Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Competitive Self----Gets a Reality Check

I have got to tell yall about my WOD today!  It was the dreaded BADGER WOD.....
which is a pretty dang hard workout.  It consist of THREE ROUNDS of
30 Squat Cleans at 65lbs
30 Pull Ups
800m run
Don't forget that this is for THREE ROUNDS.  It's kind of a gaser....but gaser WODs are good for me cos I have alot of endurance.  When everyone else is dying half way through, I am just started to pass everyone up!

Anyhow....the frustrating part is that I am soo close to being able to do kipping pullups.  I actually can do about two on my own, but that's about it.  But I can do strict pull ups and kipping pullups with a band-NO PROBLEM.

Last week when working on kipping pull ups (with the band)---two of my coaches were praising me on my form and really encouraging me on how I will be flying through pullups in no time.

So today, as I was warming up my pullups (using the least restricted band possible)....another one of my coaches came over to assist me and give me some advice.  Apparently I am doing double the work because I am pulling up correct but coming down I am doing a negative (meaning working against gravity to bring my body in to down position slowly---rather coming down somewhat naturally).  ***That's the best I can explain that! LOL! Anyhow, she had then had me do jumping pullups to help me get out of this bad habit....but the bad news for me is she also insisted that I do these type pullups during the WOD.

TWO PROBLEMS with this.....
1) Jumping pull ups were much too easy for me.  I am not even kidding when I really thought I should do double of each set.
2) My time would not qualify me for the WODKILLER board!!! GRR!!!

So I was so ticked during my WOD....just thinking that it was a waste of my time because it didn't count.  ***NOW! NOW!!!  I have chilled out some since then and have come to realize that it's not that big of a deal.  But at the time this morning, I was so upset.  Especially since I came in the top of the class (second) just one minute behind on of the hotshot coaches and co-owner of the facility.  Everyone else was about 5 or so minutes behind me.

I left feeling so defeated and so upset...because I know I can do those pullups.

But here is the humbling part.  I have since then realized that the coach made me do jumping pull ups because she was aware of my shoulder ache and didn't want me to harm it.  ***However, she wasn't aware that I was willing to go all out cos I am about to be on a crossfit vacation since I am leaving town for a week.***

Then even later today I came across this article that I have heard about and thought WOW......now I get it!  Feel free to look at it, but please know that I am not in favor of this article.  I think alot of key information was skipped (but that's just my opinion after looking up the condition).  But if you do read it, you have to look at the following article, as well.  I stand closer to the second article, but the first article did make me see the "sense" my coach was making when having me do jumping pull ups today!  I am thankful for good coaches:-).  ***But I still want to be a WODKILLA!! :-)>

Article one: CrossFit's Dirty Little Secret
Article two: CrossFit Doesn't Have Dirty LIttle Secrets....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Smaller Sizes

Happy Monday!!! (kind-of)

I woke up to severe allergies and a flat tire....which meant I couldn't go to CrossFit with my Gunter girls as I usually do!!! :-( But the day did get better real quick. 

Just a quick update on our status' here.....

Todd weighed this morning and finally broke the 20lb plateau.  He is now 25lbs down....Starting at 283 and now weighing at 257!!! This past weekend he tried on his sports jackets---that he hasn't been able to wear the last 2-3years and they were either too big or fitting him just perfect! :-).  I can honestly say that when I hug him....I feel like I am hugging a stranger! It's weird!! But he is doing amazing.

I am still weighing at 150ish....and still haven't seen the 140s in a while, but I am not too worried about the scale numbers.  My coaches have all said something positive in the last week or so about how I am trimming down.  I also tried on ALL my jeans...and I have 3 that are way too big, and the rest fit perfectly.  It is kind of weird to think I can fit in my skinny jeans when I know I weighed more like 140 when I wore them last.  And today, I wore some size 8 shorts and they are driving me crazy, cos they are literally falling off (and they aren't those stretchy shorts). 

Bad news about weight loss----is booby loss!!! I think my muscles are bigger than my boobs now:-( LOL   I don't mind the trade off though! HA!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to "Younger" Me!

I am 38years young today!!!  I can say that and actually mean that because I don't feel 38years OLD.  I actually feel "younger" this year than the previous birthdays I have celebrated.  I think it's because I am relearning to do some of the things I once could do (like pullups, handstands, and back handstand rolls).  I am also learning to do NEW things that I have never done before.  It is so freeing to be in good enough shape to TRY things that are new and not be too afraid of getting hurt.  :-).

This past week has been another great week.  However, I did have one day of "self pity" but I bounced back from it real quick.  It was at crossfit.  I was talking to one of the several coaches and she made a comment that was something like this....  "Mandy, once you trim down some more, you are gonna be unstoppable!  You are a natural and freakishly strong".  BUT, my ears heard that as something completely different....something like "You fat girl.  You would be a great athlete, IF you weren't so fat.  Are you not eating right?"  YIKES!!! How does our brain switch what was actually said???

I am not even joking when I tell you that I got in the car and wanted to cry.  It's hard to even hear a little criticism when you are doing EVERYTHING textbook perfect.  I had a choice to make right then and there.....I could listen to that "devil-like voice" and let it get me down and even let it demolish my hard work OR I could take the criticism and turn it into something that is more of a GOAL  I chose wisely this time and I began reasoning with myself (and with God) for a bit.   I KNEW my coach was giving me a compliment, not an insult.  And it was a fact, too.  I am still needing to trim down SOME MORE....and that is OKAY!  ****And ONCE I DO TRIM DOWN----I WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!! :-).

The rest of last week was great!  We stuck to the clean eating plan EVERYDAY!  I managed to run three times (running anywhere between 2miles to 5.5miles).  I did three crossfit days, which all followed a weight training workout afterwards at my home gym.  I even had a wonderful Sunday bike ride last night.

I am down by a total of 7-9lbs so far.... Todd is hovering at 20lbs (I have a feeling he is about to start melting away quickly). 

Well, I am off to celebrate the rest of my day at Jr High Volleyball Games!!! GO LADY TIGERS!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten Random Things

So I don't I have alot to say about anything but do have a bunch of everything to share.  Now that's a twisted statement! Ha! So here is a list of ten random things going on my head right now.

1. It seems that Todd is starting to hit a stage of melting away all of a sudden.  Yes, I have noticed from time to time he is losing weight but all of a sudden, it seems that everyday he looks DIFFERENT!  This morning he put on pants that he wore 10years ago....size 44 to size 38.  WOW!  I am so proud of him!!! He is doing amazing!
2.  Yesterday I started my weight training program, which means I did NOT run yesterday.  I only did crossfit and then later in the afternoon did 40mins of weight training.  Here is the weird thing....when I was done, I kept thinking "IS THAT IT?"  "THAT'S ALL?" I even told Todd that I felt like I didn't exercise or do enough because I am not tired or worn out? I am so used to going all out that I have almost don't have anything left when I am immediately done with my runs.  So this is all very new to me....and very weird! It's gonna take some getting used to.
3.  Now the funny thing about the previous thought is that even though I felt like I didn't do much yesterday....apparently I did.  I woke up this morning exhausted and sore.
4. Todd and I are 41 days into this lifestyle! And still loving it.  It is working for us perfectly so far.  The kids are doing extremely well with it too.  They aren't 100% clean eating but in our house and with us, they are.  I do have a small stash of processed snacks but very limited and only things THEY like and NOT THAT TODD AND I would like! LOL.
5. I do miss my occasional adult beverage. 
6. I am finally seeing that my tummy is changing...less of it and I can actually see the top part of my ab muscles!! 
7. My husband has been sweetly rewarding me with surprises.  **I am not used to this at all!!!  He had bought me three beautiful dresses and they all fit!! Something about him taking the time to buy it sure makes it kind of fun and a bit sexy:-).  Yes, I just said the S word!! HAHA
8. Yesterday I did my first full weight training workout in my home gym.  It was FUN! I turned on loud music and got to "pumping"! HAHA!  And I won't lie, I flexed my arms in the mirror when I walked by to see that little bump! :-). 
9. I have lost 3lbs since last Monday!!!  That's when I started this new macro percentage counting (proteins, carbs, and fats).  Eating every 2.5-3hours is helping me....and I have no night time cravings!!
10. I am sadly debating killing my DailyMile Program.  But it is so hard to do because I love seeing all the hard work I have put in to get me where I am at....but I need a better program that I can log weight training, crossfit, and running..... :-(

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Goals and Learning to Wean From Running

I have spent much of my last week reading and studying different athletes' diets and workouts via the interent.  I have learned sooo much in my research.  I even attended a CrossFit Eatology Class on Saturday, which had confirmed some of the conclusions I have come to this week....
1) I am running too much and my body is "used" to it.  **and it very well could be hindering more than helping me**
2) I have not been eating nearly enough....nor have I been eating enough of each macro nutrients (protein, carbs, and fat).  PROTEIN is my new best friend as of this past week.
3) I don't have a goal and I need one.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently been looking into building up my strength more...and adding in weight training to my workout schedule.  But the more I looked into this type of workout, the more I realize that I can NOT do it all (or should I say it isn't wise to do it all).  It is almost impossible to be a long distance runner, a respectable crossfitter and then do a weight training program, too! I MUST DECIDE!!!

Therefor, I found myself being a bit confused on what I should do.  However, ONE question that coaches and the websites keep asking.....that has really stuck out is, WHAT IS YOUR ONE GOAL?  This in my problem.  I don't have ONE goal.  I have way too many.  I want to be fit.  I want to be fast! I want to be strong! I want to be competitive! I want to look like an athlete! I want to...... this list can go on and on.  But that's the problem.

The more I started reading about how to schedule my weekly workouts, the more I started realizing that my long distance running isn't really giving me the results I want anymore.  In matter of fact, I have not gotten any faster in a long time (I might even be a bit slower due to my strength training).  I don't have any races in mind for the future (not training for a specific race).  I am not losing any more weight from running.  And it is taking alot of my time!  I have also learned, that as much running as I am doing, that it could actually be hindering my progress in strength or muscle building. Which could be the reason why I haven't really been having that much of a body structure change in quite some time.
**Long story short....it's time to do more with less.  Therefor, I am going to start weaning myself from running LONG distances (but not eliminating them all together).

I have narrowed my GOALS down and will start implementing a new workout routine this week.  My new goal is to get stronger and start "hopefully" changing my body again.  I would like more definition (not bulky) but at least look like I am an athlete.

Below is my new workout schedule which could easily be tweaked, but I think it will be good for me and hopefully give me a variety of workouts but yet, help me meet my goal.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: I will crossfit WOD and then weight train
Tues/Thurs: I will have an active recovery day (meaning I will run, walk, or do elliptical but all at a much easier level). No more than 40mins of aerobic activity.
Weekends: I get one midlength run in and one TRUE OFF DAY!

What brought on this change??? Two things actually.....
1) I am sick of working my butt off and not getting the results. So it's time to change it up!
2) I got some new toys------check out the picture below

My playroom now has a home gym section!!!!
 Now with Todd on board, we are having a blast getting back in shape together.  We have hit the jackpot on some great deals, which is why my playroom has a small home gym.  We got the elliptical machine for FREE (and it's super nice).  Todd uses this almost daily.  I don't yet, but probably will soon.  The weight bench set is a $1500 set that we lucked upon on Craigslist for $200!!! HECK YA! Weight Training happening right here!!!

And a little bonus....the hubby and my father in law built me a BOX for box jumps.  It's 20x24x36! I will get the 36in jump down soon!!!
This is on the 24in side that I use for most workouts now!
I am super excited about my new workout plan.  Nervous too!!! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Real World-Gunter

A here we are.... 34 days since Todd and I began this new healthy lifestyle.  And I feel 100% sure we can and WILL continue this lifestyle, even when it gets hard.

Todd took one full month off work.  Two weeks of this was a family vacation where we actually began our new lifestyle: eating clean, cutting out the bad carbs, no fast foods and preparing our own foods 90% of the time, and no outside temptations (like going out to eat with friends or having cookouts or pool parties).

We came home. We cleaned out the kitchen. Got rid of processes foods.  Got rid of temptational, bad foods.  Pulled out kitchen aids that were hidden that would foster our healthy eating habits (steamers, processor, juicer, etc..).  We learned to shop for healthy foods, prepare healthy dinners, and plan ahead so we are successful.

It has been a very fun task to do with my husband.  We have absolutely enjoyed learning to eat right and exercise right together.  And no, I never once got sick of having Todd home and by me all the time.  In matter of fact, it was quiet the opposite.  Cleaning together, planning together, grocery shopping together, cooking together, walking and sharing workout tips with one another......have all been so much fun:-).  I am excited about this new lifestyle!!

Today, Todd is about 18lbs down.  He wanted to be 20lbs down at this point, but slower is wiser right now. 
I am down 6-8lbs (depending on if it is a crossfit/weight lifting day).  My current obsession is learning to eat/fuel correctly to build a better, leaner body!  ***Blogging on this more later this week.

Todd is back to work today.  Kids are back at school.  I am back to my normal part-time ministry job and being a mom.  But our healthy lifestyle still will carry forward!! :-)
Meal Planning and Juicing---with the whole family
This week's meal plan:
Morning- Protein Shakes
Lunches-left overs from previous night
Dinners are.........
Monday- Turkey Meat Taco Soup
Tuesday- John Soules Chicken--soft taco or chicken salad
Wednesday-Deer/Venison Steaks on grill and sweet potatoes
Thursday-Crockpot Chicken with side salad and veggies
Friday--Fish Fry at a friends house (not eating the fried part and may take our own food)
Saturday- BIG BREAKFAST--juice or shake for lunch---ground turkey chili
Sunday--Crockpot Chicken drumstick with veggies