Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Group Training Anyone?

Several of yall have mentioned that you'd like to still do some group training and maybe some more runs in the near future!  And you know me, I am always down for a good run and even some races. However, summertime is here.  It's only going to get more humid and unbearably HOT....which will make running more challenging.

I have spoken to many of yall and we have had some great suggestions.  Take a look and see if there are any you are interested in doing.  Text me, email, or comment what you'd like to do and I can make it happen for us.............

Option 1-Meet once a week (probably early morning run since it is so hot)
Option 2-Schedule some group runs away.  Ex: Lake Trails, White Rock Lake, and other run friendly parks. We could do this every other weekend, every third weekend, or even once a month??
Option 3-  Sign up for a half marathon for the summer. But do it TOGETHER! Meaning we can run and walk the thing as one team:-). I have found two.  One is at the end of June called The Jalapeno Half  and the other is The Hottest Half (in August).  You can click on each Race Title and get the details.
Option 4- Sign up for some shorter events just to keep us trucking along:-).
Option 5- To do a couple of the options together:-).

I am willing to do any of these.  Yall just name it.

Another big question I got from yall was.....how much should you run to maintain.  For those who are wanting to run a half marathon in the near future, the best way I can answer this is to be able to run a 6mile run at just about anytime.  If you can maintain the ability to run a six miler, then making the jump to a half marathon is pretty easy to do from that range. 

For myself.... I am gonna make sure I run at least 3 times a week but am ideally wanting to run 4 times a week.  One run will be a longer run (7-8miles), one run will be mid run (5-6miles), and then an short run (3-4miles).  Every two to three weeks I will run over 8 miles--preferably in the double digits....but on that week, I will also make my other runs both shorter runs.

For those who ran shorter distances....my advice is to keep moving and get your runs in as often as you can.  Use my own routine and plug in you own doable distances (one longer run, one mid run, one short run).

This hot weather will make it a bit more difficult.  Your water intake must be upped and done days before you run.  You will most likely need more walking breaks (and that is totally fine), and you will sweat like a crazy person!! Speaking of sweat, if you haven't bought BodyGlide....you'll want to now to avoid the chaffing in those sweaty areas!

I am excited to hear that several of yall want to keep running! I look forward to our runs together very soon:-).


Since January,  I have been participating a new workout regimen/program called CrossFit.  The main reason for doing it was because it was local, convenient, and had the perfect times for me to workout (right after school).   To my surprise, several of my friends (mostly church friends) had joined at the same time or just shortly after.  It has been an absolute blast working out with these ladies.  But it has also made me so proud to be a part of an amazing "team". 
Crossfit is a competitive workout, but it is really a competition against yourself.  You are constantly timing yourself in hopes to see improvement each time you do a specific workout.  The results in everyone's progress is amazing if you have the "stick-to-it-ness" attitude and approach.  The encouragement and the push from your teammates is amazing and super fun to be a part of.

About six weeks into this class, the women's minstry leader for our church walked in to "TRY" the class out.  Her name is Tinna.  She had no idea, from my understanding, what crossfit was or what to expect.  That day our WOD (workout for the day) included running a mile for time! I immediatly felt discouraged for her.  But she ran a mile that day! She was hurting! I think she wanted to cry!  I bet she wanted to quit! But she didn't.  I remember finishing my mile and running back to her, as I so badly wanted her to stick to it and not quite.  I wanted to cheer and push her along!  Tinna struggled to keep at a trot, but she ran a mile!!

Knowing that this was a "trial" day for her, I didn't know if she would come back.  Not too many people will after day one's workout being a mile run (plus more workout after that).  But she came back! She is improving everyday!  She has the "stick-to-it-ness" attitude and she is kicking booty!!

Tinna hasn't always believed she could do these exercises.  There are times she has to modify a exercise to make sure she can complete the WOD.  But I can't count how many times I have seen her face light up when she does something she had no idea she could do.

This past Friday, I took our Gunter team up to Sherman for a team workout called The Murph.  I could see the look on her face as we walked into the Sherman gym, aka The Box.  The gym is big!!!--- with barbells, pullup racks, rowing machines and can be intimidating.  I think I even heard her say "I can't believe I am doing this!!" under her breath.

Our team workout included running 1 mile, doing 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and finish with another mile.  Tinna ran her portions of the mile, she did her portion of the pullups, but when it came to pushups......she did them on the wall (this is the proper way to learn form first).  She completed her first round of pushups on the wall.  But the second round she came over to the our group on the floor and said to me, "I am just gonna try to do two".  She did two beautiful pushups on the floor.....almost with ease.  She looked up at us and giggled.  She just realized she just did something she had no idea she could do nor could she do just a couple of months ago!!   Her third round of pushups she did 8+!!!!  And the look of determination was in Tinna! SHE WAS DOING IT!
Top L-R (Coach Jamey, Connie)  Bottom L-R (Staci, TINNA, me)

"Stick-to-it-ness" is a very hard attitude to have and to even keep.  But it is one of the most crucial keys to health.   This is also true not only for exercise but for our diets, as well! (and our spiritual lives too--but that's another post, another time)

"Stick-to-it-ness" is a reason I love being a part of a team!  It is always such a reward to see the "stick-to-it-ness" pay off! 
Gunter Gals on the right side of pic:-).

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Focus on My Man

I mentioned to yall in a recent blog about my goals....one of them was to help my husband to get in better shape, lose about 50lbs, and for him to be healthy along with me.....and to also help teach our kids the correct eating and exercise behaviors. (Sometimes I think we are teaching our kids that sports are what make us healthy;-( That's a different blog post on a different day.)

Since that post, I am happy to report that Todd, my husband, is off to great start.

Here is what Todd looked like about just before we married....... (gosh we have aged)
Todd is 6'2 and weighed about 225-230 here.  He was 28.
Here is a more recent pic of Todd.
Todd is on the left.  Weighing near 280ish.
Today is my husband's 44th birthday.  We have been together for 16years.  He is my best friend, an amazing father, and a husband I never dreamed of.  He and our relationship is beyond anything I ever imagined before marriage.  I have been blessed!  Today, on his birthday, I am reminded that I want to celebrate as many birthdays as I can with him.  I am determined to have us both in good health so we can continue this life together.  I want to grow old, like really old, with him.  I want to see more of the world with him.  I want to see our kids have kids and even our grandkids have kids.....and I want to do this with Todd.

So this leads me to tell you what we have been doing, to start changing this dangerous and habitual unhealthy lifestyle.  In the last week, I have been getting up before Todd and making him a good but healthy lunch and protein shake or breakfast with lots of good protein.  It isn't a 100% clean meals, but they are healthy and balanced.  I also wake him up and have him go walk our street twice.  And today he walked and did some jump rope.  He isn't doing alot of exercise yet, but a little is better than nothing.  Not to mention, getting in the habit of doing SOMETHING is the hardest part.  That's the part we are focusing on right now. 

I am realizing that for him to be successful, I have to partner up with him and help him be successful.  And today on his 44th birthday, I am focused and committed to doing just that..... COS I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!

Happy 44th Todd!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Love My Necklace

Shelley Baird gave me a cute little package this past Sunday at church.....and it was of the charm you all bought for me!! I LOVE IT! I am so proud of it and want to wear it all the time!

The one yall got me is the one that says OKC Memorial Marathon

Before I left for OKCity that weekend....my sweet friend, Amy Crelia, made me this necklace with the other chars.  So it goes PERFECTLY with this necklace. 

I can't thank yall enough for this gift.  It mean soo much to me and will hold so many great memories of friendship, commitment, time of training and just an amazing overall experience!  *** And yes, it has the date and my marathon time on the backside of the charm!! LOVE IT!!

I am hoping to buy a nice necklace to put additional charms from my other races, in the near future!

Love and miss you running girl!!! :-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beat the Heat and Other Randomness

Good grief I have been a slacker! And it STOPS TODAY!!! For REAL!

I have been getting my exercise in....but it's been a chore. I have been tired, hot, moody, and just blah when working out.  And I know it has alot to do with what I have been doing diet wise.  I haven't been eating alot or even that much, but EVERYTHING I have been putting in is crap! (Excuse my language, but it is the truth.)

Last week, I had good intentions, but the weekend came....and that's was the end of a three day good diet streak! :-(  Not to mention, my workouts have been tough lately.  I know the heat and humidity had been a real battle.

Take a look at my recent Daily Mile Logs---just pitiful and painful!

As you can tell from my log above, the workouts aren't what they used to be.  Less miles and feeling not so great!  Seems my diet and the Texas weather is really taking a brutal beating on me.  Three runs out of four runs last week I classified as BLAH or TIRED! That's not the norm for me!

Humidity was high too:-(
The picture above is a snap shot of a STUPID decision on my part of go run in the middle of a hot, humid day!  I had planned to wake up at 5:30am to run before my son's baseball game.  But I accidentally set my alarm for 5:30 PM!!  After four ballgames, I got home and debated on this run.  But, I kept thinking "It could be hotter?  I need to run! I'll go place water bottles out to help me, even tho its a short 5mile run.....etc"

So, a little after 2pm, I took off for a 5miler.  I even had waters laid out.  Too bad my water bottles were terribly warm when I got to them tho:-( HA!  And I am not joking...I may have totaled 5plus miles but I can't tell you how many times I would stop to walk.  I even told my husband that I think I walked more in this run than I did in my marathon! It was a MISERABLE! TERRIBLE! NO GOOD RUN!!!
Not faking this run! It was felt like hell! :-(

So today I start off a new week.  And I am gonna be a bit more wise about my workouts and diets.
1. It is time to set the alarm for early morning runs so I can beat the heat.  I did just that this morning, even though I only ran twelve 300s.
2. I am gonna eat a small breakfast before crossfit.  I did do that this morning....in between my run and crossfit class. (And the hubby is gonna join me on my morning runs a few times a week.)
3. I am gonna drink way more water as it is getting terribly hot again. I have already drank over 30oz, and it's only 10:30am!
4. I am going back to eating one carb a day and getting all the recommended food groups in each day, as I once was doing and having great success. So far, I have had a shakeology drink, a veggie/fruit drink, and a protein bar.....

So far, so good.

I am on the right track this Monday morning and plan to keep it that way!!! :-). 

***As summer break approaches, I would love some running buddies for early mornings! Let me know if you're interested! Maybe once or twice a week?? Just text me!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Time is Coming

My last post was about setting new goals.  I have spent some time thinking of what my next new goal is.....  I have THREE!------  DRUM ROLL!!!!!

ONE-I am actually gonna give CrossFit a try this summer.  I have been dead set AGAINST the money and the driving to Sherman for this class, but after doing the boot camp (OTB-Out of the Box) style class here in Gunter, I have particularly grown to this style of training. It's all about ME competing against ME! And it's fun! CrossFit kind of makes me feel young again cos we are doing lots of gymnastics/cheer movement, lots of athletic movements and playing on new equipment!  (Gosh, it would be fun to start tumbling again like I did back in those cheerleading days.)  And yes, there is something kind of cool about holding a barbell with heavy weight on it! HAHA! 

Last night I attended my first real crossfit class.  I was the only new one there so it was a bit intimidating and I also knew NO ONE!  But, that's part of the challenge for me...to go into the unknown and try it and then get good at it?  At this gym (aka The Box), there are tons of barbells, pullup bars, rings, parallel bars, heavy weights, row machine, etc.  It's super cool!  And much harder exercises.  Which is good! Real good!
I want to look like them!  And be fit like them!! :-).

TWO-I want to get back into eating healthy again!  I haven't been 100% committed to my diet that I began back in January since my marathon.  And I haven't lost a pound since the marathon either!  Not only am I making poor choices from time to time, but my whole family seems to eat bad when this momma eats bad--and vice versa.  So this summer, starting TODAY, I want to be a health nut. I want to start counting my food groups again and eating clean again! And no adult beverages either.  I am even thinking of doing a cleanse soon.....  (will post about that later)  I know that I am putting in the work exercise wise, so why not waste it on junk food.  I think I could really change my body if I just eat the RIGHT FOODS!!!!

THREE- I am gonna get Todd moving.  My hubby has slowly gained weight since we married.  And I am always on him about eating right and exercising.  I can get him to eat right, but getting him to exercise is a CHORE!  He is probably 60lbs overweight....so moving for him is much slower than moving for me.  But the other night I took him to the track and actually jogged (trotted) the straight aways and walked the curves with him.  I think if I would get up in the morning with him to do this....he would actually do it!  So this summer, my goal is to get him up and moving,  and hopefully he can get healthy with me too:-). 

As for running.  I plan to keep running at least 4 days a week. This fall I would like to do another race.  I am even thinking about doing The Hottest Half Marathon in August???  And the Trifecta Triathlon in September, again?  Morgan has another race idea for late October too! :-). Love the choices! 

Now time to start on these goals:-).

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's Next?? I Need a Goal!

I am two weeks post marathon and today, after taking the weekend off, I feel pretty much back to normal.  Last week I got several runs in and got back at it at crossfit, but felt terribly tired!  I am back at it again this week though.  I felt great at crossfit this morning and was even able to run 7miles in the heat of the afternoon!

Now, I am just in the middle of trying to decide WHAT'S NEXT?  I admit, there has been a bit of the post marathon blues.  Meaning, it's been a bit depressing to go for a run and now know that it's over.... that I have actually done the unbelievable, 26.2mile run. It's a very weird feeling!  I loved it at first, but now I find it a bit sad!

** So now I am trying to decide what the next goal is?

Do I do a full tri-athlon?  Do I run another marathon and beat that time?  Do I run four half marathons in one year?  Do I look into a ultra race?  Or do I do something totally different (spartan run, crossfit challenge, etc)?

The answer is..... I HAVE NO IDEA what is next?  And if you know me, I am such a goal oriented driven person....that having no goal in mind makes me distraught! I like a challenge! I have always enjoyed a challenge and thrive off doing what people (and myself) don't think I can do. ***Yap, I am super weirdly-wired that way:-).

I do know I want to become insanely healthy in the remainder of this year....eating super clean and becoming as in shape as I possibly can!  I also know I LOVE sharing my passion for running and workout with others!  And I also know that I want to continue running (for my own personal reasons-- it's my time with myself).

I feel confident I will run another marathon in the near future.   But, I have no idea what lies ahead for me.  I do know God is trying to show me something with the passion I have always had for working out and competing, just not sure what?  We shall see......

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exhaustion is Setting In....

I am convinced that last week I must have been fueled by the "runner's high" because I felt better last week than I did this week.  Well, okay, maybe that's not 100% true.....   It's actually kind of a weird thing! My post marathon weeks are exactly opposite than what I had expected.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, just post marathon, I was soo tired (like sleepy tired).  I think alot of that was just the whole EMOTION of the event coming to an end.  I wasn't all that hungry those days either.  Which surprised me cos I burned over 3700 calories in the marathon (that is CRAZY calorie burn).  But, by Wednesday I was ready to get active again and I was starving.  I found myself eating more than I normally do the remainder of the week...and I allowed myself to splurge some (I deserved it, right?).  I also started back at Crossfit and got a 6mile run in.  I felt really good.  I even went and saw Shari (my massage therapist that has been nursing my Plantar Fasciitis).  She said I was in better condition post marathon than I was before! So I was feeling great about my recovery!

I was thinking I was going to be 100% just one week after the marathon! :-).  SWWWWEEEETTTT!

I took the weekend off from working out---mainly because we were baseballing all weekend!
Sunday- I began to "clean eat" again. 
Monday- I ran 7.6miles and my legs were a little tired at first, but after a couple of miles I was good.  However, my toenails hurt a bit, not too bad.  PF seems to be gone in the foot though-YAE!
Tuesday- I ran 4miles.  It was quite warm and I felt super tired, so 4miles was enough. 
Wednesday -I did crossfit and felt drained and still had heavy legs, and today I did crossfit again...still feeling heavy legs.  BOOO! 

And apparently, I am sleeping really good.  Todd keeps telling me I am keeping him awake with my snoring and yelling (apparently I am cheering in my sleep??-haha).

So all this to say....this week has been an interesting week.  I feel great, at least I think I feel great....  But then I start a workout and within a few minutes I am reminded I ran a marathon. HA!
This is all new territory for me!! Post marathon reality! I am curious to know how long it will take for me to be back at 100%.  Until then, I will just keep being like this little girl in this picture!! HAHA :-).

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am a Marathoner!!!! Holy Cow!

It's almost been a week and I am just now starting to comprehend the awesomeness of this accomplishment of running a full marathon!!  Me? A Marathoner? For Real? 26.2miles in one long run?? That's insane!!! HA!  I even had a friend ask me today, "Did you learn anything from it?  Like why God gave you legs....to drive a car 26miles instead?" HA!!

Tuesday, I woke up to get the kids ready for school and after they left I began to pick up the house.  On my dresser, I saw my 26.2 bumper sticker.  I had bought this sticker over two years ago, after I ran my first half marathon.  I bought it as a reminder that I really wanted to try to run a full marathon someday.  That day, I brought that sticker home and laid it on my dresser so I could see it everyday....as a reminder.  It has laid there for so long.  I can honestly say, I have forgotten about it several times.  It just became a fixture on my dresser, as I was used to seeing it everyday.  But not on Tuesday!  I didn't have to dust around the sticker this time!!  I got to use my sticker!!! Placing that sticker on my car was the best feeling ever.  Probably better than getting the marathon medal! :-).  Reality was sinking in!!

And even more so last night....  It dawned as I went for my first post marathon run.  For years I have been taking off for some mileage, only imagining that one day I could or would be able to run a full marathon.  It's always been one of those "dreams" that seemed untouchable and unbelievable.  So last night, when I took off up Kerfoot, just a short ways into the run, I felt it!  That feeling of O MY GOSH, I DID IT! It's not just a dream anymore!!!  I actually did it! That feeling made my hair on my arms stand up and tears swell up in my eyes.  In the next 5miles, I began to thank God for all He had done to make it possible for me because I KNOW that He was involved the entire process!!

So many blessings from God made it possible for me to enjoy this accomplishment that He began in me!
-The training group to hold me accountable and to take the focus off myself.
-The long runs, that were all successful (good weather, good health and injury free)
-My crossfit training group that encouraged me
-The amazing weather--perfect for running.  Not even too windy, either!
-Shari and her gift of healing my injured foot in such a timely matter
-My family--who supports this passion of mine and never complained when I take some time away from them to go run.
-My friends--who text me along the way!  So thankful for all the verses Stacey Hunsaker typed me to get me to the finish line that last hour! And so many other amazing friends that randomly text me while I was running.
***There is something amazing about friends that share your passions by thinking of you and encouraging you, even if they can't be there physically.

This list could go on and on........but what I truly believe is that God was making all those things possible so I could run the race!  What an awesome way to grow my faith in Him!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goals Accomplished! BAMMM! (and some mushy stuff)

One of the most rewarding parts of the training and what kept me motivated was YOU!!!  I have never been able to explain to a nonrunner what it is that makes me love to run.  I can't explain that running is my time to get inside my head or to mediate on God's purpose for life and for myself.  Or that for me, running 'refreshes' me.  The reason I can't not explain this is because you have to be a runner to understand it.

In the last four months, I have seen this transformation happen in each of you who came to group training.  Each of you had your own background with running...that ranged from no running to occasional running to used to be a runner.  But Sunday you made that step and became a runner!!! 

Angel's Goal was to run a half marathon.  She accomplished her goal and ran 13.1 miles in 2:05.  Angel was our youngest one to train....and she made it look easy.  Yes, we can say, she is 20yrs or more younger than us....but I am so impressed with her drive and determination at a young age.  I know what I was doing in my early twenties.....and it wasn't accomplishing triathlons or marathons unless it involved college boys and beer!!!  Angel, you are an amazing woman who has so much determination.  I am so proud of you and all your hard work in the last year.  I have seen you balance school, work, family life and training!  And you do it with a smile on your face and never lacking confidence in yourself!  This is amazing! Keep up the good work.  God is working something amazing in your life!
Wendy and Angel (mother/daughter)=Half Marathoners

  Wendy's Goal was to run a 10K.  She did more than that.....She accomplished a half marathon (with knee and shin splint issues) with a time of 2:23! BAMM!
Wendy has been a bff of mine for years.  She is one of the funnest people to be around.  When she decided to join the group I was so excited because in the past 6months, we have not had the opportunity to hang out as we once did.  So for me, I was just happy to get to hang out with her again! But in the past four months, Wendy and I have rekindled our friendship. I am not saying our friendship was struggling....but more that the busyness of life had gotten in the way.   I am so very thankful to experience Wendy's first half marathon and my first full marathon together!
Now, as far as Wendy's training! Can I just say she gets an A+.  Talk about self discipline and push.  This girl was only wanting to run a 10K--which turned into a 12K---which one month before race day--turned into a half marathon.  And she had a bummed leg and knee!  But that's didn't stop her at all!  I am soo looking forward to running with her in her first full marathon someday! :-).  This gal can do it!

Stacy's Goal is to run a half marathon......"Shhh, don't tell Jerry, but I signed her up for one today!"  Stacy's Goal was to run a 12K and she ran a 12K with EASE!!!!
I have been keeping up with Stacy and her running in the last couple of years.  I have seen how much she has accomplished since she first started.  And not only is she a runner, but she is an athlete that enjoys working out....from Yoga, to Funky Fit, to running.   She seems to enjoy it all!  Now Stacy really wants to run a half marathon.  And she is READY for a half marathon, so I do believe she will continue to train so she can meet that goal in the very near future.  I can tell she is tasting it:-).  I do believe if we told her last weekend she needed to run 3 legs of the relay team, she would have!
Another thing about Stacy, is she is one funny gal!  I have so enjoyed getting to know her more these past few months!  I love her honesty and her witt!!  :-).
Krista and Stacy---the perfect running pair!

Becky's Goal was to run for fun.....and she did just that.
Becky is a runner and she doesn't even know it!  She trained with us for almost two months and her progress was rapid!  She was pacing herself to be a half marathoner, I am sure!  Becky had to take several weeks off due to medical reasons and then sickness, but came back the last month.  I could tell she was bit nervous and maybe disappointed because she felt like she was starting over.  But I assured her she was in good shape and she would bounce back quicker than she thought.  And she did bounce right back.  She ran a 5K leg with ease.  There is no doubt in my mind she could have ran a 10K or more last week and I don't doubt that she might not do just do that the next time around!
It has been such a pleasure to get to know Becky more through working out together.  She attends the same church as I do, but with all I have going on in the children's area, I don't usually get to spend much time with the ladies who do not have children in my department. I am very appreciative for Becky's friendship.  She has been my quiet encourager the last four months!! I really hope we still find time to run together in the months to come.
Mile 16/17---I stopped marathon traffic for this pic of Becky, Cynthia & I literally on the run! HA!

Shelley's Goal was to run a 10K and she accomplished that with NO PROBLEM!
Shelley was running weekly before the training group was formed.  I have seen her on several occasions out on those backroads.  What is impressive about Shelley is you will see her everywhere because she is a school teacher, a church small group leader, a music teacher, a mom of three, and super active in our community.  She does this all and still finds the time to get her runs in! I LOVE IT!
For me, I have been able to grow a friendship with Shelley in the last year.  I have learned so much about Shelley and am realizing that we have a lot in common that I didn't know before.   Between doing ministry together, going to Bible Study together, raising girls that same age together, and now running together..... I can't help but to think God has placed us in each other's lives for a reason! :-). 
Love these two!!! Shelley and Jynna---the 10K legs!

Morgan's Goal was to take a team from Get Fit Gunter to race at the OKC Marathon.  And she did just that!
O my goodness, I love this gal!  I love that we both love fitness and have super crazy ideas like running triathlons and marathons and helping others believe they can do it, too!!  I can't thank her enough for asking me to be a part of this, as it has really opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself and my passions that I didn't really know existed! Another words, this journey has been a life changing journey, for sure! Morgan, THANK YOU sooo much for that! 
And gals, I am not sure you know this, but this girl puts in sooo many hours at the gym, making schedules for Get Fit, planning, and prepping.  And she has two small children, while doing all this!  We all know how hard this has to be!  But for her, she is led by passion and it isn't work when you are passionate about it! 
Morgan, we can't thank you enough for all the time you put into GetFit and also into the OKCity Marathon Team.  The late night shopping (of a lot of groceries), the coordinating, and the making of personal baskets is not taken for granted.  We love and appreciate you!!! May God continue to bless you and your family and GetFit!!!!
They call us COACHES??  Morgan and myself

Jynna, Krista, Cynthia, and Alex made our TEAM "COMPLETE".
These girls may not have trained with our group but they were the perfect fit to this team.  Jynna is new to Gunter in the past few months I have been able to get to know her more through Bible Study time and crossfit workouts.  When I asked her, just a month ago, if she would like to be a part of the team, she didn't even hesitate!  :-). She rocked a 10K leg of the relay team!!! ((***Half next time???)
Krista, believe it or not, was an old high school rivalry friend of mine!  See, back when I was in high school....Gunter vs. Prosper was a really be deal.  I was from Gunter, she was from Prosper (enough said, right?).  HA!  We also attended SFA together and now Krista and her family live in Gunter.  Both her boys play on my son's sports teams.  So needless to say our rivalry days have ceased, as she looks way cuter wearing blue than green, anyhow! HAHA!  This weekend was a great weekend to catch up with Krista on our drives to and from OKCity.   Krista is a bit amazing!  Did you know she could run a half marathon without training?? Yap, she ran one in February.  And then she ran a 12K leg, without training too! CRAZY!  She is a psycho runner! LOL!
Cynthia is someone I am glad I am getting to know through all these training events.  She was our Triathlon Mom at our September race.....running us to and from places, loading and unloading bikes in the trailer, and best of all....telling us to keep going!  I was glad to see that she was going to be a part of the OKCity team again, too. Bless her heart, I am sure she has been entertained with our crazy bunch:-).  But hopefully we haven't scared her off and she will continue to do these events with us.  She ran a 5K leg of the relay team.... Notice in the above picture, she is smiling still?  TOO EASY CYNTHIA!! :-).
Alex, I met last summer training for the triathlon.  She is a college student that attends OBU. Not only did she do amazing job last summer in training and completed her first tri, but she also qualified for NATIONALS because she had a top time for her age group.  AWESOMENESS!!  Alex agreed last minute to come run a 5leg with our team. She was sweet enough to drive late at night to OKCity from OBU and then turn around and wake up at 4am to run the marathon with us. She must really love us!!! :-)  Thanks Alex for being a part of that team!!!
Well done!!!

"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."                 Isaiah 40:31