Friday, June 27, 2014

Blind Competition Date (and feeling a little nervous)

Second Thoughts Now!!  Yes. Perhaps. Maybe?  Nervous---YES!!!

This past week I got a call from another local crossfit gym to see if I would be interested in subbing in for an injured girl for this weekend's North Texas ThrowDown Team CrossFit Competition.  The owner of this gym was actually looking for an RX competitor and a strong scaled girl competitor.  I agreed to "consider" doing the scaled....but that was because I wanted to get the facts about who I was competing with and what the competition required movements were.

After spending an evening "investigating" the individuals whom I may be teaming with (wanted to make sure I wasn't working with creepers) I was feeling a bit more comfortable with agreeing to compete.  It ends up that these teammates are friends with lots of my friends (aka mutual friends).   Four of us (two girls, two guys) will compete against other team this Saturday. **This will be my first "team competition".

WHY am I nervous!?!  Two good reasons:
1) Apparently this team is pretty good.  The males on the team seem very alpha type males (and made the finals in the Europa competition) and the other girl is supposed to be pretty good on the gymnastics type exercises (pull-ups, toes to bars and such). This is her first competition though..... I am apparently the strong girl?!?!  I just pray I am strong enough. * I pray I am not the weak link on this team! * I pray I am actually a good addition to the team.
2) It's a BLIND DATE (sort of).  I have never met these people....nor worked out with them.  They are trusting that I am good enough.  What if I am NOT!?!?


The first WOD is gonna be a booger. 10-8-6-4-2 or EVERY TEAM MEMBER doing 10 Power Snatches and then 10 pull-ups, then move on to 8 Power Snatches, 8 pull-ups...and so on!!!  The Power Snatches are done with 75# for the girls.  I am really wanting to go unbroken, but just not sure I can with 75#.  I can with 65# all day we will see?

The second WOD isn't that bad.  Double Unders and KBell Swings. 10-20-30, etc until 7mins is up.  I think I will be the KB Swinger while she does double unders.  Either way, I will be fine on those.

ONLY IF YOU ADVANCE will you get to do the third WOD---which is 21-15-9 of 24in box jumps, toes to bar and deadliest at 155#.  I only worry about the toes to bar here. I can do them but my kipping or my cycling in between each rep is slower than I would like it to be.

So I am a bit nervous!! I may be in over my head!  I find it an honor to be called to compete for another box but I also hope I don't disappoint them.  Of course, I will fill y'all in next week on how it went!!

Say a little prayer for me!!! :-).

Monday, June 23, 2014

CrossFit Solus Competition

This past weekend was one of the funnest weekends I have had as an adult athlete!  I didn't break any crossfit records.  I didn't win any awards.  And I sure didn't look pretty doing 4 WODs:-). However, this past weekend I felt like part of the Solus Family....meeting other members, getting to know other coaches that I don't usually intern with, and just being ourselves with one another!!! GOOD STUFF!!

This past weekend my crossfit box, CrossFit Solus, put on their very first competition.  It was a partner competition and we had a very good turnout (especially considering it was our first one).  We had over 300 competitors!! The atmosphere was great! And Solus did an amazing job prepping and running the schedule.

For me, I simply enjoyed getting to know all the members and coaches much better.  Not only did we compete together (which is always fun) but we spent much time prepping and setting up together, judging other awesome athletes together, and cleaning up together.  **There is something about that "togetherness" that brings people closer!!! :-).

It was an amazing event! And a huge success all the way around!

As for my competition I said, my partner and I didn't win any top awards or break any earth shattering records, but we had fun competing and we complimented each other very well. The only thing I can complain about is our first WOD's judge.  Our judge was not counting our double unders correctly AT ALL.  And this truly started us out behind.  What was frustrating was I was on a double under row!!! I never once got tangled in my jumprope.  I was able to do 30-40 at a time before needing a quick rest....but I think my judge's counter/clicker wasn't keeping up with me.  Cos when I would count in my head...he would always come up with a completely different number (and several off).  So that was extremely frustrating to say the least. At first I thought it was just my adrenaline making MY count off but then my partner and her husband started counting too and said the judge was WAY OFF.  UGH!

The hardest part of competition was getting in 4 WODS in less than 2.5hours.  In matter of fact....our last 3 WODs were done within ONE HOUR!  Talk about having some very tired arms! WOWZERS.  Push Pressing, Pullups, and Clean and Jerks!!!
Donna and I (pull-ups, KB run, clean&jerks)
My favorite part was the clean and jerk ladder.  The ladder started at 55#s and worked up to 125# by increments of 10# (ex: 55#, 65#, 75# etc..).  You had 50 seconds at each barbell station and you had to do as many reps as possible **with only 10sec transition between each station. You could not advance to the next heavier weight IF you or your partner couldn't complete the lift within the 50sec. 

Because I can lift more than Donna, our strategy was to have her start at 55# and to crank as many reps as possible at the lower weights---to help save my energy for the heavier weights.  This seemed to workout great.  She cranked out 14reps in 50secs at 55#, I cranked out 14 reps at 65#, then as we climbed the ladder she would do as many as should could and I would jump in a finish the round when she got tired.  At 95#, she was only able to do one or two reps, so this is where I picked up the slack. **And this is where it got to be so fun for me!  You see, as you progress up the ladder, the weight gets heavier but you'r ealso getting more tired from the previous reps.  And seldom do many actually complete the ladder.  So as your advance towards the end, the crowd gets louder and each rep gets harder and more tasking.  I am happy to report I was able to crank out several reps at 95, 105, and 115.  And yes, I complete the last ladder at 125#--three times!!! BOOM!!!  This made my day!!! 
**My max clean and jerk is 135.  My max jerk (from the rack) is 155.  But to still do 125 a few times after several previous reps at lower weights is still an accomplishment!!
Ignore the strong woman face! YIKES! LOL
There is nothing like having a crowd of people (strangers, fellow competitors, or friends) cheering you on.  This is what makes crossfit so fun!  Everyone is so supportive of each other!  :-).  It's a different competitive experience than any other!!

Now for a some BLOOPERS!!!  Of course, I had to be the one involved in it and my husband just happen to snap this picture to capture the moment! LOL.

This pic below is the WOD in which partner one (me) ran a 300 with a 26#KB while partner 2 (Donna) did 30pushups.  Once we got done, we had to crank out as many pull-ups as we could.  This pic is of an accident with me and another girl.  As we took off from our marked boxes inside, she decided to cut right in front of me---and right when we were both exiting the building.  As you can see, I have no where to go because I am right by the doorway.  Her foot gets tangled with mine and she went down HARD!!!  It was scary at first, cos I was so afraid that I was either 1)gonna step on her  OR 2)fall with my KB on her.  Luckily, she jumped up quickly and finished the WOD.  Funny thing is.....even though we started out in the back of the pack due to the collision, we finished first and second in the run!!! LOL!  
Zoom in on my facial expression!! HA
My facial expression in the pic is priceless...and now looking back, we can't help but to laugh about it!!!  FYI---the girl was bruised up but she was fine!!!  THANK GOODNESS!!

It was a great day!!! Great weekend! And my body is super sore even two days later!!!  But I am happy to be back at it and look forward to many more competitions ahead!!! ***Next competition I am going RX!!! YIKES!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Hungry Girl In Me

Two weeks of successfulling (is that a word?) waking at 4:15am.  Co-coaching at 5, 6, and 7am and WODing and lifting afterwards.  I have also been counting my macros again to get back on track.  I have been doing GREAT!!!  But I am HUNGRY! 

With the new schedule I am waking at 4:15am and having a shakeology with added protein and spinach.
Before my own workout class I have a half of an energy bar.
After workout class, I drink my protein drink on the way home (around 9am).
Then I come home and have my real meal (breakfast or brunch).

Just this part of my day I am eating a great deal of my calories---leaving me little for the rest of my day.   And I need these calories though....  Usually by 5pm, I am topped off calorie wise!

So now I have a dilemma!?!?  Do I up my calories on coaching days!?!?  Or do I just suffer well through it!?!?  

I don't have an answer just yet. Still trying to figure it out.

I just know I am HUNGRY! LOL

On the days that I do not coach and just WOD at my normal 7 or 8am time, I do fine.  It's just those extra early hours on the days I coach that seem to get to me!!!

Obviously, I have some tweaking to do with my diet on these longer days.  *Just part of the process:-)

***Now totally off topic!  This weekend I am excited to be back in competition mode!  I didn't know 9 weeks ago if I would be able to compete this soon after surgery, but I am happy to report, I am good to go!!!! This past week I have been back to my normal self...lifting heavy, maxing out, and going at 100% intensity.   I feel great.  I even had the doctor give me one more look over to ok me for competition.

This weekend I will be competing again.  I did register for the "scaled" version since I was unsure of how quickly I would rebound....(kind of wished I would have RXed it) but scaled or not, I am excited to be back at it!!! 

I will be reporting later this weekend or early next week on how the competition went!!!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Early to Rise! Early to Bed!

My first week of co-coaching crossfit with 5am, 6am, and 7am was a success!!! I did it!  I got my lazy self out of bed at 4:15am.  Now the question is, can I do it all summer!?!? LOL
***Confusion: it's nice to be home early and have the classes and my own workout knocked out before the kids are even awake yet!!! ---SCORE!!!   And yes, I am in bed by 9pm after a 4:15am alarm clock! 

I am really beginning to have fun now that I am forming relationships with some of these athletes.  But what has been my favorite of all, so teaching the newbies!  In the last 2 weeks were have had several new athletes come try out crossfit.  I have, for the most part, been the one to help them while the other coach leads the veterans.

It's very rewarding to see someone new---with that intimidating look on their face come in--and to help settle in with the class.  And after a full crossfit workout (even though they are totally worn out) you can see the look of achievement and satisfaction on their face.  You can see that they are proud of themselves!! This has been awesome!  I also find it rewarding to see them return the next day...or next week.....and they look to you to give them that "encouragement" they need each workout!  It's absolutely the best feeling to coach and be these athletes' cheerleaders!!! :->

Next week, I begin to lead teach...rather co-teach!  I admit, I am a little intimidated to do this with EYES on me! I am sure I will do fine since I have plenty of experience with lead teaching or coaching in my former roles (as a teacher, coach, or church leader).  But it's always intimidating when you first get started.

As for my own personal goals this past week, I have been doing great (despite the 5lb freakish weight gain on the scale earlier this week)!  I have been focusing hard on eating the right amount of macros and keeping up with every thing I eat and drink.   I am right on target though.  I have been having some killer workouts and seem to be bouncing back way faster than I expected! YAE!

My workouts this week:
Sunday: Running
Monday: CrossFit and Track Running (Lifts were split jerk/squat snatch)
Tuesday: CrossFit and Funky Fit (Lifts were front squat and counting the 60pullups I did as a lift-ha)
Wednesday: CrossFit (lifts were dead lifts/overhead squats/clean&jerks)
Thursday: CrossFit (lift was squat snatch)

My Diet has been spot on for what I am trying to do (lean out but fuel for performance).
My weight has moved back down to the 150 area (thank goodness)....and I feel like I am finally at a place to start seeing and making progress once again.

My goal for the upcoming week is to get more fruits and VEGGIES in like I was before surgery!
And to use my new toy for weighing my foods---especially my protein.
Things are getting serious! HA!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Burn the Scale

I don't even know what to think??!!!  Two Fridays ago I weighed on Trent's scale for measurements and weighed at 151.  I usually weigh about 1.5lbs heavier on his scale in comparison of mine, so NO BIG DEAL!?!?!  Since then, I have eaten pretty darn clean and have been full force at CrossFit and running and such!  I only had one rest day last week and only cheated once on food (both of those were yesterday).  But today I weighed and I am 5lbs up!  HOLY MOLY!!!  Now, I did weigh after working out and lifting, which I know had a little extra weight to it, but NOT 5lbs of weight!?!?!

Are you flip'n kidding me???

Okay, okay, I know that I may be carrying water weight and all since I just started back going hard core, but seriously five pounds shouldn't really be a number I am up after 9days of handwork with eating and exercising right 98% of the time. WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!

I am trying hard to no flip out too much yet as my clothes are all still fitting.  Yes, I am aware my abs are a bit more flabby due to the time off----but I also know that I am as sore as all get out from doing the extra ab work last week.  It will take a few weeks to see this area improve again. PATIENCE!!!

So what am I going to do differently to change this??? Well, I am logging EVERYTHING I eat and drink! And I am not going to cheat at all for a full month! No treats! No cheats! No drinks! NONE!!!

I may start logging it on my FB again, as that seems to keep me very accountable cos I know it can be seen!

I am gonna drink more water! LOTS MORE WATER!

And I am not going to panic.  It's just time to go 100% in all 7days a week and for every 24hours in a day.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Reality Check

This past Friday I got my cousin to do my measurements!  I DID NOT WANT to do them AT ALL!  I did not want to see first hand all the progress I had made just fall apart right before my eyes.  But the reality is.....I needed to see the damage so I can see the results that will follow in the weeks and months to come.

Good news and bad news--- Let's just say that!  It wasn't near as bad as I had thought it would be.  But still.....very, very humbling when you do see numbers that you worked so hard become a goal once again!!!! But I did it once before and I can do it again and surpass all these numbers this summer!!!!


Weight                   147.4                   149.1 (could this all be boobie??? LOL--Dr says maybe 1.8-2lbs)

Neck                        13.5                    13.75
Chest High               37                        36.5    (A bit shocking but maybe less pec muscles??)
Chest Bust               38.5                     41         :-) funny!
Upper Arm              12.25                  same
Waist               33.5low/34hi        34.5low/36hi     (The BAD NEWS--But not surprised at all)
Hip                          39.5                     same
Thigh                       22.25                   same
Calf                         14.25                   14.5

Measurements from the Caliper (spelling??)
Bicep                      10                           11
Tricep                     9                              11
Subscapular           16                         same (aka back fat---happy about this!!!)
Iliac Crest               14                           20   (hip area near my fatty area----This made me real sad)
Thigh                      14                           15

I am very happy that my upper body really wasn't affected by the lack of upper body workouts.  I do know I have loss some muscle mass though (I can tell my lady lumps in the arm are not as cut)....but the measurements stayed the same for the most part.  GOOD NEWS

BAD NEWS: if you look at my waist and iliac crest area---this is where it makes me a bit sad, as I had worked so hard to get those numbers down.  I hated to see them creep up (even if it isn't that much).

GOOD NEWS is I am back to my old workout regimen!!! I feel like I am very much near 100% but just keeping it a little cautious.  Today I was able to do pull ups without bands and handstand pushups, as I did before hand.  Now I didn't go crank out numerous amounts yet, but I did feel pretty good doing them.  I will just need to rebuild the strength and endurance to start cranking them out again!! **This will take some time but I will be patient!  I am just happy I can do all the things I could do beforehand!  I DIDN'T LOSE IT!!! :-).

I will have Trent check my measurements again in 6 weeks to see my progress!  And I will focus hard on getting the abs I have wanted and was so close to having before surgery! :-).  I can do this!! And I will do this!!!!

REALITY is in the pics too.  The pudge has returned :-(  BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!
5 weeks post op back side

5 weeks post op front/side shot