Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Many Things..... So Many Directions

Gosh, it is going to be so hard to play catch up right now on what has been happening the last few weeks. Bare with me, cos this may be like an ADD blog know, a little of everything and going in all different directions.

First of all....Yes, the rumors and Facebook posts are true.  I found a facility (warehouse) here in Gunter a few weeks ago.  It's a promising place.  It's big. It needs work.  It is in town.  It's priced close to right.  It's like a piece of a dream come true in my world. LOL!  We have been talking to the owner and doing more research and planning in hopes to open the facility this winter.  But, it is still very preliminary! VERY!!!  *I don't have a lot of details to share just yet because we are all still talking, planning, and discussing! :-). I promise to keep ya informed.

Secondly....I found myself in a very weird spot lately.  I am questioning my goals and asking myself why am I working so hard?  This doesn't mean I don't want to continue working hard. Working hard is not my problem..... I am just wondering what I am really working towards.  And to be honest, I can't really decide 100%.  I really thought I wanted to just improve my health and my physical appearance.  I initially said I wanted to have the a body that resembles someone who works out a lot (because I DO!!) and I wanted some abs. You know, the ones we see all over FB, Instagram and magazines.

But honestly, things seem to be changing a bit with this....  Since surgery this past April I have put on about 5-6# that won't go away.  This has been bothersome to me somewhat.  I can also see back fat (that I didn't have) appear and of course my stomach is always an issue.  However, I have also seen an amazing improvements in my legs, arms, upper abs, and shoulders.  And what is really catching me off guard in my performance improvements.  I am really making some huge improvements in my lifts and WODS.  AND I LIKE THIS--- A LOT!!!

So apparently what I am eating now is fueling me perfectly for my workouts....but it still isn't trimming my mid-section down the way I want to.  So now I am asking I want to keep performing better? Or do I want to look better?  The answer is both, but I can only focus on ONE at a time.  With that being said, I do know that either one will benefit the other....but will not get me both goals at 100%.  I must choose ONE goal and go for it!  That's my dilemma. Right now, I am thinking performance.  But I question that cos I am OLD!!! LOL  Who cares if a 40year old can squat clean 150# 3x from the power position.  ------------WAIT!!!! I DO! LOL!

And lastly,  I am a bit upset that I am having some hormone issues again.  Thyroid is good....but my testosterone and estrogen have made a big decline.  I am back to losing my hair, feeling tired mid-day, gaining a few pounds, and hot flashes and night time sweats.  So this Friday I am opting to do pellets again.

Well---that's the main stuff happening right now!  I have even more stuff to share but will spare ya the time and blog later.


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