back out to finish my run!!! 
Hills!!! But so pretty!!! Mile 8

Stretching and cool shadow----you get a little bored on a 3hr run!! HA!

After my potty break and taking back off again!! LOL

The point I got TIRED!!! Right at mile 14. Just two miles left!!

I was getting a bit tired right at mile 14.....I think cos it was getting really warm!  I felt sunburned!  And mentally, I don't like to run kerfoot several times in one day!!! And today, I did!!! YUCK!!
But I managed to get 16miles ran in 2:34 (running pace only)....and right at 3hr if you include walking, water and potty break!!!    I did it! And it wasn't too bad at all! 

But next time, I will put sunblock on!! HA!!! I have a nice capri tan line right now!!!  :-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Break Running

First of all, congrats to all you ladies who have increased your mileage this week!!! Wendy got her first 4miler in (Kerfoot hills included) in 40:30 and Angel bumped her long run up to 7miles in 1:09.  EXCELLENT!!!!! Job well done ladies!!!

But don't fear if you haven't bumped your long runs up yet. You have plenty of time!  Spring Break is here and the weather forecast looks amazing for running next week!!!! 

I am not sure who will be in town for Spring Break but I had to skip my 15miler and will go straight to a 16miler this week (due to a nasty head cold and tummy thing this past week).  I would LOVE to have a few friends come join my on my long run this week, even if it only a few miles!  I will send a text later this week on what day I plan to do that, if you would like to run with me a few miles!

Here is this week's agenda:

10K/12K Runners
3miles (nonstop)
One hour easy run with some walking (best idea to run 8mins/walk 2mins---but feel free to walk more if need be)

Half Marathoners
3mile post run (very easy pace)
4 or 5mile run
8 mile

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Running and Sick

So I took the whole weekend off....not by choice, but because it was IMPOSSIBLE to have time to run this weekend.  I was husbandless (Todd is out of town for the NRB Conference) and it was opening season for both my boys and baseball! 

And get this....both of my boys played 8am/10am games on Saturday morning but in two very distant places.  Zander was playing in Richardson and Gabe was playing in Trophy Club and Ft Worth (that's a flippin' haul).  Not only did we have to wake up at 5:15am and leave by 6am ON A SATURDAY MORNING, but it was also 28 degrees and windy! It was MISERABLE! It was BRUTAL!! And it kicked my butt!  I could have ran when I got home but it was only 40 and windy still....and to be honest, I was still frozen.

The boys had later games on Sunday.  But I also had church Sunday morning, so there was no time to fit in a run on Sunday.  The weather was much warmer, like the 60s, but the wind was NUTS!  After being at the ball fields from 3pm-9pm, I had more grass and more dirt on me and in my hair than you could imagine! YIKES!!
Love seeing the sun go down on a ballpark! 

And then Monday rolls around.  Yap, time to play catch up on the missed mileage.  And it was beautiful out.  It was 85 degrees.  I took off for a longer run and by mile 6, I was dying struggling! I could feel my body giving out.  I wasn't over doing it, but I could feel the "sick" coming on.  I was on the verge of a head cold.  I had no idea I could run and sneeze at the same time.  HA!  But I did, and I did alot.  
About Mile 4--Before my SNEEZING ATTACK!
I managed to finish with 9miles under my belt!  But it did me in!!!!  Needless to say, I got home, fed kids, bathed and was in bed by 8pm. And today I am working from home and not going to workout!  This momma needs some real rest!  I am upping my vitamin Cs and hope to be at it again by tomorrow or Thursday!!! 

In the meantime---it's cold outside again today:-(  Dang Texas weather!! HAHA

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Mileage and More

The countdown is 54 days and 16hrs!!! That makes me nervous!!!! Ain't no body got time to miss a run!!! HAHA!

So here this week's agenda:
-4miles (may stop 4times for a 1min break if need be)
-5min walk/2mile run/5min walk
-3miles (without a break)
-cross training
Half Marathon:
-5 or 6mile route run
-3miles (slow and easy)
-4 miles
-cross training

As for myself.....I didn't get my 15miler in last week.  I did get 11.5miles in in one day...but it was broken up into three workouts.  I didn't get to run this weekend either cos I had two boys playing baseball all over the metroplex and was husbandless.  So I WILL get a 15miler in this week! I WILL!!! I WILL!!! I WILL!!!

I hope to see yall tonight at 5pm. For those ready, you will be doing road work today.  For those getting caught back up, we will keep ya at the track:-).