Friday, December 26, 2014

DNA Says......

A few weeks ago when I went to the doctor to get bloodwork done I was given the option to do an DNA test.  The DNA test is a personal genetic report that tells you exactly how your body was designed. This test in broken down into several very detailed sections like...
1) Matching your diet according to you DNA
2) Identifying your eating behavior traits
3) Identifying your nutritional needs based on your DNA
4) What types of exercise do you benefit best from
5) Identifying your metabolic health factors
6) What health conditions you are prone to
7) Identifying your response to certain types of medication
8)***And what diet plan to best follow (foods to eat and foods to avoid)

So what did I learn.......WOWZERS?!?!

My Diet: 55-50% carb/20-25%protein/20-25% fat.  To my surprise, I need way more carbs and way less fat.  I need starchy carbs but nonprocessed carbs because I am sensitive to them.  I am to add back whole grains, potatoes and sweet potatoes and my oats. I am to take out my red meats and bacon :-(  I am to eat more beans (this made me happy). Limit my egg intake to 4 PER WEEK (Yikes)!!!!  I need to eat TONS of veggies---all kinds!!! But limit my fruit. And this is the good wine was the #2 top suggested aid for helping me lose weight-CRAZY.  Green tea and even hops (beer) made the list! LOL!  Organic Soy is another top nutrient or food to add in regularly for aid of weight lose.  And many other nutrients found in GREENS.

My Eating Behaviors:  Genes say what Lays Baked Potatoes say; "I can't just have one".  I am to avoid eating things I shouldn't because I can't just TASTE it and be satisfied.  Instead, I will eat more! **NO SURPRISE THERE!!!  Can I just say that I realized that this was a FACT yesterday when I was having Christmas dinner at my parent's.  My mom made queso.....and I thought I would have a little.  I ended up have 4 small plates of queso and chips!!! OMYGOODNESS!!!  This is all my mom and dad's fault though---stupid genes.  HAHA! It also said I will go out of my way to get what I want.  I am not sure about this as far as food is concerned, but I am that way in life, in general.

Nutrient Needs:  I need more than the normal person when it comes to Vit B6 or Vit B12 or Vitamin D and Vitamin A.  Alot of these nutrients are in the foods I just mentioned in my diet above.

Exercise: Endurance training is most beneficial for me!!!  ***That running y'all!!! Therefore, I am going to put this back into my exercise program (alot more than I have been doing lately). And for maintenance, HIIT training is suggested!

My Metabolic Health Factors: These factors suggest that my genes say that I am proned to having high cholesterol.  However, if I continue to exercise and eat properly....then this will not be an issue.

Health Conditions: I don't have any high risk of having diabetes, osteoarthritis, or venous thrombosis.  I have an average risk.  ***Thanks mom and dad:-).

Medication Response:  Many people have sensitivities to certain medications.  The only medications that had shown some sensitivities were to codeine and warfarin.  Luckly I don't use these medications, so we are good.  But I should avoid them.

All in all, I have over 70 pages worth of information that tells me how my body was designed to work and function.  I now know what to avoid and how to avoid it.  I also know what I am to put more into practice (carbs and running). 

What will this mean to me in the near future.... Well I have the Annual Sugar Detox at my CrossFit Box coming up.  I plan to use this model to help me clean up my diet.  However, I plan to limit my carbs more than this diet suggest just to balance out my hormones....then I will slowly add in my potatoes and fresh fruits afterwards.  I hope to eliminate all processed carbs for good.  I know from experience and now from science that they are TERRIBLE for me!

Speaking of Sugar Detox..... If you're interested, the file is attached to my mom n progress facebook page....and I WELCOME AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THIS WITH ME ---Starting January 7th.