Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Balancing Act

Where have I been???? EVERYWHERE!  Church Camps, CrossFit Conference/Course, Norway, Galveston, etc.  Its been busy, crazy, and a little haywire.  But I haven't lost focus!  

On the outside, you wouldn't notice too much of a change with me.  But in the last six weeks I feel like I have made more progress than I have on this whole journey.  It's simply learning to BALANCE my new healthy lifestyle with LIFE!  I have not stayed 100% true to my healthy eating....but I can honestly say I have stayed at least 80% true to the healthy lifestyle.  I have treated myself with vacation/summer eating (meaning I have had what I wanted but without going overboard)and I have not felt guilty or upset about this at all.  I have continued my exercising no matter where I was at in the world.  I have had a blast, too.  All my hard work has paid off where I can now find freedom in treats (on vacations and such), still workout as I always do (like running in new places or hand standing at random sites) and come home and pick up where I have left off without it being a complete hassle or struggle.  THIS IS MY BALANCING ACT!!! And it's so free!!

Now, I haven't "lost" any weight.... in matter of fact, I have probably gained a few pounds (3# as of this morning).  But I have gotten a lot stronger, a lot quicker, a lot more powerful, and feeling good about this kind of progress.  Nope, I don't have my six pack abs---YET!  But they are coming.  Slowly and surely someday I will have them! LOL!  No, I don't have a bikini body, but I do wear my two piece proudly without hestitation.  I am realizing more and more that I am not going to have this amazing body that we all see on Instagram.  But I have an amazing body that can do amazing things.  It's thicker than I want to be...but I also know that it's very little fat and more muscle.  I prefer that trade off rather than being "skinny fat".  
SSSLLLLOOOWW Ab progress is better than no progress!

FLEX!!! WOW! Manly Mandy here! HAHA!

I am excited about the upcoming new school season.....transitioning into a new routine and a new additional (very part-time) job of training.  I have NO IDEA where this will lead.  Yes, I do have all kinds of ideas and hopes....but again, I am in transition and waiting to see where this will take me next.  I am also excited about my own training and personal focuses!! :-).