Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Break Obstables

Spring Break is approaching and for me, I will be traveling for two straight weeks-----to New York (only a couple of days) and then out of the country, to Israel.  I am not worried about my diet or exercise regimen while in New York, as I plan to hopefully go running in Central Park :-).  And I know I can order food for my specific needs and wants while in the states.  However, I am worried about Israel food....

This is my 4th time to the Holy Land.  I recall eating lots of bread, cold pasta, and potatos on this trip.....because I didn't like the veggies or the fish they served.  So my plan this year is to not eat any of the wheat and carb stuff, but to eat fish, fruits and veggies.  I do not recall what kinds of veggies they served, so this may be difficult for me.  But I do plan to take my shakeology and my protein supplements to help. 

I will also be tempted to eat desserts at every meal.....UGH!!!  Luckily, I am not tempted by sweets these days, but I am afraid that I might be tempted if my "regular routine" is off!!! YIKES

I am also a little worried about not working out!  I will be getting plenty of walking in but it will be nearly impossible to get weights in.  In the times past, in Israel, women were not allowed in the gym at the same times as it was very hard to catch a scheduled time that I would be allowed in the gym.  Not to mention, I will have very little free time anyhow. 

What I do plan to do is my own workouts---like situps, pushups, planks, dips and all that good stuff each day in my room! 

This trip could actually sabotage my progress , but I have a plan and I am going to stick to it.  Can't wait to post about it!!!!