Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time Slips Away...

Words can't describe all the different emotions I have been going through in the last 24hours.  As most of you know, I am a volunteer coach of my 12yrs old son's 6th grade boy's basketball team.  I have been coaching this team for four years (since the boys were in second grade).  Some of you may or may not know that I am a former High School basketball coach and former college basketball player.  Basketball was my FIRST LOVE!!! :-).  And where my passion for fitness, competition, and teamwork came alive.

Last night we began our last End of the Season Tournament!  My team had a perfect set up to make it to the championship.  And they have been playing lights out the last several games.  I had no doubt we were ready to play! We had done our homework (scouted the teams, made game strategies, put in the extra practice, etc).

Our first game was against the worst seeded team.  In theory, we should have blown this team away to advance to semi-final.   We have played this team twice in the regular season to win both games by 20+ points.  But the team was able to pick up several select players (that usually play with Zander on his select team).  We played our hearts out! We played the best game I could ever dream of! We were behind by around 8 most of the game (12pts difference at once point) and would close the gap to 3 just to get back behind.  It was like this the whole game....and with two minutes left, we were down by 9 points.  We came back and were winning by 2 points with 5 seconds left. But it wasn't enough.  We went into overtime....and after an amazing game and effort, we lost by 3points in OVERTIME.

This is where it got emotional.  **THE MOM AND GIRL IN ME CAME OUT!!!

The boys were sobbing! I was trying to hold it together but the reality that these (once little boys) were now officially done playing under my supervision! My time with these boys had come to an end!

All of a sudden I felt time slipping away from me in that quick moment.  These little boys were young men looking right at me with big ole tears falling from there eyes.  It was so difficult to have that last team meeting...and our last team prayer! I loved on them, told them how proud I was of them and that IF they thought the last 4years were fun, they were gonna love what Middle School and High School had in store for them. I then prayed over and for each of them....just one last time.

I couldn't be more proud of each boy on that team.  It was the best game they had ever played and it took SELECT players to knock us out of the championship. But what was so emotional was letting go in the next several hours to come.......

The drive home was HARD! Todd is out of town so I was driving us.  Zander was crying so hard ALL THE WAY HOME (he isn't an emotional kid so that was extremely hard).  Gabe and Addison were crying!  I was starting to get upset about the fact that the opposing team was allowed to stack a team for the tournament (that's another story I won't go into)....

Then we get home.... Zander decided to sleep with me in my bed.  I said my prayers and tried to go to sleep but couldn't.  All I could do was recall the time I have had with these boys......

-As second or third graders, it was comical to get them to even line up in a straight line or just barely hit the rim on a ten foot goal!!
-Or how I would take them to a Gunter HS playoff games just for the fun of it.
-Or how we would scrimmage each other....or they would shot free throws and I would run if they made it!  ***Any bride seemed to help!
-Speaking of bribes---I even bribed them into wearing matching headbands one time if we scored 50points in a game!
-Or how the boys would come over right after school with Zander to have snacks, go to practice, eat pizza and go to church with us..
-Or our random "fake, made up" drive way tournaments!!! And yes, the boys made their own homemade jerseys and trophys. LOL!!!
 (This list could go on and on....)

Time is slipping away so quickly!  And in the last couple of days I have grieved a little about having to let go of this team!  But I am also soo excited to see what the future holds for these amazing kids!! They are a special group of boys whom I do love! God's got some big plans for these boys and I am honored to have been a part of their lives for this short amount of time!!!  And I will always treasure these moments I have had sharing my love for this crazy sport with my son and his friends!!!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Clean Eating

Want to know what I am doing now when it comes to food??  I am clean eating.  It's pretty simple. The complicated part is actually eating enough from each list.  I have a macro count (percentages of protein, carbs, and fats)  that I try to hit every day.  And even on a cheat day, I cheat within my macro count.  My macros are specific for me and the type of training I am doing right now.  I will adjust them every so often if I am switching up my routine or working out more or less.

Here is my list:
PROTEIN (currently 35%)
Steak (aim for leaner cuts)
Ground Turkey
Lean cuts of pork
Greek Yogurt
Turkey Bacon or Uncured Bacon
Turkey Sausage
Some Milk
Some Cheese
**Protein Supplements

CARBS (currently 35%---but slowly working this to be more like 40%)
Sweet Potato
Ezekial Breads
Occasional potato but very rare
Occasional corn on the cob 

FATS (currently 30%--but slowly working this to be more like 25%)
Organic Peanut Butter
Organic Almond Butter
Any nut (no sugar)
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkins seeds
Chia Seeds
Fish Oil (I drink this stuff---so helps with inflammation after a hard workout)
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Flax Oil
Flax seed or meal
Wheat germ

CONDIMENTS--I try to avoid high sugar
Walden Farms sauces
Some ketchup (I buy the natural ketchup now--no fructose)
Salsa! Salsa! Salsa!
Any dry seasoning without sugar or added junk
Mrs. Dash
Raw Honey
Extracts (vanilla)

I am eat at the minimal of 1725 calories a day but don't go over 1825 (unless I had a double workout day).  I track my food intake on MyFitnessPal but I DO NOT ADD my exercise to the logs.  And I do not minus any calories I get from working out.

My typical day...........
6:30am-I wake up a make a shakeology with 1/3 banana and 1/2 tbsp of almond butter
8am-I workout out (crossfit, home weights, run, or bike)
9:30am-Immediately after workout I have a protein drink (supplement)
10am-I come home a make a big breakfast
Then work or clean house......
1:30pm-light lunch
3pm---Veggie/Fruit Juicer Drink
8pm----either a protein drink with small piece of fruit or something small that I might be lacking from my macros that day.

Other Supplements:
I take catalyst and O2 from Advocare preworkout
I take Vit B, Vit D, and multi-vitamin daily
I drink Herbalife Green Tea from 10am-1pm
I take Night Time Recovery from Advocare, too

A little Friday Selfie---PURPLE HAIR!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Celebrating the Little Things

There are times that I sometimes question my “obsession” for nutrition and fitness.  It is such a chore and is a everyday, every minute commitment and focus.  Counting macros, watching sugar intake, making sure I eat enough each day (veggies and proteins), making sure my cheats are rare and pushing myself everyday physically.  YES, I absolutely LOVE it!  But, sometimes I wonder WHY I love it or if it’s right to love it? Is it worth it? Does it even matter??

But then I am reminded through all the little things...... that YES, it is worth it! Yes, I am personally making progress.  Yes, I am changing from the inside and outside.  Yes, my family (husband and children) are changing, too.  And yes, there are a few people along the way that get motivated or inspired through our story.

If you are on a journey similar to mine....where you are learning to fuel body properly or adding exercise to your weekly agenda, etc. I want to encourage you to take pictures, log and/or journal your daily (or at least weekly) challenges and accomplishments.  It will make a huge difference and will give you the little “extra” you need to continue the journey when you start to question yourself or doubt your dedication to the process.

I mentioned earlier that I have had some recent self doubt, so at this time I made myself a little journal to write down all the positive reminders to keep me going.

Here are a few things I wrote down:

1. My size medium belt is too big.  Four months ago, I was about four notches away from the end of the belt.  I am now on the last notch! :-).
2. I went to the doctor for annual check up.  I have slowly, in the last year, reset my hormones to start working as they should without hormone therapy or medication.  I do not have to have hormone pellet injections and am being weaned off my thyroid medication (6yrs of taking it). 
3. At the doctors office....for the first time (maybe ever in my adult life) I weighed under 150lbs on the BIG SCALE!!!!
4. Warmer weather means wearing shorts.  My running shorts are all too big and literally falling off me.  My casual shorts are too big, as well.  I even had a pair of 6’s (never been worn with tags still on) that fit perfectly!!!
5. I have had some new Personal Records for lifting the last couple of weeks. 
      -Deadlift PR of 305lbs
      -Front Squat PR of 200lbs
      -Push Press PR of 140lbs
      -3 REP Max of 225lbs on my Back Squat
6. My kids have told me how much better they feel with their new breakfast and lunches.  They claim to not be starving when they get home and feel like they have been doing better at their “after school practices”.  Even my daughter is telling me she is making huge improvements in her running (this is a girl that has never liked running or working out).
7. There is usually one day a week I do not make lunches for the kids....usually Thursdays since I am super tired after a busy Wednesday with church prep and children’s ministry.  The kids have started making their own lunches and making them with CLEAN foods!!!
8. Todd is on day 16 of the sugar detox with only one cheat (eating a KIND BAR).  He is down 10+ pounds.
9. I just simply feel GREAT!!!! Thinking clearer, better daytime energy, and better night time rest.
10.  I have had a handful of friends giving the detox a try or making some diet/exercise changes to their life.  NOTHING better than getting text or emails from friends of their changes and progress!!! :-). SUCH A MOTIVATION TO ME TOO!!

My point is.....don’t forget how far you have come.  These little things add up in the long run.  In the last year I have lost 25+pounds, several inches, have learned to eat properly for my personal needs as an adult athlete, have made great strides in improving my family’s health.....this list goes on.  I am reminded through the little things!!!

Reminder Photo: This shirt was too tight around boobs and stomach when I bought in Destin in August!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post Detox Week and Many Other Toxins

WOW! My week following the 21 Day Sugar Detox was nothing in which I thought it would be or what I had planned. 

The weekend after the detox was SuperBowl weekend.  I had very little sugar or wheat that weekend, as I was not craving it at all! 

Monday was a GREAT DAY!  It was my daughter's 14th Birthday.  We got to sleep in and start our day late due to icy roads---which always makes this mom HAPPY! My daughter had a small "after school hang out party"! It seemed like we were off to a great start to the new week....

BUT, that Monday night/Tuesday morning around 1am, I woke up with the worst stomach cramps EVER.  I spent the next 6 hours hugging and clinging to my toilet.  IT WAS MISERABLE!  And for the first time in my life I saw a SIX PACK OF ABS COMPLETED SHREDDED ON ME! ***Not exactly the way I wanted to see them for the first time ever! LOL!!

-Tuesday, I was worthless.  I slept ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT and even late on Wednesday.
-Wednesday, I did my best to get back to normal....and spent much of my day working and preparing and leading children's ministry. 
-Thursday, I felt GREAT!  I went back to cossfit and even had a really good workout! I worked/ I cleaned. I cooked.  It was a normal day......
-Friday, I woke up with a terrible headache, stiff neck, head cold and cough!  REALLY?  I went to crossfit, but really didn't want to be there. I felt like I was in a fog all day. I was exhausted all day.
-Saturday, I was still tired, but better.

SUNDAY---Today, I feel much better.  I just sound a bit "manly" and have a cough still.

Despite the "ill struck" week I had, I did really well with limiting my sugar intake and remaining wheat free.  The only downside of this week is not getting enough calories....but considering I was sick and all, that's probably to be expected.

Here are a few things I have tried to add in and the results:
Shakeology----no issues and taste like rocky road!! YUM!
Nutthins---bloated me---taking them back out
Trail Mix---too much sugar, hurt my tummy--taking back out
Kind bar--- hurt my tummy--taking back out
Berries with raw honey---new favorite sweet treat
Almond Butter---this is "legal" on the detox but I had never had it until this week.  LOVE IT!
I "almost" made an adult drink with soda last night until I saw that 20oz of coke has 65sugar grams. This would have put me in a coma!!!  TOTALLY NOT HAPPENING!!!

Workouts this week were not near what I usually do (but sickness occurred).
Monday- Boot Camp with Trent
Sunday-8mile run

This week I am looking forward to two things......
1) I have a doctor's appt and am looking forward to what plans the doctor has for me this year.  We have made some huge strides this year and can't wait to review the results.  ***My doctor is a friend of mine that I workout with:-).  She has been such an inspiration and a great form of education for me this past year!
2) I have a private Olympic Lifting Class on Thursday!!! OH YA!!! LIFTING HEAVY and DOING IT PRETTY!! LOL

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I am almost a full week past my final day of the Sugar Detox.  I do apologize for getting this blog up a little later than I intended.  LIFE and a TUMMY BUG struck me quickly after I completed the detox.

I am happy to report, I absolutely ROCKED that 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I only had ONE cheat on a PMS day of 10 chocolate covered raisins....other than that, I was 100% to the program and the program did work for me!!!

Looking back, the first 5 days were the hardest.  Mainly because I was learning to break a lot of bad a glass of wine on Friday nights, occasional chips when out to eat, lots of grabbing of fruits or processed food on the go.  None of these were an option for me! Even though I have pretty much gone wheat free in the last few months, I was shocked to see how I really WASN'T wheat free after all.  There were so many other things I was eating that contained wheat in those tiny ingredients on the back of the items. 

But the BIGGEST EYE OPENING LESSON for me was how much of it was a mental battle.  In the 38.5 years I have lived, I think I have been programmed to think I must eat till I am full.  So those first few days and first week, it was hard to just eat my eggs, bacon, avocado all at one meal and be done because I WAS STILL HUNGRY!!! **Or at least I thought I was??  I didn't have oatmeal or toast or piece of fruit to help make me feel full.....therefor I THOUGHT I needed more!   After the first week, I had realized I was NOT HUNGRY after all.  I just had mentally thought that since I was not feeling "stuffed" that I wasn't getting enough.  And let's face it, you can't really eat a ton of veggies and ever feel stuffed?  I was learning that "perfect fuel" didn't feel the same on me as what I was used to putting in me.  Suddenly, I was finally seeing that I was FUELING my body to work rather FEEDING my body to work!  I can defintely say my relationship with food had changed completely because of this detox.

Now, with that being said, I don't think this diet is the best fit for me to be on 100% of the time.  I found that fueling my body for my workouts just wasn't cutting it for me.  I don't hit walls very often...and even when I do, I usually can overcome, but I felt weak and out of shape about halfway through each workout.  It was tough.  I don't think I ever found a good pre-workout meal that gave me what I needed.

So I will be tweaking the program to fit my needs.  I am adding back in shakeology once a day.  I will continue to drink a veggie drink daily, I will do only two fruits a day but with more of a variety.  And I will add back in my whey post protein drink.  Other than that, I will keep to this diet.  I plan to remain wheat free and limit my sugar.

Lost 5.3lbs
1" @ chest
1/4" @arm
3/4" @ waist  (1.5" at biggest part of waist)
1/2 @hips
1/4 @thigh

I got GUNS!!! WHAT!?!?!