Saturday, December 28, 2013

Communication is the Key

Communication is the Key!!!  My EPIC FAIL of Communicating Got Me a Bad HairDo!!!!

So here is my most recent drama....  I have been needing a haircut for the past couple of weeks but kept putting it off or just didn't have time.  But this past week at CrossFit, I was getting irritated with the thickness and puffyness of my hair.  Then on Friday, this picture was taken at the Box.....
I am top right!!
Yap, I got desperate quick.  I called a local friend of mine to give me a quick cut.  When I sat down in her chair she asked me what I wanted.  I simply said "just want it shorter".  But I didn't mean I wanted a shorter style.... I just wanted to trim up what I already had.  I even showed her two pics of the last time she cut it.  (Yes, she had cut my hair the time before--so I didn't think twice about it).

Lots of casual chatting went on for awhile while she was cutting my hair.  And then it dawned me....she was still cutting even after several minutes.  I had noticed there was more hair in my lap than I had expected....but I hadn't seen it in the mirror just yet cos she had me turned in the opposite direction.  I was getting nervous, but shame on me, cos I didn't say anything.  She finally turned me around where I could get a glimpse and I thought I was going to cry right then and there. I don't think I heard anything else she said the remainder of the time, as I was in complete shock.  I was expecting what I showed her with these top two pics....but ended with the bottom three pics.  I won't lie, I came home and cried to my husband and my three kids! :-(

One reason I hate this haircut is because it isn't my personality.  I feel like the cut/style I had before was right on. 

But the honest reason I HATE this cut is because it immediately makes me feel FAT.  And I know exactly why.  I had this cut before......almost 10years ago.  I WAS FAT then!  I WAS TIRED! I WAS HUNGRY! I WAS NOT MANDY!!! This cut immediately takes me back to this time.  The cut brings back all these emotions and insecurities I had back then.  DISLIKE!!!
Post Gabe Pregnancy--GROSS!

I know it's just hair and it will grow back.  But I am just so upset at myself...for so many reasons.....
1) Why did I let that first picture put me into a FREAK OUT MODE of I have to fix the HAIR NOW!!! I should have never gone to go get my hair cut to start with----especially over one lousy pic or bad hair day!
2) Why didn't I tell the hair dresser EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED?  Looking back I see now that when I said shorter, she thought I meant shorter style.  I should have said...same style just trim it! UGH!  This is so my fault!!!
3) Why am I letting my bad haircut change my self-image and self confidence?  I am not that FAT MOM in that picture anymore!  I am a "fit mom" making progress everyday!  It's just hair! It could be worse!

Anyhow.  I am still struggling with this haircut.  I avoid the mirror and have been having a hard time smiling the last couple of days, cos I am so upset about it!  But I am thankful I can leave town for a week and perhaps get used to the new hairdo.  Who knows, maybe I will accidentally start liking it??? *Doubt that though:-(

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Galore!!! (and a little more)

Merry Christmas my friends!!!  I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas.  I know I have had an amazing one (with way too much food that doesn't fall into the "clean catergory").  But before I get to that.....I want to show you my blessings of this Christmas Season!

***First of all, this Christmas has been so much different than all the rest for me.   Usually my sister in law comes to Texas for a couple of weeks and stays with us.  They decided not to come this year.  So that's been a bit weird.  We also usually have a very BIG Lewis Christmas (my dad's side of the family) every Christmas Eve, but this year we skipped it.  So that was weird, too.  We usually go overboard with the kids Christmas each year but we opted for "MORE with LESS" approach this year.  Santa seemed slim so that was weird, as well.

So here is the deal.... growing up, I spent many winters snow skiing with my family.  We used to go every year even after I got married.  However, three kids later, that was expensive and HARD to do.  The last time we went was when Gabe was turning one.  That was 9 years ago. 

This year my dad had a potential scare with kidney cancer.  After a couple of months of prayer, doctor appointments and a successful surgery.  He had a benigned tumor and it well (still recovering though).  But my family thought that this could be a great treat or celebration for us all.  Instead of the Christmas Galore of presents and stocking gifts.... my parents, my brother & nephew and my family are going skiing for Christmas (after Christmas).  My parent's present to us is to pay for our lodging.  Our gifts to our kids and selves are paying for our skiing! I CAN'T WAIT!!! We leave Sunday!!!

So here are a few pics from our Christmas.......
Christmas Morning
 The kids woke at 6am?!?! They got clothes and an XBOX 360 Connect (used) and a Trampoline!  Addie and I made a big breakfast and we all had naps by 10am:-).

 We had a trampoline years ago.  It was so used that it finally was unusable.  Addie and Gabe have been begging for another trampoline forever!  They had no idea!!!!  Gabe is already doing backflips, as well as Addie! I am hoping to do one soon, too:-)

My Lewis Family Christmas
About 4:30pm, we headed to my parents house (aka The Lewis').  We had alot of good food.  I ate skittles and banana pudding too:-( YUM!  and YIKES!!!
Family Fun Game of Guesstures
This game seems to make us all a little crazy.  We are all competitive and it's just super funny to see the stuff we do to make people guess our words on this game!!! SOOO MUCH FUN!  SUCH GREAT ABS too.....from laughing so hard! 
 Okay....a little humor here.  My mom (aka Nana) likes our booties.  So we started trying to pose like Instagram bootie ladies.  Only Addision (13yrs) can pull off a good bootie shot!!! LOL!  I have since named this picture "The Evolutions of Booties".  We have mid-life crisis age (me), we have almost OLD age (my mom) and a teenage age (my daughter) all in this picture.  Which if you look closely reveals our age.  I have some lift but not alot.  My mom is NOTHING!  I am not even sure she has crack! LOL!  And then Addie has it all!!! LOL!  HAHAHA!   

I had a great Christmas!  I did cheat some on it! But I am back at it today! I have vacation coming up, but am vowing to go clean 95% of the time I am gone.  I am already back at it at CrossFit.  I went this morning...Then went to play racquetball with Todd and Zander afterwards (I am HORRIBLE) and then did some smolov weight lifting work.  I will head back to the box tomorrow for a benchmark workout!!!

 I am ready to live out this post!!! Time to get some big time results!!!

Stay tuned.  I have a new INSTAGRAM and am considering a private FB page for those to follow!!! :-).

New PRIVATE Instagram is momnprogress.  Follow me!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just Do It!

I seem to have been MIA lately!!! But that is not really true.  It's just that time of the year.  Lots of programs, school parties, basketball practices and games and just the "busy"ness of the Christmas season! 

So I have been doing alot of soul searching.  I wish I could tell you that I have made some big life changing conclusions, but I can' least not yet!  But I can tell you that in this last year, I have learned a great deal.  And alot of that has come from within myself.

Looking back at 2013.... I started the year off with two health goals: 1) lose weight 2) run a full marathon.  I accomplished both.  Neither were done perfectly, but both were accomplished---very well. 

The interesting thing about 2013 is what I have learned throughout the process of losing weight and training for a marathon......

First, I am capable of so much more than I ever imagine!!!! Mentally and physically God made me "wonderful"!!! I can run far and fast!  I can lift some amazing amount of weight! And I can do a lot with hard work, some dedication, and a whole lot of determination.  I now know I can do more.....
Some Progress... 2013

Secondly....God has made me an athlete.  I am not just a "has been".  I have been created to love competition and am passionate about my own training. This was a fact at the age of 12 and now at the age 38, even more so.  I thrive off team atmosphere and love a physical challenge. I am not afraid to fail!!!

Lastly, it's perfectly OKAY to have a passion for athleticism at my age (almost 40).  In my adult years, I have been embarrassed about my passion for competition and fitness. I would take offense if some one made a comment about my running or workout post of Facebook.   But I have learned that this is just how God made me. If you don't like it or it annoys you.... just stop following me on FB or IG and stop judging me.  I am me. I will be me! No apologies!! Believe it or not, I do inspire SOME people.  And if it's only one person, that's a goal met in my book:-).

So where does this lead me now....  I want to follow my passion for training and fitness.  I want to take my own fitness to the next level.  I want to have sexy abs, strong legs, tone arms, and a bootie with no JUNK! LOL! l believe I can do this.... but it will be HARD!!! But why not TRY???
I also know I want to do more than train.....I am considering training others??? Just don't know how or when or what this looks like!

So my goals of 2014 are.....
1) Persue more than just fitness goals, but look into becoming a coach, mentor, or inspiration to others.
2) To take my own athleticism to the next level.  I want my body to reflect my hard work!!!  I don't want my body to reflect a sex image but a physically fit woman that inspires others!!!
My Inspirations!
 I want the top left abs.  I want mid-left bootie and love how she lifts heavy.  I follow the bottom left girls and love their lifestyle and their balance in fitness and family.  I love the chest on girl on the right....which for me will require surgery.  I am considering breast surgery now that I have lost weight.  **My chest is not looking very pretty after breast feeding three kids for a year each and then losing a good amount of weight.  We shall see after consultation in January.

I know I can do this!!! Just have to decide to do it:-).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A+ Progress in a Month

It's been a month....and I have been focusing on the three "A" areas (abs, arms, and **bootie). It's been a harder month than I anticipated with Thanksgiving and an Arctic ice-in here (that is still among us as I am typing---day #6).  I have probably followed more of a 75%/25% rule of eating clean 75% of the time and cheating 25% of time.  But I haven't gone crazy on my calorie intake....just not eating as clean or within my macros with that other 25%.  The next month will be hard we have Christmas and vacation.  But I am gonna stick to this and get through these hard times.  My goals is to make it through the Christmas/vacation break with a 85%/15% rule:-).

So here in the progress.....

ABS-----This is my super weak area!!! And main focus for months to come---and probably the rest of my life!!!
I can see some "oblique-type muscle" just starting to appear this month. 
Who would have thought that running WAY less and hitting the weights and going heavy and hard would make a difference.  The pouh is slowly going away and my waistline is starting to appear.  Got a ways to go, but celebrating even in the small progress of the last month.

A**----aka Bootie
One month of Smolov Squating!!!
I have just completed a four week training plan, Smolov Squat Cycle....lifting heavy weight!! I had no idea I was making bootie progress till I took pics.  WOW!  Hello bootie lift!  No wonder my panties have been crawling more than usual! I am transitioning into the front squat cycle and strict press cycle now!! :-)

And last----MY ARMS (I didn't take before pictures-darn!!! But here is where I am at and will take progression pics in the next month or so).

So there you have it!!! :-).  I think I should get an A+ for the effort I put in for the month. 

Now let's see what the next month brings.......

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What Do YOU Do When You Are Iced In?

It's just over 72hrs since we have been officially iced in.  And folks, this is crazy old and alot of ice.  Church was closed today and schools closed again tomorrow!! WOW
North Texas Highways are not travelable---PURE ICE!
 Texas is NOT used to this kind of weather! Schools first closed Friday, stores and gyms closed Saturday, and even church is closed on Sunday!  But so far, I have enjoyed every bit of being STUCK inside with my crazy family.  We have napped alot, eaten a heck of a lot, played tons of board and cards games, sled alot (using trash can lids and storage lids), and even did a little 4x4 driving (via our four wheeler).
Not even snow....Just a very THICK amount of ice!! Perfect for fast sledding!!!
 I admit, I stayed up late Thrusday and slept in Friday.  And then ALL day Friday, did nothing but sleep, eat, and watch TV.  I am not even sure I showered or brushed my teeth??? LOL

Saturday, I woke up and did two workouts and got back on that clean eating train!! I did two different workouts (pictured below).  I did the workout on the left except with a working set of back squats at 185#.  Then the pic on the right indicates my WOD time for doing 20 burpees, 21-15-9 air squats and push ups, and ending with 20 burpess.  This took me about a minute too long, as I was struggling on the pushups today:-(
We stayed up entirely too late Saturday night but enjoyed our Sunday morning at home.  We did lots more sledding and also bought whatever grocery items were left at DG today!!! I managed to get another good workout in today too..... HEAVY Lifting!!! :-).  I am starting to really love lifting weights, btw!!! I love feeling STRONG!!! **But missing my running:-(
Today's workout:
6mins elliptical warm up
Bench Press 5sets of 3 reps of 105#/45sec. planks
Push Press 5 sets of 4 reps of 95#/alternating ab exercises
Deadlifts 5 sets of 5reps at 185#/alternating lateral raises and hammerheads
Leg Extensions 5 sets of 10reps at 75#/wide grip pull downs
Leg Curls 5 sets of 8 reps at 55#/Tricep kickbacks
10mins of elliptical

Tomorrow is Monday---but not a typical Monday, as we are OFF OF SCHOOL AGAIN for these bad icy conditions.  I do think the sun comes out and we will start warming up I forsee school resuming Tuesday? We shall see!

I am gonna leave ya with more photos of our LOCK IN SITUATION!!! :-).
Addie with her friends Brooke and Alexis--- MAKEOVERS??? LOL

Not a successful attempt to pulling the trailer out.  We got stuck in the front yard.

Zander has read ALOT this weekend- THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES

Sunday's To Do List Accomplished!
This is how we got groceries:-). LOL

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Weather Makes Me Hungry

Round TWO of Texas "Winter Weather" is coming in as we speak!!! Just a week ago we had our first real cold front of the year.  It is super early to have real "WINTER" weather here in Texas.  But I admit, I think its just media trying to get us to watch their television coverage! LOL!  We got some sleet out of it....and some cold air but that was about it! ***which is to be expected!

Last week was Thanksgiving, too.  I did GREAT getting some hard workouts in.  I even had a couple of days of two workouts!!!  However, my achilles is still hurting me only when running or I am biking more now than running for my cardio.  Biking isn't so bad cos Todd will do that with me.  But I do hate that it takes a whole lot more biking to burn the same calories I do running.   However, it is much better for me on my OLD joints and such! 

Back to Thanksgiving!  Well, I ate TERRIBLY!!!!  The only good news is I did stay at my 1775 calorie range....but I will not tell you what my macro counts were.  OMG!!! They were sooo off.  Let's just say, I ate alot of orange/coconut bundt cake and thanksgiving dressing!! I have NEVER liked dressing before, but my goodness, this dressing I had made was DELISH!!!! I also tend to stay away from GLUTEN products and eat as clean as possible...but from Thursday to Saturday, I did not do this.  And I almost took a pic of my nasty-constipated belly to prove my point.  I was miserable!!! I looked like I had a food/baby belly!!! LOL! Which also makes me realize---- I can not believe I used to eat like this ALL THE TIME (not just for a three days). 

I got back on track Sunday and started back to eating clean and drinking alot of water.  I have been back on track for four days......but guess what??? We have an ice storm heading our way.  Tomorrow, around mid-day, the weather is supposed to get pretty hazzardous!! ICE accummulations, maybe power outages, maybe snow???  Again, I still think this is all MEDIA trying to attract us to their programs, but it could be FOR REAL!!!  And if it is, I know my winter habits of will come back into play.....

If I get locked in my house due to an ice storm, I will want to walk to Dollar General and buy all the ice cream, chips, and cheese dips they have stocked.  I will buy Seven Up to make Seven and Seven drinks and may even buy a pack of rolos!!! UGH!! 

***I will not do this! I will not go to DG! I will not give in to WINTER WEATHER!!----but really I have to admit, I am seriously thinking I "deserve" one bad vice!!! RIGHT? So which will it be???